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28 Yoga Marketing Ideas to Breathe In More Students

With yoga practices, you might have attained a good hold on various body postures but your yoga skills alone won’t be any helpful to give growth to your yoga studio/classes. Getting success in bringing more students to your yoga studio or yoga class will entirely depend upon your marketing skills. As a yoga teacher, you might not be familiar with many marketing dimensions of a business. So you can go through these yoga marketing ideas to give vitality to your yoga classes in terms of more students and more revenue. Inhale deeply, relax and go through these ideas 🙂

1) Revamp Your Website Potential and Productivity

The most fundamental requirement for the online presence of your yoga studio is a website. Since it will be the online interface for showcasing and promoting your yoga classes, these factors must be included in the website to get enhanced benefits from it in the form of converting visitors to students.

a) Make the site loading speed faster, preferably less than 2 seconds as faster sites enhance user experience and it is one of the essential factors in determining site ranking in Google. Check your site loading speed online and work on the factors that slow it down.
b) Give out the most convincing factors on the home page itself like awards, testimonials, achievements, certificates, news mentions, etc.
c) Embed a high-quality professional video on the home page to better engage and convince the clients to attend your yoga classes.
d) Have basic details clearly mentioned on the home page itself like phone number, email address, free demo classes, etc.
e) Access to different sections of your website must be easily available without having the visitor put any serious effort into it.
f) Finally, get your yoga site to become auto-adjustable as per varying devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) used to access the site.

2) Aim and Achieve the Top 10 Spots

What do most people do when they want to find a yoga class? They will head over to Google to search for it. This makes Google a prime marketing focus. This simply means that your yoga website must anyway make it to the main front page of Google when people would search for keywords like “yoga studio near me”, “yoga classes in X city”, etc. Once your website starts showing on the top 10 results, you are destined to start getting people searching for yoga lessons/classes. For such rankings, handling the SEO of your website is most significant. You can talk to any SEO agency to handle the website ranking of your business/service on Google.

3) Learn and Grow From Competing Yoga Businesses

To open a new dimension of possibilities for the growth of your yoga studio/business, you can start exploring your competitors. The two main factors to explore are keywords and links. You can find many untapped keywords and link-building opportunities from your competing yoga business so that you can gain both traffic and improved Google ranking. Apart from these two, you can also utilize competitor business names as keywords to show your business ads thereby acquiring some portion of the competitor’s customers.

4) Use Google PPC Advertising

With Google ads being the big giant advertising platform online, the possibility of getting leads quickly for a yoga business through Google ads is too big. The reason for high pay-per-click rates on this platform is also due to the fact that there are too many advertisers which in turn is due to the high quality of leads it generates for businesses and services. So you must learn some fundamentals of operating Google ads or can get the yoga advertising on Google ads by using any expert digital marketing agency.

5) Send Out Press Releases and See Positive Returns

To get your yoga business name across many news sites along with generating links and brand value, a press release is the most suitable option. By using a quality press release service provider, you can have your advertising content appear on some of the well-known news sites of the world. It gives traffic, links, and publicity for a business. There are certain PR services that can get your press release to appear on Yahoo News, Associated Press, etc. You can get fast and good results by sending out a press release announcing your yoga studio/classes.

6) Improve and Increase Business Revenue with GMB Page

Google has made GMB (Google My Business) profile an important aspect of its search results for local searches. Every time a user performs a search query that Google interprets as being local in nature i.e. focused on cities and towns, 3 business listings are chosen to appear in Google’s local dashboard on the front page. This is the reason why there is so much competition to be featured in this top 3 spot among business owners. And this competition is increasing more due to the fact that there are so many businesses creating a “Google My Business” page but not everyone is eligible to appear for local search queries. The first step is to create a GMB account by sharing detailed information about your business. The second and most crucial step is to optimize it with relevancy, citations, and reviews. Since the second step can be a little challenging to implement, so it will be best to outsource it to an online marketing agency.

7) Start Informing, Start Growing

Many big e-commerce sites have built their audience based on targeted content marketing and your yoga business too can utilize it. For this, the first step is to come up with a list of keywords that are relevant to your yoga business. Then categorize these keywords into various sub-sections and start creating posts for them regularly so that each and every article would add up to the goal of increasing your site visits and consequently sales. The other method is to send out publishing requests for your content on other sites with the goal of securing backlinks that would influence your site ranking and traffic.

8) Maximize Your Site Potential by Collecting Emails

Only a small percentage of people will become your client on the very first instance of visiting your yoga website. So to increase the number of potential clients arising out of your website, email marketing is a good strategy. You can get more return on investment from your website by integrating email marketing promotion mechanisms through forms placed on your website. To let the visitor put out his/her email address on your website, give some incentives like discounts, gift certificates, free classes, etc.

9) Strengthen Your Social Media Base

Marketing your yoga classes on social media is although a time-taking process initially but it has the potential to drive many leads in the long term. The initial process of getting your profile followed by the local people will definitely take a few months, but after getting connections locally, the profile will start growing automatically along with getting good leads for yoga classes. The first step after making a profile on social networks like FB, Instagram is to start producing interesting and non-marketing content to get attention and following. After reaching a sufficient amount of followers and recognition, the marketing aspect of your yoga studio/class can be geared up to start getting clients.

10) Get Corporate Deals with LinkedIn

In order to grab big deals, the first step is to introduce your yoga sessions to big companies in your region. If you can become a yoga trainer for employees of a few companies, you can get a large boost in your current income level. The most suitable way to achieve this is by making an account on LinkedIn followed by searching and connecting with profiles of decision-makers at local big companies. Once you get successful in making your yoga studio/classes known to big companies, growing your business revenues will become fairly easy due to your business getting mega contracts.

11) Promote Using Local Fitness Influencers

Collaborating with fitness and health influencers from your region can be a great way to get your yoga classes promoted to the local population. These influencers are people who have already established their authority on social media platforms and have reached a level where their posts are being read and shared by thousands of people. Even if you make successful business promotion deals with a few dozen influencers from your region, you can become successful in getting the word out about your yoga classes to thousands of local people.

12) Start Availing Benefits of Specific Directories

There are few corporate-type sites that have put up millions in enabling their site to bring very huge traffic by virtue of ranking for thousands of local keywords. Sites like Yelp, Mindbodyonline, fall into this category of sites. You can discover such sites in your niche by typing terms like “yoga studios in [place]”, “best yoga classes in [place]”, etc in Google succeeded by scanning the first page results of Google. Once you have noted such sites, just create your business profile too and this small process itself will continue delivering many new customers to your yoga studio month after month.

13) Get More Students with Yoga Videos

To convince a potential student, videos fare far better than words typed on a website because it also provides an audio-visual experience to convey a message. Therefore, creating and sharing videos for marketing your yoga business can be a wonderful add-on to get more percentage of students opting for your yoga classes. You can put such videos on your FB pages, groups, websites, press releases, YouTube, etc to generate more yoga students. Another great method is to put videos on low-competition keywords related to your niche (like “best yoga teachers in [place]”) followed by posting them on YouTube to generate customers for your yoga classes passively.

14) Ask Your Current Students for Referrals

This is a very old but working method for the growth of many businesses and services. You just have to ask your current students to bring new people for demo classes and introductory classes. To step up the game further, you can also offer free extensions or discounts to your current students for referring new students.

15) Use Conventional Promotion Approach

To broadcast your yoga business name to the maximum number of the local population, relying on just online marketing methods is a partial method. Practically, most businesses adopt the dual mix of offline and online promotion so as to create a bigger impact. Though a bit more expensive, offline marketing has been the most dominant advertising method throughout the world. Promoting your yoga classes in events/seminars, through billboard advertising, ads on vehicles, creating new business partners, sending out flyers and mailing cards, etc are the few most widely used offline marketing methods.

16) Witness Growth by Building Credibility

With decreasing social interaction among people, people are now increasingly opting for reviews to make a purchase decision online. It is also true that reviews are now affecting local search results on “Google local pack” and if your business has few reviews or negative reviews, then it will easily be overtaken by your competing businesses with good reviews. Reviews provide social proof and hence you must actively ask your customers/students to leave feedback about your yoga classes online. If possible, you can also text them the link to your “Google Business Profile” page where they can leave reviews.

17) Use Authority Source Marketing

For a great segment of the population, the information conveyed through newspapers is regarded much more trustworthy than most other forms of content. As a yoga practitioner, you can capitalize on the trust element of newspapers to get more students to your yoga studio. For this, meet the head editor of local newspapers in your area and propose writing on the topic of yoga and health for their newspapers. Such free content provided by you can bring more people to your yoga classes and will also help you gain the reputation of an expert in yoga practices.

18) Get Case Studies Promoting Your Yoga Classes

Ask a few of your current students to share the benefits they achieved through your yoga classes. Use these experiences as your case studies to impact and persuade more people to join your yoga classes. The links to these case studies can be shared across your social media profiles, Youtube, website and as guest posts on other websites.

19) Presentations in Schools and Colleges

Go to local schools and colleges and host a demo session of your yoga practices along with explaining the real-life benefits of yoga to the students. You can also offer a few free passes to students and can announce various types of contests to incentivize the students to come to your yoga studio.

20) Improve Your Business Recognition with Events

All events, gatherings, and fairs taking place locally provide a good opportunity to promote your yoga studio. To score a better chance for advertising your yoga classes in such places, you can become one of the sponsors or can book your space in such gatherings followed by distributing your marketing materials and pitching your demo class offers.

21) Utilize the Power of Partnerships

If you think of all the closely associated businesses and services related to your yoga classes, you will conveniently find many examples. To grow your yoga classes, you can partner with these businesses and services to get more people referred through them. Few good examples are Ayurveda doctors, ayurvedic/herbal store owners, psychologists, spa owners, salon owners, etc.

22) Get More Add-ons, Get More Revenue

A good way to earn more revenue per student is by offering extra products/services. These products can be ayurvedic preparations, yoga-related accessories like mats, T-shirts, etc. This way you can have an additional source of income complementing your yoga classes.

23) Take Advantage of Interview Marketing

Make effort to interview some popular/semi-popular faces from your region including social media influencers so that when people search for these personalities online, they will also come across your interviews which will indirectly promote your Yoga studio or yoga classes.

24) Build a Strong Persona with a Book

Writing a book gives a great push to your brand image. With easy online publishing options, becoming the author of a book is easier than ever. When you introduce yourself as a book author on Yoga through your marketing materials, you automatically set yourself apart from your competitor yoga studio owners. This extra leverage will help you to attract more people to your Yoga classes.

25) Start Giving Demo Classes

Getting people to the doorstep of your yoga classes is a good first step to proceed with the second step of convincing and converting people into your student. To let more people visit your yoga studio, announce free demo classes through various clubs, newspaper ads, on your website, etc.

26) Build Packages for Long-term Retention

To retain your students for a comparatively longer period of time, provide good packages using which they can save money on long-term association with you. More long-term students for your yoga studio means you will have more revenue to spend on other marketing techniques for marketing your yoga classes.

27) Enlarge Your Reach with Contests

Promoting a business with social media contests has turned out to be one of the best ways to grow the reach and recognition of a business. Using any contest app, you can set definite criteria for people to share your yoga class promotion with a certain number of their friends. With the help of an app, this marketing method will become fun to manage along with getting the necessary promotion for your yoga classes. The more the number of people who see your business promotion (as part of this contest), the higher will be the number of leads and new students for your yoga classes.

28) Get More Business with App and Online Training

You can easily bypass the physical boundaries and can expand your yoga studio to new regions using an app promoting your yoga classes. Through such apps, you can provide a series of pre-recorded yoga sessions to your students or you can live host the yoga programs daily. This method will substantially increase your student base.

With knowledge of all these powerful yoga marketing ideas, all it takes to see significant results is the right implementation of these marketing strategies. So start implementing and growing. For any feedback or questions, put down your comments below.

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