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Window Marketing Ideas: 25 Tips to Take Your Business to Next Level

If you own a window or door making/installation and/or repair business, then remaining proactive in your marketing efforts is the only way to get clients regularly despite growing competition. As there is no comprehensive and systematically arranged list of window marketing ideas online, so this compilation of tips will definitely be helpful to you. Without any more delay, let us start examining the marketing ideas one by one

1) Let Your Website Be Your Customer Machine

While having a physical shop means your window business will mostly be confined to customers from your nearby areas, having a website will open the doors to many customers from far away locations too. Further, as most people nowadays move over to the web (online search) first for searching for their needs, having a website becomes even more important than your physical store/shop for your window installation and repair business. Your website is your online salesperson. Some key things that are crucial for your website to transform a greater percentage of your site visitors into buyers are:

a) Great website design that depicts professionality and creativity.
b) Quick loading time of your website to make sure that you do not miss out on some visitors.
c) Testimonials from customers, especially from a few reputed organizations/individuals in your area.
d) Accreditations, awards, industry certification and your business appearance in news/magazines for the purpose of trustworthiness.
e) Easy to find and multiple contact options placed prominently on your site.
f) Mobile-friendly site with systematically arranged navigation options.

2) Outranking Competitors Online Organically

Any time when any person types keywords like “window businesses in [Your City/Town Name]”, he/she will be shown many results including your competing businesses. To have the best chances to pick up that customer, it is utmost necessary that your website gets placed in the top positions of search results. To make such a thing happen, all you need to do is to manage your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) well. If SEO sounds confusing to you, you can learn it using many free and paid resources online, or the other good and hassle-free option is by delegating this entire task to any qualified agency which has good knowledge and experience in this field.

3) Local Pack of Google

“Google local pack” or “Google My Business” or “Google Business Profile”, there are many nomenclatures to the pack of 3 local listings displayed on the first page of Google. If your window business becomes successful in getting placed in this section for most local queries related to your business, your window business will definitely witness more customers and more revenue. Even though there are many factors that are taken into consideration for placing businesses in this pack, the two most influential are citations (mentions of your business online) and reviews. Many SEO agencies offer this service and you can avail the services of any of the well-qualified ones.

4) Utilize Press Release Power for Business Growth

Press releases carry immense marketing potential for businesses and services. As soon as you distribute your press release related to your window business, your announcement will start showing on multiple websites around the web. This will not only provide quick traffic but will also provide valuable backlinks that are necessary for good ranking in search engines. Many times, press releases also appear in search engines for low competition keywords which in turn provides an extra advantage to the concerned businesses. By letting off your press release distribution through well-syndicated distribution services, the results attained are way better.

5) Local Service Ads by Google

The Google Local Service ads (currently limited to the USA only) that show up above all the results in Google are a great lead generation mechanism. The process of getting included in these ads is a little tough as Google does have checks and balances for businesses and services before selecting them. The best part is that as a business owner, you have to pay just on qualified leads rather than per click or per impression.

6) More Content More Traffic Strategy

By just having a few pages on your website, all the visitors that your site will get will be in proportion to the content posted on your website. If you keep on adding more posts related to your window business, more of your posts will show up in search engines which means more visitors and more sales. So keep on growing your website with new articles relevant to your business. Another thing that you can do is create blog posts centered around some of the most frequently asked questions and doubts related to your business. You can also distribute content on other niche-relevant and high visitor sites to increase your visitor count.

7) Marketing Through Social Media Channels

Many times, people counter-verify a business online before buying products and services. So it is essential that you mark your presence across the top social media mediums like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you keep on continuously posting content along with interacting with people on your social media channels, your social media channels will soon witness a growing number of followers. By having a good presence on such sites, you can also directly get a few sales often now and then from these platforms. It will also add to the brand value of your business.

8) Fast Gear Marketing with Paid Ads

If you have the budget to spend on ads on top-quality advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, Nextdoor, etc, you can run your window business advertising campaigns on these channels. Paid ads quicken up the process of getting leads and sales. However, every advertising platform has its own learning curve and the absence of knowledge on running ads on particular platforms can cause more ad spend and less returns. So first learn to set up ad campaigns on particular platforms and then start with a low budget to test your advertising campaign. Once you start getting a positive return on investment, you can increase your budget and can witness aster growth. Digital marketing agencies are also a good option to run ad campaigns on your behalf.

9) Emails to Grow Sales

Email marketing can be beneficial to your windows (door) business in two ways. First, by collecting the email addresses of visitors to your website, you can effectively lower the percentage of people who leave your website without taking any action. Second, by remaining connected with your old customers, you can sell your services again in case they require such services for a new home or office or for referring others. When a business/service remains in touch with people through email marketing, these people develop an unconscious tendency to use their services first whenever the need arises.

10) LinkedIn Clients

If you want to get big projects for your window-making/repair/installation business, then the best platform to use is LinkedIn. By using LinkedIn, you can make connections with big contractors, big company CEOs, big builders, etc. Once you get in the good books of such people and businesses who take or provide big projects, you can grow your window business multi folds in just a small period of time.

11) Growth by Building Collaboration

Find out which are the other businesses or services that serve a similar or relevant customer base and collaborate with them. These people and services can be carpenters, handymen, builders, owners of hardware stores, etc. By building ties with such people and businesses, you can get more locally referred people.

12) Directories and Paid Advertising on Them

Many powerful directories also get well placed in search engines for many search queries. Some of the most obvious names in this category are Yelp, Nextdoor, HomeAdvisor, etc. Get your window business details listed on these sites. Many such sites also have paid advertising options. Utilize paid advertising on them to get more chances of displaying your business to people visiting these sites through search engines.

13) Leave Your Business Mark Across Your Customer Base

For every customer served by you, you must leave an advertising link in some form or the other. A creative example is to create custom signs like “No Parking”, “Keep Door/Gates Closed” etc, and distribute them to your customers for hanging outside their door/gates. These signs must also have your business details listed at the bottom so that all people who see these boards can notice your business name. It will also help your old customers to get in touch with you first if they require any services offered by your business.

14) Get Seen in The Best Locations

You can create big banners and can showcase them on those sites where more potential customers related to your window business might visit. These places can be hardware stores, wood mills, big carpentry stores, etc. By getting your advertisement in such locations, a more targeted group of people can come across your business name which means more inquiries and sales.

15) Ads Across Vehicles

You can advertise your business name and details across all the vehicles owned by you. This will work as a dynamic advertisement for your window business even while your vehicles are on road. To scale this option even further, you can come up with some sort of incentive so that you can repeat the same for vehicles owned by others too.

16) Paid Referrals

Even though most businesses ask their customers to refer others too, it doesn’t create any significant impact because the customer is not inclined to refer your business as there is no good incentive for him/her. By giving some discount referral coupons to your customers along with some paid incentives to them per referred customer, you can come across many new customers who will be referred by your existing/old customers.

17) Researching Competitors Actively

Many businesses adopt unique strategies to grow their businesses. To make sure that your window business doesn’t lose out on new window/door advertising methods by your competitors, keep an active eye on your competing businesses and adopt anything new and creative that looks promising for business growth.

18) Manage Consistent Sales by Managing Reviews

Nowadays more people have the basic tendency of looking up reviews of a business before making any purchase decision. This means that if your window making/repair/installation business has very few reviews or no reviews or negative reviews, it will lead many of the interested people to switch over to your competing business. Also, search engines consider reviews as one of the important signals in the ranking of websites. So, serve the best possible services and ask your customers to leave reviews online.

19) Discounts and Deals

Your business doesn’t witness the same level of orders every season. During the lean season, come up with new discounts, deals, and packages to retain a good inflow of orders. You can also communicate such offers to your old customers so that they might take your services again. You can announce these discounts on your website, social media channels, and on your offline marketing materials too.

20) Take Advantage of Trade Shows

For any business, participating in any event that has a good local crowd can be significant in propagating the business brand. One group of such events is trade shows. By being actively involved in trade shows and by making new connections during such shows, you can get more potential customers.

21) Newspaper and Magazine Advertising

People who are not much into the online world can be reached conveniently by getting your window business ads on popular newspapers and magazines. Though it is considered untargeted advertising by many marketing experts, many businesses all across the world use it routinely and successfully to grow their business.

22) Be Known as a Good Business

Many people appreciate the good and social aspects of a business along with the professional side of a business. To showcase how your business cares for the locality around you, do attend local events, sponsor them if possible, and support popular charities and NGOs in your area. You can also hold contests for kids or any targeted segment of people to grow your business name among the masses.

23) Business Cards and Flyers

Though distributing flyers and giving visiting cards are one of the oldest techniques of advertising, they are used till to this day as they do bring in sales. By effectively creating such flyers and distributing them in crowded places, you can land a few customers per big distribution.

24) Maintaining The Quality Side

No matter how much good marketing you do or how much you spend on marketing your window business, if the quality of work/service is not up to the customers’ expectations, the business will soon find itself flooded with negative reviews and poor ratings online. There are many high-ranking portals online which allow customers to leave their feedback and if your business gets seen in a negative light on such platforms, your business will see a decline in the number of clients. So have the best professionals with you and always serve the best to your clients.

25) Try Pay Per Call Network

A pay-per-call network allows a business to grow with the help of a network of affiliates who do the advertising work for you. You have to set a predetermined condition for counting a call as a lead along with offering a fixed amount that you are willing to pay per call received by you. Once you run such a campaign with the platform, many affiliates do the promotion work for you while you remain focused on your core business. You can learn more about utilizing pay per call network on Google.

We hope that you find many useful and practical tips in this write-up that can assist you in promoting your window business. If you have some doubts or queries, kindly express them in the comments below.

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