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21 Welding Marketing Ideas to Accelerate Business Growth

There are many industries and work situations where welding and fabrication is required. However, success in a welding business is not just limited to the demand existing in the market because the supply side is also big i.e. competition. To have a successfully running welding business, you need more than skills and good service. Unless you are good at advertising your welding business, you cannot expect to keep your business growing. So we present you some of the top-class welding marketing ideas that your business can execute to start reaping more profits.

1) Do Welding of Your Website First

Many businesses remain satisfied with just having a website for their online presence. This is where they leave money on the table as they do not know the subtle things that impact the outcome (i.e conversion rate) from their website. This is why we have used the term “welding of your website” in the title of this marketing idea. See and correct the following things on your welding business website:

a) If you provide at-home welding services, mention it on your site homepage with your contact number and call to action button (like “Call Us Now”).
b) Create a distinct page on your website to show your past work (i.e. portfolio).
c) List the best things about your business prominently like achievements, licensing, affiliations, safety measures, mentions in digital or print media, etc.
d) Check for site responsiveness (mobile-friendly) and take the necessary steps as you will get many mobile device visitors to your site and a non-responsive site will cause a significant loss of traffic.
e) Speed loading of the site is a must and don’t let your site loading speed take a toll on your site traffic. Ensure site loading time remains below 1-2 seconds.
f) Don’t annoy site visitors with congested design and complex outlay of your site as it affects the staying time of a visitor. Use clear navigation and professional design for a good visitor experience.

2) Strengthen Your Site Positioning

A good website is good for your business only if people notice it. To notice your website, it (website) must enjoy a place within the top 10 search results of search engines, especially on Google, when potential customers use search terms like “welders in [Your City Name]”, “welder business in [Your City Name]”, etc. A good search engine position is the result of good search engine optimization (SEO) of a website. As SEO is a broad term that encompasses many elements, we will not be detailing all the factors. You can read about SEO in detail using many guides, videos, and blog posts available online. To focus on your core welding work without meddling with the SEO thing, get an SEO agency to handle SEO for your welding website.

3) Use Google Local Search Pack for Added Gains

Type the search term “welders in [Your City Name]” on Google and you will definitely see 3 distinct results on the first page with each having a contact number, reviews, and directions along with the business name. This is where your welding business too must appear and for this to happen, create a Google Business Profile (GBP) page first succeeded by optimizing it with factors like reviews, citations, etc. The optimizing part is the most crucial and many guides and posts have been written on this topic. As given in the previous topic, here again, you can have the optimization part looked after through any capable SEO agency.

4) Be Different with Press Release Marketing

How many of your competing welding businesses have the privilege to get mentioned on renowned media portals like Yahoo News, Associated Press, etc? You can easily give an extra edge to your welding business if you are successful in building your reputation through digital media coverage acquired through any premium press release distribution channel. This process will additionally earn you links and traffic too. So start sending press releases for your welding business occasionally.

5) Socialize Socially on Social Media

As a business owner, it is hard to connect with people locally on a big scale. However, social media gives you the power to speed up the process of introducing your business to the local population fairly easily. Consistency is a must-have requirement for success with social media promotion. If you remain consistent in the social media marketing of your welding business, you will be able to command a following of at least a few thousand followers from your region which will definitely help in the growth of your business.

6) Start Paying, Start Growing Faster

Out of the many online promotion methods for your welding business listed here, one of the fastest ways to advertise is by placing ads over Google organic results through the Google Ads platform. As the quality of leads gained from Google advertising will be high, so will the cost charged per click and this means that any mismanagement can cause wastage of the ad budget. So read some good Google Ads guides to familiarize yourself with the working fundamentals and start advertising. If you want a substitute for the self-management of Google ads, get professional help through any well-known digital marketing agency.

7) Grow Using the Power of Mega Sites

Yelp, Homeadvisor, and similar sites that are currently raking in millions of monthly traffic due to their powerful ranking in search engines are some good places where you must list out your welding business details so as to cut some profits from their traffic potential. To get a good list of such powerful sites, just do a Google search for local welding-related search terms and start noting down all such sites that allow the listing of third-party sites on their platform. You will also notice that premium plans for more visibility are also provided by some of such sites and you can try these plans if you see some potential from free listing on these platforms.

8) Collect More Visitors and Clients with Videos

Youtube videos are known to bring organic traffic to businesses due to video results being displayed in Google searches. So if you have 50 videos on different local search terms related to the welding business, then these videos will combinedly bring a few hundred to thousand extra visitors to your website which will also help in bringing more customers, So work on growing the video marketing aspect of your business too.

9) Unlock Big Opportunities with Your Welding Portfolio

Start compiling photos and videos of your completed projects, upload them on your website and start providing your portfolio link on all suitable platforms online so that people can go through your past completed work and can have more confidence in taking your welding services. You must also mention big and reputed projects done by you to make your welding business look more trusted to people.

10) Start Partnering with Most Suitable Businesses

For almost every business and service in the world, there are a few other associated businesses and services that often require their assistance. For a welding business, businesses and services like machinery and equipment manufacturing companies, real estate contractors, hardware stores, are a few ones that do require welders or get frequent inquiries on welding services. So make your reach to all such businesses and services to start getting more orders as well as referrals.

11) Get Promotions Using Trade Shows and Events

Trade shows get more of business participants while events generally get the participation of local people. So both of them are good for promoting your welding services and your business should actively participate in them. If you find the option to become one of the co-sponsors of the trade show or event, you must avail such opportunities to get a bigger attention to your welding services. Do keep your business cards and other marketing materials ready for distribution at such fairs and events.

12) Custom Utility Products Can be Your Big Business Assets

As the owner of a welding business, it is not important to work only when you get orders from your clients. You can start creating custom products for sale like ladders, stools, vehicle add-ons, and other basic utility products to add more revenue growth to your welding business.

13) Get Moving, Get More Sales

Many people face difficulty and uneasiness in taking the welding-requiring material to a welding shop. You can remove this problem by creating a mobile unit of your business where your potential customer can call you for getting the welding done at his/her home itself. This at-home feature of your business must also be announced through all your advertising materials like website, brochures, etc. Adding this feature will fetch you more customers.

14) Upgrade Your Skill in Handling More Metals

Getting welders for iron materials is the easiest thing for any customer, so the competition is also high and the price charged is basically low. If you upgrade your skills in handling welding on materials like aluminum, steel, etc, then it is obvious that you will be getting more customers and more revenue per order.

15) Take Risks, Get More Rewards

All such situations that require a welding task to be completed in a risky environment can be rewarding for your business as they fetch more price and has less competition. This can involve situations like underwater welding, welding in damp conditions, welding at high altitudes, etc.

16) Start Creating Fancy Gate Designs

Gates with different types of designs like classic, royal, modern, etc can bring you big growth in your welding business. Reach out to a computer designer and get many new designs created for gates and use these gate designs to get more customers. With excellent new designs, the price tag you can quote for such designs can be big which means more profit for your business.

17) Use Social Media Profiles of Your Customers for Growth

Most people love a bargain on the things they buy. You can use this human tendency to grow and promote your welding business by asking your customers to share your welding business name and photo of the completed work on their personal social media page. Such kind of sharing of your welding business name and work will seem more natural to the friend circle of your customers and this will positively impact your business both in terms of branding as well as for getting new customers.

18) Start Working on Direct Leads

Advertising your welding business through ads online requires testing many things like budget, ads, keywords, etc. but there are many lead generation agencies online that do handle all the advertising work and provide leads directly to the business. You can explore the option of working with such lead agencies and if you find the quality of welding leads good enough, you can continue working with them.

19) Catch More Customers While Driving

Advertising your welding business by renting a billboard across the street requires a big budget. However, if you wrap your own vehicle with advertising, you can easily promote your welding business while you drive across the roads. Not only your own vehicle, but you can also carry on vehicle advertising a step further by repeating this process with other vehicle owners who will readily agree to do so if you give them monetary incentives.

20) Grab Long Term Commercial Contracts with Parties

All those business owners who can provide long-term and big commercial deals like real estate developers, contractors, etc can be befriended by hosting special parties for them. Once you create a powerful network like this, you can easily and repeatedly bag many projects.

21) Get More Opportunities with New Construction Sites

Keep a watch on new construction work taking place in your region and introduce the owner and contractor to your welding services. You can also assign an employee to do this process. As new construction sites can bring out many new opportunities, you must routinely look out for new construction projects.

Go after these welding marketing ideas and you will be amazed to see the results. Use them and let us know. If you have doubts or questions, don’t forget the comment box given below :).

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