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Website Redesign Press Release Template: Writing Tips and Example

There can be many reasons why you might have to carry out the redesign of your website. Whatever be the reason behind the redesign, a traditional and working way to announce the redesign of your website is through a press release. How should be the format of the press release, how to write it, how to distribute it, etc are a few questions that need to be answered to create and distribute a press release. The sub-topics given here in form of a website redesign press release template, example, benefits, and writing tips will take care of your current needs. So let us see these sub-topics one by one.

Aim: To make an announcement for your website redesign by using a press release and to successfully distribute the PR as well.

Tools: The means to fulfill the above aim can be fulfilled with the help of tools given in this post as subtopics. These subtopics cover things like website redesign press release template, example, benefits of issuing press releases, and the tips to write a press release effectively.

Template: To announce your website redesign, use the premade template given below:


[Headline] /* [Business Name] + Announces Redesign of the Website [Website Name] + [Intended Purpose of Redesign] + attractive news angle (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* Give a 1-2 sentence brief */

[Location City], [Date]. [Business name], operating in the [niche/sector], is delighted to announce the redesign of its website [website name]. [What new will the visitors find + How will the redesign serve the site visitors better]. (3-4 sentences)

[Why was the redesign needed (what led to the need for redesign) + How this redesign will help the business associated with the website] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from the company/business owner or a key executive]

[Discuss the design and convenience angle of the website for customers + future plans/updates for the website] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from the developer involved in redesign or the marketing head or a beta user/visitor of the site]

[key achievements of the business/company + recent trends related to the sector served by the business + how the website is in line with business goals + future potential of the sector/industry]. (4-5 sentences)

Visit the redesigned website at the link [Website URL].

About [Business Name]

[Background of the business + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /* official email */
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Noteworthy Benefits

The noteworthy benefits that your business and website can obtain by issuing press releases are:

1) Secures Quick Attention to Your Announcement

One of the challenges in marketing a product or service is to get quick visibility. Press releases by virtue of their rapid and huge distribution across hundreds of sites provide much-needed visibility to the product/service/brand. All wire services for press release distribution differ in the quality of sites where they can distribute and publish press releases. Hence, checking the sample portfolio of sites is very much necessary to select the right distribution provider.

2) Makes Your Business Branding Affordable and Easy

By taking the help of a competent press release service provider, any business can easily get its name included on some of the top-class and popular sites in the world. To achieve similar results using a brand marketing agency, one will have to shell out a minimum of 10 times the amount spent on the press release. A linked advantage that comes with being found on such big sites is that the brand value of your business increases and it becomes way easy to get your other types of content (posts, articles) included in many more authoritative sites.

3) Helps Push Your Site Higher in Google

Among all the factors that Google considers for ranking sites in its search results, backlinks are the most vital. A press release issued through a first-rate PR service provider is capable of providing your site with 100’s of links from sites of varied strength. Due to this, your site ranking improves and secures more search visitors. This is why many businesses and digital marketing agencies use press releases for getting more links for their website.

4) Creates the Image of a Transparent Business Operation

One of the great virtues of a business is the transparency it allows because it helps in the better assessment of the respective business by all the concerned people. To start this process of bringing about transparency, a business will need to make sure that all the important details that people must know, must become publically available easily. For this purpose, one of the best means is to make all the relevant announcements through the medium of press releases so that these announcements become available on some of the most reputed sites of the world and can become easily available online whenever any person searches for information related to your business.

5) Builds Trust in Your Business/Service

One of the powerful trust-building techniques for a business to enhance the number of sales/leads is by illustrating the high-end news sites that have mentioned or published content about the business online. To fulfill this goal, a direct and simple way is to make strategic use of press releases. As it is well-known that press releases are sent out to a number of sites for publication, there are press release wire service providers that have some of the big news sites in their publication portfolio due to which they can get the required coverage on many reputed websites of the world.

The Best Tips for Writing Your PR

Read these tips and use them for writing your website redesign press release:

1) Don’t Lose the PR Appeal with a Bad Headline

The content of your press release might be interesting and highly relevant, but if it lacks a good headline, the results will not display their full potential. This is because most people decide to read a press release only after looking at its headline first and if the headline is unattractive or lacks appeal, then the chances of the rest content to be read further will decline sharply.

2) Don’t Keep Suspense on Relevant Questions

If a press release answers a few relevant questions and keeps suspense on other vital elements required for fully comprehending the press release, the readers wouldn’t pay much attention to it. So before writing a press release, ask all the basic questions that are significant to the core topic and start answering them in short 1-2 sentences each. Note that only the direct and closely related questions must be answered as answering all sorts of indirect and less relevant questions would make the press release long and boring.

3) Infuse Broader Appeal in Content

“Boring” is the typical feeling for most press releases because they do carry very formal and narrow content. Any press release that wants to get more attention must therefore have an element of broader appeal by blending more sets of sectors/elements that are likely to be impacted by the press release announcement. Creativity in a press release will give enhanced benefits and so make all possible efforts to adorn your press release with creativity without sounding unprofessional and informal.

4) Keep Your Choice of Words Simple

Though complex vocabulary and jargon might generate a good impression in professional circles, it is never recommended to adopt such a form of writing for press releases because every reader of your press release will not be an English language expert or any industry expert. To make sure that most of the readers easily absorb the content/idea of your press release, use a simple writing format with commonly used words.

5) Dismiss the Words Like You, I, We, etc

To write a blog post, one can easily choose their own way of writing and expressing ideas. However, with a press release, there are certain limitations in the way you can write and express things because it demands a professional way of presenting things. One most common deviation of a press release from other types of content writing is that first-person and second-person terminology like I, We, Us, You, etc are not allowed in it unless they form part of the quotes section of the press release.

6) Editing Requests After Distribution Will Fail

Whenever your press release is sent for distribution, the editors at the press release distribution network do look for basic errors and even correct minor errors (sometimes), but once it gets published, the possibility of correction just becomes extinct as it spreads out to several sites under the administration of different people and having different policies for carrying out editing process.

7) Don’t Take the Media Contact Section Casually

The last paragraph of your press release is not the end of the press release. A press release must always end with valid media contact details of a responsible person from your company. This is because a press release can attract interest from many different entities for various reasons and these entities must find a way to get in touch with your company else you may lose some vital chances of getting benefits from your press release distribution.

8) Be 100% Sure of Every Written Word

Be careful with your press release content if you are comparing your product/service with any other company. Press releases are identical to the official stand made by the company and in such a case, any false or incorrect comparison or allegation can cause legal complications. Unlike an article posted on a blog where you can easily make edits and can remove the problematic part easily, it is just too difficult to do so in the case of a press release because the number of sites involved is simply too large and their editing policies are also different.

9) Distribute it Well Through a Competent Service

We have discussed various benefits that a press release can provide to your business. However, these benefits can be availed to the full extent if and only if you choose a good platform for distributing your press release. Getting your content visible on sites with little to no traffic is not going to benefit you either in terms of traffic, links or visibility. So make the right choice for distributing your press release.

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