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Website Launch Press Release Template, Example, Tips, and Benefits

A website provides the online identity for your business/service. To generate the much-needed attention for your new website launch, a press release distributed through a quality distribution service is the success formula. However, how to write such a press release announcing a new website, what things must be paid attention to, etc are a few things that need to be given due attention. This write-up on the website launch press release not only contains the template and example but also gives you tips to keep in mind in order to write a professional press release. Let us now explore the different aspects one by one:

Aim: To announce the launch of your website through a press release and to get good distribution for it.

Tools: In order to fulfill the above aim, the things given in this article include a website launch press release template, the advantages of press release, tips to consider before writing such a press release, and a key tip on distribution.

Template: The sample that you can readily use for a website launch press release is given below


[Headline] /* [Name of company/business launching the site] + Announces New Website [Name of Site] for [Intended Purpose] + attractive news angle (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* short summary of 2-3 sentences */

[Location City], [Date]. [Company/business name], operating in [niche/sector], is delighted to announce the launch of its new website [website name]. [What will the website serve + any offers for the launch of the website].

[How the business associated with the website will get benefits + how it will be useful to people (key points)] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from the company/business owner or a key executive]

[Discuss the design and convenience angle of the website for customers + future plans/updates for the website] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from site developer or marketing head or a beta user/visitor of site]

[Previous achievements of the company + how the website is in line with business goals + future potential]. (3-4 sentences)

[Call to Action statement to visit the site URL].

About [Company]

[Background of the company + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /* official email */
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Benefits of a Press Release

A press release can give various direct as well as indirect benefits. The top and most prominent benefits are:

1) Gets Your Content Spread Easily

While it is challenging for most businesses and services to get their content found and read by people online, press releases provide a quick fix for this problem. The core reason why press releases work so well for this purpose is that the number of sites involved in an average press release (PR) distribution is in hundreds. Further, if the choice of the distribution network is good along with well-optimized PR content, the results are sure to get magnified in terms of visibility. There are some distribution channels that can even land your content on some of the world-famous sites like Yahoo Finance, Associated Press, etc.

2) Gives a Huge Push to Link Diversity

For businesses that are serious about improving the visibility of their official website on Google, a key element that requires attention is backlinks. Whenever your business sends out a press release for distribution, every site that approves and publishes your press release contributes toward the growth of your site backlinks. Further, if the service chosen for PR distribution has a good quality syndication network, then the quality of backlinks created is also much higher which boldens your site’s positioning online and leads to traffic and sales/leads growth.

3) Lands Your Content Easily on Authority News Sites

You might have come across many new businesses and companies that are covered or are mentioned on world-famous news portals. If you think that hiring an expensive marketing agency is the only way to get such results, then you are wrong. Any competent press release wire service can easily and inexpensively get the same results for your business. An associated benefit that your business will get due to coverage on big news sites is that it will become easier for your business-related articles and guest posts to be easily approved and published on many other reputed sites once you get the advantage of being covered on high-end news sites.

4) Makes Your Business/Operation More Transparent

Being transparent with the operation of a business is one of the revered qualities of a business. It requires familiarizing people with all the remarkable changes/events that take place in your business. All such kinds of announcements can be publicized online effortlessly by periodically sending out press releases. The big distribution of press releases will ensure that these announcements get noticed by all the segments of people who are interested to know more about your business.

5) Builds the “As Seen On…” Factor

Whenever visitors online come across a website that showcases the premium and world-renowned portals covering it, it instantly signals trust and authority to the visitor. Many sites usually use the “As seen on…” phrase to display the top news sites covering content related to that business. While many people may wonder how to get such coverage for their business/service, the easy approach to get it done is by sending out a press release using a high-standard wire service so as to get the content to be published on sites like Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, etc.

Press Release Writing Tips

For your website launch press release, pay attention to these tips for writing your press release.

1) Add Creativity, Get More Interest

Though most press releases are more oriented towards bringing out the formal stuff, the disadvantage to formal PR content is that people perceive it to be boring and as a result, it doesn’t get the much-needed attention. By thinking of ways to add a creative point of view to the PR content (without making it a typical blog post), a business can ensure that the press release provides better end results.

2) Make Content for the Average Person

Press releases must not be written for industry experts i.e. the content of the press release must be effortless to understand by any average reader online. Since most people have a short attention span nowadays, any complexity in comprehending your press release will prove detrimental to the readability of your press release. Explain things simplistically in your press release to ensure more people find it worth reading.

3) Headline Must Make People Read More

Journalists and editors searching for good news content online do not go after reading all the content one by one. They give a casual look at all the available stories and then select a few based on the headline of the content. This explains why having a creative and compelling headline is so useful for content online and specifically for press releases. One important point to note here is that a creative headline does not imply using any fake and unrelated headline or click-bait type of headline.

4) Most Basic Questions Must Not be Left Unanswered

Press releases must not be limited to making announcements alone, they must also provide the necessary details related to the announcement so that any person reading it can get a full picture of the actual thing conveyed by the press release. Since it is not possible to think of all types of questions that any person reading the press release may ask, one can at least conceptualize the most direct and applicable questions succeeded by giving short 1 line answers to these questions in the press release.

5) Provide Responsible Media Contact Details

A press release is not just limited to making announcements, it can also open a whole range of opportunities as investors, journalists, and potential customers, coming across your press release might want to contact your company. For this reason, it is better to assign an accountable person who can effectively handle all the queries quickly. To do so, you must always provide the correct media contact information (name, email, number, position of the person in the company) at the end of the press release.

6) Compare Very Carefully

If your product or service fares better than any other existing product/service, then your press release content must have a very safe way of comparison that would have sufficient proof to cover the claims made by you. In absence of any credible backing to your claims, your business can face legal issues and things will get complicated more in the case of a press release as you will not be able to control the published press release content on several sites.

7) Don’t Use Direct Reference

I, we, us, me, you are some of the words that you won’t find in the press release unless they are given inside the quotes section. You can instead use third-person words like he, she, it, and they in the press release. Overall, follow a third-person writing format for a press release. This is why press releases present a professional writing style, unlike blog posts that are casually written.

8) Remember the “No Late Edit” Rule

While the big number of sites present in the syndication network of a press release distribution network provides multiple benefits, the same can also become a great obstacle if you find out that your published press release contains some errors and will require modification. This is because many sites automatically publish your PR content and finding the contact information of editors on all such sites and asking them to remove/add content is a tedious and next-to-impossible thing. So whatever you write for a press release must be the most authentic content.

9) Good Results Rests with Good Distribution

Your press release announcement can get your business/service, way better outcomes in terms of traffic, links, and coverage if you become selective in choosing the press release distribution service. The best advice for distributing a press release is that the service provider should have the right of publishing full-length content on big and famous sites around the world. To check these criteria in a service provider, ask for a sample PDF result for any of their latest published press release.

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