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26 Wealth Management Marketing Ideas to Keep on Getting Clients

If you have plenty of options through which you can help people manage their wealth, then it can be a great service to your customers. However, if you fail at bringing customers to your wealth management service, then your skills and expertise will be of little to no use. With many big and established names already in the wealth management niche along with new ones popping up every year, you need to have a bulletproof marketing strategy to keep on attracting more customers to your wealth management firm. It is for this reason that we have created this list of wealth management marketing ideas so that you can apply them to your business and can get magnificent results in terms of customers and revenues. The ideas are as follows:

1) Make the Best Impact with Your Website

When it comes to financing and money-related issues, people take extra precautions in choosing a service. This is why your wealth management website should have all the necessary factors that can convince a visitor to become your customer. The points given below will not only help in increasing the conversion rate of your website but will also help to prevent visitor loss that takes place due to some commonly ignored issues related to a website:

a) Offer a free consultation, predominantly and boldly, on the front page of your website so that it would entice the visitor to call you or book an appointment.
b) Make a list of all prominent accreditations, testimonials, awards, and achievements to showcase on your website as gaining the trust of people in the wealth management industry is one of the most crucial aspects.
c) Share a few real-life case studies to show how your business has helped people in securing their future. You can mask out the personal identification details in such case studies.
d) As slow sites and non-responsive (rigid design) sites are proven to lose visitors, check your site loading speed and mobile responsiveness and correct them if they are not optimized for the same.
e) Add a professionally recorded video of your wealth management firm on your website as it will help to convince and engage your site visitors much better.
f) The design of your site should look professional and any visitor must find it easy to navigate to different sections of your website.

2) Secure the Most Visible Space on Google

All businesses nowadays have their website listed on Google but mere listing of a website doesn’t make sense if the site is not on the top 10 results of Google. This is so because rarely do people skip to page 2 of Google. So use the right website optimization strategies (SEO) to make your website appear within the top 10 results when people search queries like “wealth management company in [city/town name]”, etc. You can learn the necessary SEO (search engine optimization) skills yourself for optimizing and ranking your wealth management website or can alternatively use the services offered by an SEO firm to take care of your site ranking.

3) Start Ranking Within the Special Local Pack Too

Anytime a user intends to find a business/service in his/her city/town, Google specifically shows a section of 3 local results on its first page. To get your wealth management business in this section, first create a Google My Business (GMB) (now called Google Business Profile) page and start optimizing it. Optimizing a GMB page is different than optimizing your website and so you must make yourself familiar with the necessary optimization skills. If carrying out optimization for the GMB page seems difficult to you, you can always take expert help in the form of a digital marketing agency.

4) Pay for Premium Spots on Google

At the top of most organic results on Google, Google ads are shown. You too can advertise your wealth management services through Google ads. As competition is high for money-related businesses and services, it will be in your favor to first learn the fundamentals of running ads on Google. Inefficient skills in paid advertising on Google can cause more spending than profits. The option to get your ads run through a PPC agency is always open in case you find Google ads hard to manage. Apart from paid advertising on Google, you can also do paid advertising of your wealth management business through Facebook ads and Bing ads as they too have high-quality traffic.

5) Create a Long Term Impact with Press Releases

Very few businesses know the efficiency of a press release in growing a business. When you issue a press release by taking the service of a qualified premium service provider, your wealth management business press release can easily appear on big-name sites like Yahoo and many others. This will give you the edge to use the term “As Seen On…” on your website and other marketing assets. Further, whenever anyone would search for reviews of your business, they will find mention of your business on such high-end sites which will be a great reputation builder for your business.

6) Catch High Net Worth Customers with LinkedIn

Getting high-net-worth clients is the ideal target for any wealth management business. The right platform to search for and connect with such esteemed clients is LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you can select people by profession, region and can hence filter and find big clients. Apart from finding clients directly, you can also grow your business indirectly through LinkedIn by forming partnerships.

7) Grow a Social Media Base for Your Business

Marketing a business on social media successfully takes some time to provide results. To carry on effective social media marketing for your wealth management firm, you must consistently share interesting content, use hashtags, engage in local groups, etc. It will take a time frame of a few months before you will notice positive results from social media. Social media can help you build many local connections which will in turn assist in getting more customers. For a hands-free experience on social media, you can hand over the entire process to any social media marketing agency.

8) Lower Down the Missed Opportunities

Every visitor that comes to your website and goes back without taking your service is a missed opportunity. To lower the percentage of such lost potential customers, using email marketing is the right strategy. Using this strategy, all you have to do is to provide an email opt-in form on your website along with a powerful incentive to make the visitors leave their email addresses. These email addresses will become the medium to connect with these people (visitors) and to convince them to take your wealth management services. With email marketing, you can also promote new offers and schemes to your subscribers.

9) Utilize Top Ranking Directories

All such directories like Glassdoor, Crunchbase, Yelp, etc that appear for various wealth management queries on Google are good platforms from where you can fetch more customers. Due to the positive rankings such sites enjoy on Google, they do attract targeted traffic and the process of listing your business on such directories enables your business to open a new channel of securing customers for your business.

10) Spread Out Videos and Get More Business Done

The fact that videos posted on YouTube do appear in Google searches provides a new channel to get traffic and customers. So open a YouTube channel and start posting videos on less competitive search terms like “wealth management firm for business owners in [city/town]”, “wealth management firm for senior citizens in [city/town]”, etc. Posting videos for low-competition keywords will ensure that your YouTube videos would not face many difficulties in ranking on Google searches. You can also share these videos on your social media accounts to get more engagement from people.

11) Start Growing Content on Your Site

The traffic you are presently getting to your website will certainly start growing when you start adding new posts to your website. More posts will make your site rank for more keywords which is the main factor for growing more traffic. If you just add 2-3 posts per week, you will be amazed to see your traffic level reaching new heights after a few months. Further, this process of content marketing for your wealth management business is very affordable and long-term oriented.

12) Start Getting Referral Customers

The simple process of asking out your current customers to refer your wealth management firm to new people can easily result in a significant increase in the number of your current customers. However, if you do provide a good incentive to refer people like discounts, etc, the effect of referral marketing will increase to a new level.

13) Level Up Your Branding

Wealth management services require good branding because people are extra careful in money-related matters. Becoming part of big associations related to your niche, getting certifications with eminent institutions, securing guest posts on reputed financial sites, sharing case studies of your success, becoming sponsor/co-sponsor of financial events, etc are some ways that you can utilize to raise your brand perception.

14) Making Use of Free Webinars and Seminars

You can host free webinars and seminars on various topics like retirement planning, asset allocation, safe investing, etc to get people informed about wealth management. You can then inform the attendees of such events about your wealth management services. To announce such free seminars/webinars, you can put ads in local newspapers, can announce them on social media, etc.

15) Marketing Through Free Knowledge Sharing

If people find your articles and opinions in newspapers, then getting more customers is an easy byproduct of your recognition obtained through contributions made to such newspapers. For this, you need to put some initial effort into getting the privilege of contributing to local newspapers. By sharing your solutions and expertise on various topics through these local newspapers, your rising brand image will do the task of bringing you new customers for your wealth management services.

16) Make Entry into Marketing Associations

By getting introduced and recognized in various marketing associations especially the local chamber of commerce, you can get sudden exposure to a lot of its member businesses. This is a good way to speed up your reach to businesses locally.

17) Charities Can Favor Your Marketing Efforts

By donating to big charities and associating with their members, you can get the advantage of their connections to get your wealth management services introduced to new people. Additionally, your wealth management firm can also benefit from the various events and programs held by such charities locally as you can easily participate and advertise through them.

18) Take Benefit of Quora Marketing

Quora is a platform where you can find questions on many topics across various sectors and interests. You can select finance and wealth-related questions to showcase your expertise, get new clients and build your authority. For additional leverage, you must answer those questions from your niche that are actively ranking on the first page of Google. You can easily discover such high-ranking questions of Quora from the finance niche using any tool like Ahrefs.

19) Maintain a Consistent Outreach to Reduce Drop

Most businesses face a drop in their old customer base due to various reasons. To reduce this drop rate, a good way is to maintain a constant connection with your current customers and to provide them with tips on new investment offers and the performance of their current investments.

20) Use Case Studies as Your Performance Booster

People love to go through case studies as it boosts their confidence in making decisions. You must, therefore, consistently share case studies of the success of your wealth management services in providing good benefits to your customers. For privacy reasons, you can hide the personal details of your customers in such case studies. Such case studies must be shared on your website, on your social media profiles, as guest post on other sites, as videos on YouTube, on Quora, etc.

21) Select Good Lead Generation Companies

Lead generation companies are basically advertising companies that do carry out various kinds of promotions to deliver leads to their clients. You can connect with any such lead generation company and can finalize a deal on how much you will pay for every qualified lead that they will send to your wealth management firm. You can start with a low budget and can increase it if you find the leads to be relevant and converting.

22) Build a Strong Referral Network of Partners

Tax consultants, tax attorneys, private banking services, etc are a few good potential partners that can recommend your wealth management services to their clients. You can give good monetary incentives to your referring partners for sending customers to you. For your business, you can also partner with those businesses that get high net-worth customers like Yacht sellers, luxury travel providers, etc.

23) Build a Quick Connect with Startup Companies

Startup companies are new emerging leads who can be contacted to provide wealth management services. You can find new startups and businesses using sites like Crunchbase and website of the local chamber of commerce.

24) Use Affiliate Efforts for Marketing

Joining any big affiliate network as an advertiser can enable you to tap into the pool of thousands of affiliates who can help you in promoting your wealth management business for getting commissions. For good results, you can join a pay-per-call network for getting your wealth management business promoted.

25) Do Reach Out to Potential Customers Offline Too

You can enlarge the scope of your business advertising by using traditional offline marketing methods. To promote your wealth management firm offline, you can start giving ads in local newspapers, you can book billboard spaces in crowded market areas, etc. You can also hire executives for a one-to-one meeting with clients because for big-volume deals, a personal connection goes a long way.

26) Pay Attention to Your Image Online

Many people leave reviews for businesses and services online. If your wealth management business is one that has no reviews or negative reviews, your business will suffer negative consequences as people will not consider dealing with you. On the contrary, having positive reviews online will boost the confidence of people in your business, and your wealth management services will be able to get more customers. So strive to amass more positive reviews for your business.

You can select and utilize these wealth management marketing ideas to see a considerable upscale of your business. Not clear on any point or have any doubts? ask them below.

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