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Video Game Press Release: Example, Template and Tips

Developing a video game is just one part of the process, getting a game-loving audience to know about the new game is more crucial. The starting journey of video game marketing is often done with a press release due to the numerous benefits it carries (discussed in this article). Also, getting the right PR distribution service is essential to reach the best portals online. So to create a complete package of all the necessary ingredients of a video game press release, this comprehensive article aims to address all the required factors which are explained one by one below.

Aim: To issue a video game press release with the end result being good online coverage and public attention.

Tools: The tools to achieve the above-mentioned end results are template, example, benefits and tips for writing a good video game press release.

Template: The video game PR template is given below:


[Headline] /* [Name of Production Company/Business] + Releases New Video Game Titled [Name of Video Game + Genre] + attractive news angle (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* 2-3 sentences for summary */

[Location City], [Date]. [Name of the game production company/business] is delighted to announce the release of a new titled [name of the video game] on [date, if applicable]. [How people can buy/access + most unique feature + any offers on launch day or for first few copies].

[Discuss key features of the video game + specifications like levels, playing options, etc. + inspiration for the game] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a C level executive of game production company]

[Key people/company involved in the game production + who are the main target audience + how it started + any future plans/updates for the game] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a game developer or beta tester]

[Top past games/achievements of the company + changes in video game industry + potential]. (3-4 sentences)

[Call out to check social media page or website URL].

About [Production company]

[Background + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /* official email */
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]


By getting a video game press release issued, the main benefits that your company/business will gain are:

1 Enhances Online Reputation

If you pay attention to how big public relations and reputation management companies serve the needs of their clients, you will find that one common and big factor they utilize is press release. So, instead of hiring such companies and paying multiple times the required amount, you can start building your brand yourself by doing press releases directly. By getting a good PR distribution provider, you can easily land your video game-related announcements on big authority news portals.

2 Gives a Quick Push to the Announcement

Most announcements are time-sensitive and their significance either depletes or becomes too low after the time is over. Press releases ensure that the announcement gets into the public domain at the right time and with the right intensity. By right intensity, we mean the level of visibility that is required for an announcement. The combined efforts of a number of sites, blogs and subscribers that are associated with a PR service provider cause the generation of plenty of views to your PR.

3 Helps to Secure “Yes”

If you want to step ahead in your brand-building efforts, you will require the support of your industry-related influencers and media houses. However, if you don’t have a decent presence online, it can hinder these efforts. By using press releases, you create a favorable environment where the chances of getting a “yes” in your outreach efforts increase many times.

4 Powers Your Website Link Structure

The link structure or link portfolio of your website is a big determining factor to influence your search engine rankings. Press releases generate powerful links from news sites due to which your website linked in the press release reaps the positive Google ranking benefits. A good ranking ensures better traffic which is followed by more sales and conversions.


Instead of directly writing a press release for a video game, first, pay attention to these tips to ensure good writing and distribution.

1 Feature Your Best Points

The awards, milestones, specialties of your video game company/business must find a place in your press release as it enriches the perception of your company/business. If you don’t have much to say, you can provide the core strengths and achievements of your key personnel like CEO, CFO, etc.

2 Write for the Bigger Demographic

If you believe that putting industry-specific terms and technical words will enhance the elegance of your press release, then this is a big misconception. With press releases, the simple are the words used, the better people respond to it.

3 Impart Better Visual Dimension

Images remain in people’s memory for a much longer time than text. Videos are even better than images in generating recall value. So you can get images and videos for your announcement and can link them through press release to get better results.

4 Make it Clear to Reader

Make the video game PR content such that the reader can understand the content with ease. If it takes unnecessary efforts either due to technical words, complex writing style or for any other reason, then the overall result will not be in your favor.

5 Go Different, Get Better Results

For journalists and editors, there is no incentive to even read most press releases because they all are written in a similar style and have same professional information. If you take some time to explore and include new dimensions/angles that relate to the press release, then the press release will get special attention and will generate enhanced results.

6 Short is Better than Long

While in a blog post, it is often said that a detailed and long blog post is good, it is reversed in the case of a press release. A press release is better only as a short write up ideally in the range of 300-400 words.

7 No Deal on Editing

Reaching out to 100’s of sites (for editing requests) after distributing your press release is neither feasible nor practical. So your errors, mistakes can become immortal through press releases with no way out. Therefore make the top-notch content without any errors.

8 Make a Grand Distribution

You have spent time and energy writing the press release but at last, if very few people notice it, then the results and efforts will be unsuccessful. To get a grand distribution, go for a PR distribution that can get it to sites like Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, etc.

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