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Tour Press Release: Free Template, Sample and Great Tips

There are many big brands in the tour and travel sector. At the local level too, the competition is fierce. In such a scenario, remaining competitive in the market becomes extremely important. If you have a new tour package or a new announcement (event/agreement/partnership), then it must reach the media and public for getting attention and a tour press release is the right strategy to do it. However, writing a press release and publishing it is not a simple process if one wants to get good results. Therefore we have created this article to make you familiar with all the aspects of such a press release. You will find template, sample, writing tips and key benefits of a tour-related press release. Let us get started with the main content.

Aim: Announcement of tour-related information through a press release and to get the best possible coverage for it.

Tools: The tools provided are a sample template for tour press release, example, best writing tips and key benefits. Also, we have included the main element that you must see in a distribution partner to ensure that the final result is positive.

Tour Template: The template for announcing a tour through a press release is given below


[Headline] /* Tour Company/Business name + main focus of press release (new tour announcement/agreement/expansion/event etc) + attractive news angle */

[Sub-heading] /*A summary of 2-3 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Tour company Name], a [reputed/emerging/new] name in [travel/tour industry], is excited to announce [type of announcement]. The new [tour/announcement/event] is scheduled to start at [date/time + location]. [Who can attend/on board + process]. [Any special offer, if any]

[How it will be useful + facilities available + few past successful tours + some most popular packages]. (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from CEO/CMO/CFO/President of the company]

[Talk about the recent trends in the tourism industry + future scope of industry + how this announcement is relevant to targeted people] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a client/partner]

[talk about what is exciting about this]. For detailed information of this announcement, visit [website/social media] or reach at [email/phone number].

About [Tour Company]

[Company background (when establishment, by whom, initial days) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Best Benefits of a Tour Press Release

A press release issued for announcing a tour related package/event/agreement has the following advantages

Quick and Wide Coverage

With the level of syndication achieved through press release distribution services, the announcement gets across multiple sites due to which there is a big spike in the number of people seeing your announcement/release. Due to this factor, most big brands and startups aware of the significance of press releases use them regularly for announcing new changes/events.

Positive Affect on Site Ranking

The official site provided in the press release also gets good benefits because of the syndication system. Due to 100’s of sites carrying the press release, it creates a big link structure (backlinks) which is one of the significant factors for ranking a website in Google. The link portfolio of a website is enhanced through press releases which affect the ranking of the site positively, thereby adding more visitors and sales/conversions for the official website.

Increasing Brand Power

If any potential client searches for information related to a tour company in Google and finds the company mentioned on some of the most prestigious sites, then it is sure to create a positive perception of the company. This positive perception creation can be achieved through press releases by selecting the right distribution partner (more on this later in the article) that can land your content on reputed sites. It also helps when potential clients look up for ratings and reviews of your company in Google and find your site mentioned on big sites.

Right Way to Get Started

Digitally, if you start your marketing strategy with some other method, let’s say pay per click, then after clicking and landing on your website, visitors will need to find more information about your company and will find no information on other sites which will leave a bad impression. So getting started with a press release is better suited as it creates a web of references and portals where information about your company can be found.

Helps in Evaluation

A journalist or investor or partner who is interested in your company will have multiple references to find more about your company if he scans the web for your company information.

Better Return on Investment

More companies are shifting their budget to online promotion due to it being low-cost and more effective. Even within online advertising, return on investment through press releases is better as many people see your PR for a one-time cost.

Best Tips for Writing a Tour Press Release

1. Include Image and Videos

The visual experience is much better than text as people connect with it better. If you decide to announce a new tour package, make sure to include images and videos for the same. Though very few portals allow adding such content, you can upload these files to your own official site or a third-party site and can provide the link to access them.

2. What Do They Get?

People look for their own benefits first and you must note this while writing a press release. If the announcement is intended for a particular group of people, try to explain the key benefits they will get. To ensure better participation, you can add offers and discounts for the first few customers or can ask them to call (using a number in press release) to generate leads.

3. Keep it Simple

A press release is not a research paper. No one likes to dedicate things that are hard to understand. So while creating the release explain things simplistically so that any person who comes across the release could grasp the main crux of the content.

4. Showcase Achievements

Achievements instill trust in people which is an important component in converting visitors to buyers. Make the list of your best achievements for the tour company and showcase it in your PR to get good results.

5. Don’t Get Salesy

While people/businesses use press releases to announce something, getting a PR converted to a sales pitch would lead to disapproval or limited coverage. The sales aspect must be kept minimal to get your release approved and distributed.

6. Make No Mistakes

Among all forms of content, press releases must be checked more intensively. This is because once the release gets distributed on different platforms, the scope for making changes is close to none. So keep the facts, statements mentioned in PR accurate. Also, any inaccurate or wrong information will negatively affect your company/brand reputation.

7. Make it Young

Unlike the old professional style PR, try to search for creative ways that you can utilize to show your PR creatively. With 100’s of PR’s reaching to journalists daily, they tend to ignore most of them as it becomes a boring task to see the same type of thing again and again. Make the title catchy followed by the content and you get good chances for getting better coverage.

8. Be Prompt in Answering

Your tour press release will be having media contact at the end. This media contact section is important because people can use this to find more information. So give the details of a responsible and active person so that you can answer leads and media inquiries.

9. Right Service For Distribution

Doesn’t matter how great your release it, if you miss the right distribution service, all efforts will yield minimal results. Aim for top sites like Yahoo, Associated Press and see if the distribution network can provide placement on these sites.

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