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Theatre Press Release Template, Example and Writing Tips

Have you planned a theatre play and want to get a big audience? A press release can ensure that your theatre play not only gets media attention but also gets noticed by 1000’s of people within a few days. With the different modules provided here like a ready-to-use template, example, writing tips, etc. it will be very easy for you to write and distribute a theatre press release. Let us get familiar with all the different aspects.

Aim: To announce a theatre play using a press release and to get the best possible distribution for it.

Tools: To get the best possible distribution and coverage for your theatre PR, the elements provided here include template, PR benefits, writing tips and example.

Template: The theatre press release template is given below


[Headline] /* [Name of the Play] + [written/produced/directed] by [writer or producer or director] to be Performed at [Location] + attractive news angle (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* 2-3 sentence for summary */

[Location City], [Date]. [Name of the entity/individual/organization] will be showcasing the theatre play [name of the play] at [location + date + time]. [Core theme of the play + how people can attend + what will people get + what will be the duration of play].

[Key actors/people of the play + any significant achievements of past + any similar performances and their past results] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from producer/writer/organizer]

[Discuss how theatre industry is changing + effect on people + future potential of theatre] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from any performer/past viewer]

[provide a link to more resources like the official website, social media, video].

About [Organizing Company/Entity]

[Background (when established, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /* official email */
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]


The potential benefits that one can achieve by issuing a press release are:

1 Brings Quick Traffic

One key factor that most entities/businesses seek for their announcement is how fast most people can see it. Though there are many means to do so, a press release is a cost-effective, fast and durable medium to do so. Due to the participation of many sites, blogs and feed subscribers in a PR network, the PR comes to notice of 1000’s of people, and that too within a few days of distribution. It can help to bring more audience to your theatre play/event.

2 Generates the “Familiar” Feeling

People mostly tend to buy products and services with companies/businesses with which they are familiar. A new company or business finds it hard to build the much-needed trust factor. Press releases make sure that the announcement related to the business/service/performance gets visible on many news websites and credible blogs due to which any person who types the name of your theatre play or event will see many reputed sites carrying information about your company/business/production which helps as a powerful factor to generate trust.

3 Drives New Links and Ranking

As the press release appears on many sites, it also acts as a new source of backlinks which are one of the crucial factors for ranking a site in search engines. Due to this, the placement of your website improves in search engines which drives more traffic, awareness and sales.

4 Strengthens the Potential

If at any time, your company/business requires an investor, partner, sponsor or a featured article in some major publication, then press releases set the right ground for ensuring that there is enough material available online so as to create a positive outlook of your company/business. This is because most interested parties like to associate or work with known and reputed business/companies/production houses and press releases create that “reputation” factor.


Before writing a press release for a theatre play or performance, do take note of these factors:

1 Make the PR Productive

Getting facts and figures in a press release is an easy task as it does not require much brainstorming. However, making the PR stand out from the formal ones takes some effort. If you are successful in this, then the PR will enjoy better viewership and coverage.

2 Increase Visitor Stay Time

A visitor that stays with your PR for more time is more likely to share it and provide extra coverage. However, people are not likely to get fascinated by a plain text announcement. People often share images and videos, so if you can get images and videos added to the theatre play PR, you will improve your chances of getting more attention. You can hire any freelancer to get such files done and then you can add them to your PR or can provide links for such files in the PR.

3 Does it make complete sense?

Many times people forget to provide answers to some of the most critical questions. The result is that the PR looks fragmented and therefore does not provide satisfactory results. So after writing the theatre PR, read it to check if the PR gives a complete sense of all things that are crucial for the announcement.

4 Simple Content Gives the Best Results

Many people think that since a press release is a professional statement, it must have a good selection of power-packed words. This assumption is wrong and goes against PR readability and coverage. Your press release must be made by keeping in view the majority demographic. So keep it simple if you intend to get good results.

5 Express the Special Things

If your company or business is very good at something, express it in the press release. If your company/business has got an award or completed some milestone, do get it mentioned. However note that since a press release must not be very long, keep these achievements limited to 3-4 sentences.

6 Keep Check on Word Count

You must not write as many details in the press release because it will impact the quality, distribution and readability of your PR announcement. Most press releases are often in the range of 300-400 words. You can increase or decrease to some extent but don’t get it beyond a point.

7 Accuracy is a Much Required Factor

Before writing the press release, know that it is nearly impossible to correct anything related to the content once it gets distributed. All sites involved in the distribution have different editing policies, charges and some don’t allow any changes. So make it accurate from all dimensions be it grammatical, factual or any other.

8 Distribute Wisely

For a good distribution and in turn, good results, choose the PR service provider wisely else your PR may land on 100’s of junk sites that barely get a few thousand or hundred visits a month.

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