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24 Tea Marketing Ideas to Accelerate Sales

Market research data shows huge potential for tea sales. But the number of businesses involved in supplying tea is so big that unless you make efforts to promote your business actively, the sales will be meager. This explains why acting on a strategic marketing plan for your tea business is so vital. These tea marketing ideas will give you a much clear picture of the methods you need to adopt to grow your tea business. Let’s check into these ideas:

1) Fix These Site Factors to Increase Productivity

Before jumping to new tea marketing ideas, you must extract the maximum potential of your website so that a greater number of your site visitors actually turn into your customers. To ensure this happens, you must cross-check that the following factors exist on your website:

a) Since people tend to abandon slow-loading sites, ensure that your tea business website loads faster preferably below a 1-second timeline. This speed factor also helps in affecting the SEO of your website.
b) Your site must be compatible (resolution-wise) on all kinds of devices like mobile, tablet, desktop, etc because only a few percentage of people use desktops to access the web.
c) To convince a website visitor to become a client, have testimonials, awards, accreditations, etc ready on your homepage.
d) To resolve any doubts instantly and to interact live with visitors, have a live chat widget placed on your site.
e) To convey your business in a more engaging way, use a professional video embedded on the front page of the website.
f) Make all contact details easily available so that any web visitor can reach you effortlessly.

2) Build Up Your Organic Google Ranking

With billions of searches happening on Google, it is the largest source of online traffic presently. If your tea business gets a favorable ranking in Google, it is deemed to get more customers. However, various factors come into play for deciding the positioning of websites on Google. So you must look for and hire a powerful online marketing agency that can place your tea website in prime positions on Google for relevant keywords. This way you can easily start enjoying the growth in your tea business.

3) Outrank Your Competitors by Copying Core Strategy

For getting more revenue and clients for your tea business, it is necessary that you rank higher than your competitors on Google along with being found for more keywords. Both these aspects can be taken care of by using any good link and keyword explorer tool like Ahrefs for discovering the top links and keywords of your competing businesses. Once you find good link opportunities (by discovering your competitor backlinks), you can use them to rank over other sites on Google thereby growing your traffic. The same holds true for keywords too (by discovering your competitor keywords) as the more keywords you rank for, the more you will get traffic and ultimately clients.

4) Get Visibility and Links from Hundreds of Sites

Which is better? Your tea business name seen only on your social networks and website or your business name is seen across hundreds of sites online. For any sane person, the 2nd option is better. Such expected results can be conveniently achieved by marketing your tea business using press releases. Apart from this grand visibility brought by press releases, your tea business will also be receiving links from such sites which will diversify your link portfolio and will help in better positioning your website on Google.

5) Run Quality Ad Campaigns Online

For people who need to get clients quickly, paid advertising is the right option for them. You just have to set a daily budget and the ad platform will automatically send you traffic and leads as per your set budget. Not all platforms provide quality leads with paid advertising. The top two paid advertising sources online are ad platforms of Google and Facebook. You can create a campaign for your tea business followed by setting a budget and other parameters to start running your ads on these platforms. To get the overall output positive, you must either learn to optimize the ads or must take support from any ad expert.

6) Use the Combo of Keywords and Content

As a tea business owner, you must keep exploring different combinations of keywords that your potential customer might type in Google to search for tea companies. After this, you can create content around all these keywords so that each and every post on your website would bring you a few visitors every month and the combined effect of all such posts would result in a few hundred to thousand extra visitors per month. You can do this process easily by taking the assistance of any popular keyword explorer tool like Ahrefs.

7) Optimize GMB, Grow Your Local Market

Every month, millions of local searches (city/town oriented) are conducted on Google. To cater to these local searches, Google especially displays 3 local businesses/services in a separate listing on its first page which is called “Google Local Pack”. All those businesses/services that have a “Google My Business” (GMB) page are eligible to be shown in this pack. However, certain parameters like reviews, citations, authority, etc are considered by Google algorithm to select the business/service to be shown here. How efficiently you control these parameters will determine how frequently your tea business will be shown in this pack. To optimize these parameters in order to get more displays on your tea business in “Google Local Pack”, you can take the services of an expert GMB management agency.

8) Get Tea Business Promoted on Social Media

There are various ways to promote your tea business on social media. You can utilize hashtags, groups, comments, cross-promotions, new posts, etc to start interacting with people on social media. Slowly you will have a good follower base on social media after which you can start putting up your advertising content to get customers for your tea business. Though it may seem like a time-taking process the efforts that you put into social media marketing of your tea business will start providing you with customers consistently after some time.

9) Let Email Marketing Increase Your Conversions

By having a website, your website visitors will have only one chance of engaging with your business while by having the email addresses of target prospects, you can send them messages many times due to which the conversion rates will increase. It will also help to get more chances of repeat business because after making constant communication with clients, the trust level will increase. Also, you will just have to press one button to send out your message to thousands of targeted people at once using email marketing. So do set up an opt-in form on your website and start collecting email subscribers.

10) Use These Two Video Marketing Methods

Marketing a tea business through videos is a strategy with great passive lead generation potential along with increasing the conversion on your other digital assets. The two main ways for advertising your tea business through videos are:

A) By adding a few high-quality professional videos to your tea website, the engagement of your site visitors along with the conversion rates will increase.

B) By posting videos on Youtube consistently for weak competition keywords, you will ultimately have a rich portfolio of video assets that will continue sending you leads for a long time.

11) Have a Faster Impact Socially with Influencers

Depending upon whether you want local visibility or big regional visibility for your tea business, you can accordingly use local social media influencers or influencers having more followers from a specified region. As followers of the respective influencers have a great level of trust in them, the promotions done through the medium of influencers have a better impact than many other promotion methods.

12) Level up Local Visibility with Directories

When you type search terms on Google like “tea dealers in [city/town]”, “tea business in [city/town]”, directory-type sites like Yelp also show up in Google search. Such sites, by virtue of their strong SEO and authority, get millions of traffic per month and deliver leads to thousands of businesses and services listed on them. So you too must put the details of your tea business in such directories for additional growth in customers to your business.

13) Grow Business Partners with LinkedIn

If you want to introduce your tea business to big distributors, owners of big retail chains, etc, then the opportunity to do so conveniently is provided by LinkedIn. LinkedIn gives access to a repository of professional profiles from small businesses to big corporates. So make a professional LinkedIn profile, and start networking with high-end contacts to open your chances for big orders.

14) Give Custom Gifts for Marketing

Even if a person is ultra-rich, inexpensive gifts do create a different emotional impact. Buy some custom-marked inexpensive gifts in bulk and give them away to your customers to make an informal connection with them. These custom-printed gifts can be items like coffee mugs, diaries, etc.

15) Get Your Sales Bigger with eCommerce Sites

Amazon, Etsy are a few such sites that are visited by millions of people monthly. You can list your tea portfolio on these sites to get more sales rolling for your business. Since new listings on big sites find it hard to get initial traction, you can use the paid promotion on the respective e-commerce platforms to get the first few sales and reviews after which the organic sales of your tea will also start growing on these sites.

16) Grow Your Physical Distribution with Distributors

If you become successful in getting your tea brand on the shelves of numerous retail stores in different towns and cities, your business will definitely take a big leap in revenues. To accomplish this, you must find out big distributors of your product who will use their network to get your sales rolling in big volume. To find out big distributors, you can visit retail stores to find their wholesalers and similarly one or two steps back again from wholesalers to find the distributors.

17) Get More Business with Samples and Recipes

Give free samples and new tea recipes to popular coffee shops and restaurants in your town/city to make them add your tea recipes to their menu. Once the initial demand sets in for your tea and tea recipes, getting orders consistently will be a byproduct.

18) Set Tea Stalls in Trade Shows, Events, and Expos

Trade shows, events, expos, or any similar situation where the local crowd is likely to gather can be a great opportunity to present your tea variety and business to people. You can book a stall/shop in such places and can also hire an employee to create various tea drinks to let people taste and feel your brand. This can cause a rise in demand for your tea brand.

19) Diversify with Range, Packs and Get Higher Margins

Tea varieties that are hard to find can give you higher profit margins. Also, if you make new packs consisting of many different varieties of tea in a single pack, such combo packs can get more sales. So try rare and exotic varieties and special combo packs for increasing your tea sales.

20) Use eBook Marketing Techniques

Make an eBook for different tea recipes with your range of tea varieties and use this ebook to promote your tea business. You can upload this ebook on various PDF-sharing sites, can give it away for free to your site visitors, can print it and get it distributed locally, etc.

21) Use the Power of People for Advertising

Announce social media contests through influencers, newspaper ads, etc that will require people to share your brand name and promotional messages on the respective profiles along with tagging a few of their friends to participate in your contest. When more people start sharing your business and tagging their friends, your business will see a fast rise in social media promotion which will bring you sales as well as the growth of your own business profile page on social media.

22) Host Tea Competitions and Tea Parties

Host tea competitions and tea parties to get more tea-loving people to recognize your brand. Regarding announcing such competitions and parties, you can do so using your website, local social media influencers, newspaper ads, etc.

23) Conventional Methods Still Work

To promote your tea business, don’t remain limited to online promotions. Depending upon the kind of reach you want to get, you can use the common offline strategies of marketing like putting ads for your tea business in newspapers, ads on radio stations and TV, sponsoring popular shows, banner ads, billboard ads, etc.

24) Build a Good Perception

Reputation is an important factor in marketing and branding. By checking online reviews, people nowadays have a very easy method to estimate the kind of products/services offered by a business. This means negative reviews or little reviews will work against your business interest as you might end up losing many potential customers. So build a good image of your tea business online by asking your customers to give ratings for your business online.

Set these tea marketing ideas in action by using them and see the tremendous results they will bring. Comments (through the comment box below) and social sharing of this post are welcome.

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