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23 Supplement Marketing Ideas for Faster Growth in Sales

With growing diseases and health disorders, the consumption of supplements is also growing. However, there are already many big players in this field and the competition is intense. In such a scenario, all you need to promote your supplements is a good marketing plan that can provide you with sales from many different sources. The following supplement marketing ideas will give you powerful strategies to grow your supplement brand.

1) Have a Powerful & Converting Website

Setting up a standard website for your supplements is a task that needs little effort and can be completed quickly, however, it is not adequate for generating sales online. The true success of a website can be determined by the number of sales that it can produce in relation to the total number of visitors that the website gets. Assuming that your website receives 500 visits/month but only 20 of those visitors buy your products, then your website has a meager 4% conversion rate. In order to guarantee that you make the most effective use of your website, you need to work toward increasing this conversion rate. The following are the things that your website must have to become more efficient in increasing sales conversions:

a) A live option for directly contacting support in order to resolve queries and get more sales.
b) Website must be optimized for mobile devices to prevent potential clients from leaving the site because of difficulties adjusting the size of text or images of your website on their mobile devices.
c) A quick loading speed to guarantee that no consumer would give up on your website because of a delay in loading time.
d) Testimonials and other key features to make the potential visitor trust your business.

2) Avail Several Benefits with Press Release Marketing

The power and authority that a press release can bring to a business online is still not fully recognized by most businesses and traditional marketers. Contrary to the popular belief, press releases are not just one of the many mediums for publishing announcements and news updates, they are also good for brand awareness, traffic, and links. Popular news websites like Associated Press, Yahoo news, Fox news affiliates publish press releases from big PR distribution networks on their sites. For getting the best possible results from press release distribution, it is good to choose a service that has a distribution partnership with big news sites.

3) Improve Your SEO

If your website is not on the first page of Google search results, it won’t receive any significant unpaid, organic traffic from Google. Therefore, it’s important to focus your efforts on creating web pages and content that will rank in the top 10 results on Google. However, there are a lot of things that come to play when creating a strategy to rank on Google. All these factors are combinedly called SEO. Your first option is to grab free online resources to understand the concepts of SEO and how it works followed by implementing these concepts on your site. Since SEO comes with a lot of technicalities, a safer option might be to entrust the work to a trusted SEO agency.

4) Intensify Content Marketing

The key to increasing your website’s organic traffic from search engines is to create a lot of content based on various keywords related to supplements and health niches. This strategy will drive relevant traffic to your website leading to more sales of your products. This proves how important content marketing is for the growth of your company. You can start content marketing by researching your customers’ demographic and their preferences followed by providing content on such topics. If you are consistent in posting content, you will see an increase in website traffic (and sales) from Google.

5) Use Online Ads for Boosting Sales

Advertisements placed on platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads let you target your audience with more precision than ads on traditional advertising sources like television and radio. The lower cost of running ads online than traditional marketing strategies like television commercials allow even small companies to make use of advertising. All the ad details that you associate with your ad campaign online are usually approved within a few days and you may begin getting traffic and sales immediately after approval. You may either employ a digital advertising agency to handle your ads for you or you can go through the many available online guides to learn the basics of handling digital advertisements on your own.

6) Employ Social Media Marketing Methods

The universality of social media can no longer be disregarded. Because of the tremendous opportunities it presents, social media marketing has been embraced by a broad range of industries and service providers. Investing time and energy into growing your brand’s social media following will start paying dividends in the long run. Increasing your company’s social media following requires regularly posting engaging content that is of value to your target audience. More people will follow your social media profiles if you promote your social media accounts via other channels of offline and online promotion.

7) Use Influencers to Generate More Sales

People who do have a hefty number of followers on social networks are usually referred to as “influencers”. A considerable number of these influencers are willing to form business collaborations. You can, therefore, select and network with those influencers who are active in the health/supplement niche and can ask them to promote your business on their social media accounts. As a direct consequence of such promotions, more individuals will become aware of your supplement business.

8) Increase Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Every effort your supplement business makes to promote itself should also have a factor of encouraging positive word-of-mouth publicity for your business. It’s a no-frills approach that involves bringing in new clients through the efforts of your current clients. The effective and simple way to do this is to provide referral coupons to your present clients who can hand out these coupons to be used by their circle of friends and family. For each use of such coupons, you can hand out some incentives to the people promoting your coupons. If implemented properly, this promotional strategy for your business can substantially boost your supplement sales.

9) Giveaway Some Free Merchandise

Balloons, pens, pocket diaries, and other low-cost items that may be printed with your brand’s name is an easy and efficient method to create a long-lasting impact on your clients. The name of your brand will be noticed by anyone who comes in touch, either directly or indirectly, with the customized printed items you gifted away with your products/services.

10) Build More Communication With Email Marketing

People who visit your website and other digital marketing assets have an interest in your products, and adopting email marketing is a wonderful way to remain in touch with them. When users visit your website or social media, make it easy for them to sign up for your email list by posting sign-up forms in spots where they can easily see them. If you want people to sign up for your promotional emails, you should provide them incentives, such as free coupons or discounts. If you have your client’s email addresses, you can be sure that you will always have access to them, regardless of the time or day. This, in turn, opens a fantastic chance for your company to increase its sales.

11) Get Additional Branding with Videos

Due to the authority of the YouTube platform, videos posted on this platform rank faster on Google. So marketing your supplement business through videos posted on YouTube opens a new door for the promotion of your supplements. You need to produce videos that address long-tail search queries (greater than 5 words) if you want a better chance of ranking and, as a result, gaining more exposure and sales. Your sales will rise proportionally with the number of videos you upload to Youtube. In addition to this, video marketing will also assist in increasing the overall brand recognition of your company.

12) Handle Reviews Well to Avoid Losses

Since more people now have access to the internet, the tendency to look into the legitimacy of a business online is on rising. Therefore, anytime potential customers put the name of your company into Google (or any other search engine) and see positive reviews about it, they will have a greater likelihood of using your products. The same is true otherwise too, where if someone types in the name of your company and finds either no reviews at all or reviews that are unfavorable, they will get a poor opinion of your business, which will eventually be detrimental to the success and revenues of your business. So your products should be of good quality to gain a positive image online.

13) Hold Social Media Contests for Enhanced Visibility

A good low-cost way to ensure that promotional messages related to your health supplements become visible across thousands of social media profiles is by running contests on social media. You can find various case studies online where many businesses have been able to spread their brand across social media by utilizing the power of contests. Nowadays, there are many applications that enable businesses to hold contests on social media. If the rewards offered by you are good enough and the contest is designed systematically, then it will be very easy for your health supplement brand to gain increased exposure.

14) Marketing Through Quora Platform

On Quora, you can find hundreds to thousands of questions related to the health niche and the answers to these questions receive a very high number of views. By carefully marketing your health supplements (as they have guidelines for promotions) along with providing answers to popular questions in the health niche, you can get free marketing for your supplement. Another way to promote on Quora is by displaying your promoted answers or ads for health-related questions.

15) Utilize Health Magazines for Business Growth

Make a list of all health magazines that have good circulation followed by sending requests for contributing articles for them. By publishing in popular health magazines, you can not only position your credibility as an expert but can also simultaneously get more visibility for your health supplement. A different route to benefit from these health magazines is by publishing your ads on them.

16) Targeted Sample Distribution and Collaboration to Grow Your Sales

By distributing samples of your health supplements to people who can send more customers, you can increase the sales of your supplements. The ideal prospects for this method are health clubs, gyms, physical trainers, practitioners, etc. Another way to increase the efficacy of this method is by offering commissions to all these prospects for referring your supplements.

17) Amazon Sponsored Ads

Thousands of health supplements are sold on Amazon and in order to make sure that your supplement gets the much-needed attention, you must start running sponsored ads on Amazon to make sure that more people searching for health supplements can come across your brand. Once you have a good number of reviews and ratings on that platform, you can stop paid advertising on Amazon and can rely on the massive organic traffic of the platform to get consistent sales thereafter.

18) Increase Revenues with Subscriptions and Bundle Offers

To get more income per customer, you must come up with a subscription plan that would allow customers to save more on health supplements if they take a subscription package. You can also tie up with any leading but non-competing brand in the health segment to offer a discounted bundle of your supplement along with their products or can offer coupons with their products to try out your health supplements.

19) Involve Big Youtube Channel Owners in Health Niche

Prepare a record of all the big YouTube channels in the health segment followed by contacting the owners of these channels to negotiate a good deal for promoting your health supplements. Since these channels have millions of subscribers, any promotion that is propagated through them will become visible to all those people who come across these videos which will boost the sales of your supplement

20) Test New Formula With Less Competition

Keep an eye on new formulations and ingredients that are becoming popular in the health segment and be one of the first to prepare supplements based on these ingredients in order to make huge sales. Being an early adopter in any business leads to big rewards and you can apply the same to your business too.

21) See More Sales With Good Packaging and Labeling

There are plenty of studies that establish the fact that visuals and colors have a great impact on shaping our decisions. This is why you must pay great attention to the design and labeling of your health supplements. With just a minor change in the design and colors of your health supplement, you can see that the sales pattern of your supplement will change.

22) Involve Affiliates To Promote Your Products

Many businesses and services are unaware of the fact that there are established affiliate networks with thousands of affiliate members who promote products and services for commissions. A few examples of such networks are MaxBounty, ShareASale, ClickBank, etc. By joining such affiliate networks as an advertiser, you can expose your supplement to thousands of affiliates who will promote your supplement by various means and on various platforms. The affiliate network will take care of tracking sales and paying out commissions to the affiliates promoting your product. You will just have to pay the affiliate network and they will take care of the rest.

23) Utilize Offline Marketing Too

Offline marketing continues to bring in leads and sales for numerous businesses all around the world, despite the fact that the majority of marketing approaches nowadays focus on internet marketing strategies. When compared to many of the strategies used for online marketing, offline marketing has a few drawbacks, the most significant of which are high cost and low targeting options. You can increase the sales of your supplements by using various offline advertising methods such as newspaper advertisements, billboard advertising, flyers, and so on.

This comprehensive set of supplement marketing strategies can be surely relied upon to increase your sales. In case you would like to discuss some doubts or would like to voice a concern, you are welcome to do so by utilizing the comment box below.

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