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22 Staffing Agency Marketing Ideas to Take Your Business to New Heights

Staffing agencies are facing competition not only from other staffing firms but also from an increasing number of job boards. Why would a hiring manager or company approach you when there are already plenty of options? The answer is, it depends upon how your position your staffing agency because with the right marketing strategy, any business can bypass the status quo. With this in mind, we present you some of the high-performing staffing agency marketing ideas that can just take your business to the next level and can reward you with much higher revenues than you are earning presently. Let’s get right into the core of these strategies:

1) Get the Basic Interface Right

When we talk about the basic interface, we are essentially mentioning the most important part of digital marketing which is your website. A website will be the most influential interface that can convince or discourage your potential clients. Just having a website will not do. Check for the following features on your website to make it effective in converting your site visitors into your clients:

a) Get your website easy to use, and with a compelling design. Locate your contact information in such a way that people can easily find and connect with you.
b) Put case studies of how your staffing firm has helped various companies in getting the right candidates.
c) Embed a live chat option to serve the visitors as quickly as possible because people are becoming quick solution seekers with decreasing attention spans.
d) Showcase all the quality affiliations, certifications, awards, and achievements of your staffing firm.
e) Mobile visitors are on the rise, so make sure that your site resolution does adapt to the screen size of users, in short, mobile-friendly.
f) Take a site speed test and optimize it to load faster as it has been proven time and again that slow sites cause visitor loss.

2) Get Discovered Easily Online

Having a website but having no or very low visitors doesn’t do any good for your staffing firm. To get organic visitors to your site, it is of paramount significance that your staffing agency website does show up on the top 10 results of Google whenever anyone searches for staffing agencies in your location. To get your website to show up, all you need to do is to handle your SEO factors well. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basically is an umbrella term to denote all such components that are required by Google to rank sites. As a business owner, you might not be aware of the technical aspects of SEO. So you can either spend some time learning and implementing SEO or you can find any good and capable SEO agency that can handle the task of ranking your staffing agency website on Google.

3) Don’t Forget the Power of Google Local Pack

Type any local-oriented keyword in Google and you will find a special section on the first page of Google which will have 3 businesses shown in a separate box/section. This section is generally referred to as Google Local Pack and any business that becomes successful in getting displayed here gets rewarded in the form of more clients. For getting included, make your “Google Business Profile” and start optimizing this profile with factors like reviews, citations, etc. You can type “Google business profile optimization” in Google to understand the various components that need to be handled for good ranking in this section. Again, you can also try the paid route of a service provider (SEO agency) if you don’t want to risk messing up your “Google Business Profile” optimization.

4) Showcase Your Authority with Press Releases

How would you feel if you find the name of your staffing firm mentioned on sites like Yahoo News, MarketWatch, etc? Every potential client that finds your staffing firm being covered on powerful news sites will be much more inclined to select you. The best part is that you do not need to pay thousands of dollars to any public relations company to do so. By selecting any good press release distribution service, it is very easy to publish your content on top-tier sites like the ones mentioned earlier. So start sending out press releases occasionally to build your reputation as well as to get extra backlinks and visitors to your site.

5) Expand Faster with Paid Advertising

While paid advertising can start bringing in clients much faster, it is not necessary that you will get a positive return on your ad spending if you don’t handle certain factors well. The first rule with paid advertising is that you must stick to only genuine and quality traffic platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. Secondly, you must definitely read some tutorials about the respective ad platforms where you wish to run the ads because without understanding the basics, you can start making a loss on your ad spend if you don’t handle the various parameters well enough. To bypass all this learning and optimizing ads, using any online marketing agency can also be a good option.

6) Attract More Clients with Informative Posts

Since most of your ideal client base will be HR managers, you must start writing articles related to this topic regularly on your website. Let’s say you have written 50 articles on hiring, HR managers, and other similar topics, and each article brings you just 10 visitors each month, then with 50 articles, you will get 500 extra targeted visitors every month. With a minimal 2-3% conversion rate, this can translate into 10-15 new clients every month. The formula is very simple, more articles means more visitors which in turn equals more clients for your staffing agency.

7) Be Regular with Social Media

Social media marketing rewards those businesses and services that remain consistent in marketing their business or service. If you just stick up a social media profile of your staffing firm, it won’t do any good. Make social media profiles and start making + sharing new posts, using hashtags, engaging with people, etc to start increasing your reach and follower count. If you are consistent in the social media marketing of your staffing firm, these profiles will start sending you new clients and opportunities. If you lack the time and required consistency, paid options are also there in form of social media marketing agencies.

8) Make New Clients with LinkedIn

Your staffing agency can easily connect with local HR managers as well as with C-level executives from your targeted region if you use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best network for making contacts with professionals. With paid options on LinkedIn, you can explore more features and opportunities, however, the free options are even decent enough.

9) Make Better Use of Site Visitors with Email Marketing

For any website in the world, it is not practical that all of its visitors generate sales/clients for the business. To increase the efficiency at which your site performs in converting visitors into clients, start collecting emails from your visitors. As people won’t submit their email addresses without a powerful incentive to do so, come up with a good incentive like a gift card, ebook, etc that you can exchange in return for email addresses. Once you get the emails, you get the freedom to communicate and convince your potential client directly over and over again.

10) Start Listing in Selective Directories

Directories were very popular a decade ago, however, with time, most directories had lost their ranking power and traffic (visitors). However, a few of them like Yelp, Crunchbase, Nextdoor, etc are high-traffic ones and by listing your staffing agency on such directories, you will get more leads and clients.

11) Convince and Convert Using Videos

Use a professional video on your site’s homepage as videos have way better convincing power as compared to text. Videos impart feelings and thus get more engagement. For best results, you can start uploading videos around local and less competitive keywords like “best staffing agency in Houston” because such videos show up much faster on Google search as compared to websites along with the added advantage of having a better conversion ratio.

12) Selective Offline Advertising

While online advertising is much more targeted and cost-effective when compared to offline advertising, the latter is still used successfully by many businesses around the world to get customers. You can put advertising of your staffing agency near industrial areas of your city to get more attention from targeted people. You can also publish ads in locally circulated newspapers. Sending customized postcards to HR managers and executives is also a good offline method to promote your staffing agency.

13) Don’t Mess up Your Reviews

Reviews left by people online are a significant factor in giving a good/bad impression of your business. Having negative or no reviews of your staffing agency will work against your business while having favorable mentions will help to convince more people to choose your staffing firm. While one way to increase positive mentions online is to ask your clients to do so, giving some incentives to leave reviews is a great boosting factor to increase your reviews online.

14) Use the Combo of Local Newspapers and Online News Portals

Newspapers and online news portals do enjoy a great degree of trust and reputation from people and having your business mentioned directly or indirectly on these places is therefore a great marketing method. For getting your staffing agency promoted through newspapers, you must network with editors of local newspapers and must offer contributing posts related to jobs. In the case of online news portals, you can contact the editors through email and can enquire about contributing articles. Once you get writing opportunities in these places, it will become very easy to write for even bigger publications using the reference of these sources.

15) Boost Your Accreditation with Relevant Industry Directories

Industry directories and associations are great sources to associate with as they can give you the privilege of showcasing your accreditation. American Staffing Association is a good source to link with. You can type “staffing associations in [city/country]” to discover many such associations. Apart from accreditations, the links resulting from these sites also contribute to the ranking of your staffing website.

16) Develop a Niche Expertise

Though it is good to serve the staffing needs of many industries, your staffing agency must develop expertise in a particular segment like medical, technical, etc so that it can gain an upper hand in capturing clients from the respective segment. Nowadays, most companies want to deal with expert service providers and developing your staffing expertise in a few segments can make your business stand out from the rest.

17) Increase Event and Job Fair Participation

All such events where companies or job fair related opportunities are presented can become a good ground for getting staffing agency clients. You can book your slots in such events or can become a sponsor/co-sponsor to make the most of such events.

18) Approach Final Year College Grads

On the supply side, you can get many interested freshers by organizing job events in the college campus. By having inroads in the college campus, you can showcase this feature to your clients which will add an extra plus point in your favor.

19) Use Job Boards and Classifieds to Hunt HR Managers

Many companies post their requirements on various job boards and classified sites. You can regularly scan such sites (like Indeed, Craigslist, etc) and can thus get the contacts of all companies who are actively looking for employees. You can then reach out to them and can offer your staffing agency services.

20) Use Reddit Groups

There are dedicated subreddits like r/programming, r/medical, etc from where you can connect with both recruiters and job-seekers. As each subreddit has its own guidelines, you must carefully make your posts to avoid getting banned from such subreddits.

21) Start Making Partnerships

For the supply side of your staffing agency, you can partner with resume writing services, career counselors, etc to get more people looking for jobs. On the demand side, you can ask your client HR managers to refer their friend circles in other companies to take your staffing services.

22) Conduct Interviews and Show Case Studies

On your website, show interviews of people (video/text) who were recruited through your agency as well as case studies of companies that were successfully served by your staffing agency. Since real-life case studies and interviews have a very high performance rate in convincing people, they can be a powerful asset to get more clients as well as candidates.

These staffing agency marketing ideas carry the potential to take your staffing agency to new heights provided you implement them. In case of any doubts or inquiries, do utilize the reply section given below.

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