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27 Skincare Marketing Ideas to Get Sales Growing Faster

The beauty industry is one of the most rewarding as well as competitive niches as it strives on a natural human longing to look better. There are many established skincare brands in the beauty niche and many new skincare brands are coming up every year. Your range of skin care products can start growing its market share if you work on a good marketing plan to reach more people. With this aim of more sales and faster growth, this article on skincare marketing ideas has been written so as to give you many nuggets for growing your skincare business brand.

1) Get Glowing Output from Your Website

Most probably, you might already be having a website for your skincare business. At this point, we will discuss some minor enhancements that you can do on your website and can see significant changes in the number of customers that your site is providing to your business. The things to consider for better output from your website are:

a) Have an easy interface to let customers see and order the products directly from your website. Have different payment options like Paypal, credit card, internet banking, Gpay, etc.
b) Congested and over-loaded looking sites give poor performance. So make the fonts and design clear and simple. Have a well-laid-out categorization of pages and products.
c) Every best feature of your skincare business should have mention on the homepage of your site. These features can be the quality of products used, awards, certifications, media mentions, testimonials, etc.
d) One commonly ignored factor by many business owners is the site loading speed. Delay in site loading is known to cause visitor loss. So check the site loading time and if it is not fast loading (1-2 seconds), correct the factors causing slow loading.
e) Use a top quality professionally made video on your site homepage as many studies have proven the efficacy of videos in affecting the decisions of people.
f) Give multiple points of contact for your skincare business like phone, email, fax, skype, etc as these things build trust in your business.

2) Outperform Competitor Sites with Good SEO

Identify keywords (search queries) for which you want your skincare website to rank in Google and other search engines. Check the current position where your skincare website is ranking for these terms on Google. If your site is not on page 1 of Google (for most terms), it implies that your site’s “search engine optimization” (SEO) is not up to the mark. SEO is an umbrella term for many factors that Google considers for awarding ranking to websites in its search results.

With a good SEO in place for your website, you can get thousands of visitors to your site from search engines and this will definitely increase your sales. If you are ready to take care of SEO for your website yourself, you will easily get many videos, guides, and websites online that teach SEO. As an easier alternate option for SEO, you can consider getting SEO managed by a third-party agency in the SEO niche.

3) Build Big Trust in Your Brand

People usually do not trust new products especially when it concerns things like finance, health, and beauty. To gain trust, a simple method is to get your business mentioned by those media sites that enjoy the trust of people. This is where press releases come in. By sending press releases for your skincare brand, you will successfully get the press release content hosted on some of the reputed media sites and networks of the world. Two other added advantages will be growth in traffic and backlinks. The choice of your press release distributor will solely determine whether your business name and content will be seen on popular sites or general sites. So choose your press release service provider only after ensuring that it has a quality syndication network to make your content appear on large sites.

4) Get GBP Traffic for Retail Outlets

If your skincare business has retail outlets in one or different locations, do make sure that these outlets rank in the Google local pack (a special set of results on the first page of Google) for respective towns/cities. If your skincare business ranks in the local pack section of Google, you will get more customers and sales. To do this, get a “Google Business Profile” (GBP) page set up for all locations having your outlet. The next thing to consider is optimizing the GBP profile with rank-affecting factors like reviews, citations, etc. Many detailed write-ups are available on this topic online along with the option to use digital marketing agencies for getting it handled A to Z.

5) Build and Operate Google Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns on Google are one of the topmost sources for driving quality leads. The popularity of Google ads is also responsible for its high pay-per-click rates and this is why learning the basics of ad operation on this platform is significant else you may burn your budget quite fast while getting nominal results. Go through a few guides, websites, and videos on Google ads and start with a low budget to gradually grow your experience and results. If short on time, get your skincare ads managed on the Google Ads platform through an online marketing business.

6) Build a Big Customer Community Online

Social media has attracted many businesses because with a few months of consistent efforts, it is normal to see a few thousand followers. Social media marketing of your skincare business will require you to regularly share engaging posts, utilize beauty-related hashtags, join big groups, interact with people, etc. All these things when done repeatedly for some weeks/months will give you natural growth along with taking your profile to a level from where it will start getting new followers automatically. You will see good results from your social media pages only after you have made the necessary efforts in growing the number of followers to your profile (if you are not using any other paid methods).

7) Keep Giving Free Value to Get Customers

You can start increasing the traffic to your website (and sales) if you start providing valuable content on your website through new posts published on your site regularly. Start writing posts related to beauty and skincare on your website and each of these articles published will contribute a few extra visitors to your site every month. The more you increase the number of posts, the more you will see traffic and sales increasing. With many freelance writers and content agencies available online, it is not hard to get new articles posted on your website.

8) Get New Customers from Old Customers

To every customer who purchases some or the other skincare product from you, give them a referral coupon. This referral coupon must do two things. First, it must offer a discount to the new customer who gets to use this coupon, and second, it must credit some points/bonus to the referring person. This setup can be easily designed by an experienced coder. With such a referral system in place, you can notice a surge in new customers to your business.

9) Accelerate Sales with LinkedIn

As LinkedIn opens the door to professional collaboration, you must make a profile on LinkedIn after which you can pitch skincare distributors and big retail chain owners to sell your product. The more people you contact and convince for bulk distribution of your skin care product range, the faster will be the movement of your skincare products.

10) Don’t Lag Behind in Video Promotion

YouTube gets a few billion visitors monthly and by growing your skincare channel on Youtube with plenty of videos, you will start getting more sales. As one can easily notice the appearance of Youtube videos on Google search results, these videos can bring many visitors and sales from their ranking on Google searches too. By regularly creating and posting videos, your video portfolio will alone generate a few thousand to a few million monthly views depending upon the count of your videos. For even better performance, create videos on semi-popular and less competitive keywords as they will rank faster.

11) Rope in Influencers for Your Brand Growth

People who have followers in thousands to a few million on social media are influencers who can promote your skincare business successfully on social media. Not every famous influencer is worth working with because for a good impact on your skincare business, the influencer must be from a related niche like beauty, fashion, etc. As influencers command respect from their followers, your skincare brand promoted through them can make their followers buy your products and become your loyal customers.

12) Convert More and Sell More with Email Marketing

Not everyone coming to your website will buy some product from you. So it is best in your business interest to start collecting visitor email addresses to keep promoting to them at any time you want. This is why many business coaches insist on collecting emails for long-term marketing and repeat sales. To begin the process of email collection, first create a good incentive (like a free ebook on skincare, coupons) in exchange for which you can ask for the email address of your site visitors on the opt-in form of your website.

13) Marketing Through Newspaper Write-ups

Hire a skincare expert doctor and tie up with leading newspapers for getting the content written by your expert doctor in newspapers. As the doctor will be linked to your skincare business, getting your skincare business promoted through such writeups will be a guaranteed byproduct. The same can be done for beauty and fashion magazines too. This process of subtle promotion of your skincare business will also add a trust factor assigned to your business because newspaper content carries much bigger weight than content posted casually on sites and social media.

14) Get More Business Rolling with Discount Weeks/Days

Every month or every alternate month, come up with discount weeks/days with new slogans like “Glow and Shine Week”, “No Wrinkles Week”, “Natural Shine Week”, etc. To promote such weeks, you can use newspaper advertisements, advertisements online through your site, through Google PPC ads, etc. The added perk of discounts can cause more sales for your skincare business.

15) Try Label Marketing for Growing Impulsive Sales

People don’t make all buying decisions consciously. By providing different labels to skin care products on your website like “Stock Ending Soon”, “Best Seller”, “Latest Addition”, “Hot Selling”, etc, you will improve the sales turnover.

16) Use Popular Online Marketplaces

Those online marketplaces that get millions of monthly traffic are good venues to list your skincare products for getting more sales. Google shopping, eBay, Etsy, Amazon, are a few such platforms where you can list your skincare product range and can get extra sales by virtue of the huge traffic that these sites get.

17) Get More Sales by Distributing Coupons

Connect with owners of fashion accessories stores, fashion apparel shops, spa owners, salon owners, etc, and distribute coupon booklet/codes to them so that these people can freely distribute these coupons (of your skincare products) to their customers and this will, in turn, get more people to use their coupons at your shop online/offline.

18) Take Leverage of Competitor Products

On your website, write articles on top competitor products and showcase the comparison between their products and your products. By doing so, many of your articles will start ranking in search engines for the names of your competitor products too and your comparison articles will start giving you more traffic and sales. You can repeat this process with hundreds of products and the combined effect of this strategy will be huge.

19) Get More Sales with User Generated Content

Provide a platform for your customers to share their content, reviews, etc and the pool of articles thus contributed will not only help to nurture a loyal community but will also help to get more traffic and consequently sales from search engine indexing of such content.

20) Use Free Sample Marketing Technique

Get free sample kits of your skincare products ready to be distributed to all the prominent beauty salons, spas, make-up artists, etc so that they can not only use these products but can also refer your brand to their customers. You can additionally, also ask these groups of people receiving free kits to share your skincare advertising message on their respective social media pages as this will create a much better impact in raising your brand awareness.

21) Use the Combo of Rewards and Contests

How powerful will be the impact if thousands of people start sharing your skincare brand message on their social media page? This mass promotion of your skincare brand is possible if you hold contests on social media tied up with some exciting rewards. With many such applications available online, holding such contests successfully and easily has become simple.

22) Expand Quickly with the Right Distribution Channels

To get your skincare products to 1000’s of stores, you can tie up with big distributors like Walmart, Target, etc. There are also individual distributors whom you can contact for distributing your skincare products to many retail stores. The more locations where your range of products becomes available, the more will be your sales and hence revenues.

23) Get More Customers with Real Life Examples

In the health and beauty industry, before/after photos are very popular as they create a decisive impact on customers. So encourage (with rewards) your customers to track the progress of their skin on using your skincare products followed by sharing the results on their social media profiles. The more before/after photos you collect this way, the heavier will be its impact in growing your skincare business.

24) Gain Benefits from Fashion and Beauty Events

At all beauty events and fashion shows, you can explore the option to get your skincare brand pitched to people by becoming a sponsor of such shows and events. To add uniqueness, you can also host beauty contests online for getting your brand promoted alongside such contests and shows. You can also get coupons for your skincare products distributed to the attendees of such events so that this can drive more sales for your business.

25) Increase Sales by Increasing Your Marketing Team

You can get the advertising services of thousands of freelance affiliates in getting your skincare brand promoted if you utilize a big affiliate network. Once you have made some technical adjustments to your site for tracking affiliate sales along with deciding the commission split for affiliates, you are all set to get your brand promoted across the web by these affiliates.

26) Tap Conventional Marketing Methods Too

A growing percentage of new businesses are focusing on the online marketing of their products and services for the simple reason of better targeting and lower cost. However, conventional marketing methods are great for completing the marketing chain and giving a stronger presence to a brand. So do consider featuring your skin care products in beauty and fashion magazines, giving ads in newspapers, buying billboard spaces in crowded places, TV and radio commercials, etc.

27) Your Online Reputation is Significant for Sales

The newer generation is increasingly searching the internet for reading out reviews before directly trying a product or service. This tendency has made businesses and services pay extreme significance to the reviews that people leave online for their respective products and services. So actively involve in amassing positive reviews of your skincare business along with swiftly addressing negative reviews.

With this many skincare marketing ideas, it is only a matter of implementation to see good results. Unclear on any point or have anything to contribute? write in the discussion box below.

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