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26 Security Company Marketing Ideas to Get Clients Consistently

Having a well-trained security force is no longer a primary requirement for the growth of a security company. This is because any person or company requiring security guards or security services has too many options nowadays. What will actually make difference in the growth of your security company is how well you are able to market your security company. In the age of competition, it is “marketing” that draws a line between a successful business and an average-running business. So take a look at these security company marketing ideas, execute them for your business and see the changes brought by them.

1) Take the First Step with Your Website

Most security services do have a website to represent them online, however, a great number of security service owners have no idea on how to pull out the maximum advantage from their website. An elegant look is not the only thing you must see on a website. Adjust just a few factors here and there on your website and you will very well know how these changes will impact the number of visitors actually converting from your website into customers. The factors to consider are:

a) Add the option to request a free quote on your website. This will make people leave their contact details for getting a quote and you can follow them up and can convince them to get your security services.
b) With decreasing attention span of people, people are reading less text on the internet. So use a video on your site homepage to better convey your best features and to make more people choose your security services.
c) Quick-loading sites are becoming the norm as people are desperate enough to press the back button if the site takes more than 1-2 seconds to load. So test the site loading speed online and if it doesn’t show good numbers, make necessary changes.
d) List out all the possible reasons why a person must select your services. These reasons can include your business experience, awards, accreditations, testimonials from renowned institutes, names of media companies who covered your business, etc.
e) Mobile device visitors are increasing in number, so check your site view through mobile devices and if your site design remains static with a large desktop-type resolution, get it changed to mobile-responsive.
f) Give a live chat option on your website so that more site visitors can be converted to customers.

2) Leave Your Competitors Behind on Google Search

If your city/town name is “X” and you type “security services in X” on Google, do you find your website on the first page of Google for this query? If not, then your competitor security company websites listed on the first page will be able to get all such customers who use Google search to find security services in your region. The websites listed on the first page of Google are the ones that Google considers more relevant as they have better SEO (search engine optimization) done for their website. If you carry on good SEO practices for your security company website, you too can outpace many websites and rank within the top spots, thereby getting a big flow of traffic and customers. So implement SEO for your website (by yourself or by an SEO company) and see your revenues rise.

3) Be Special with 3 Pack Conquest

Repeat a similar search (on Google) as given previously like “security services in [your region]”, you will surely get 3 results from your region that will have a directions tab, phone number, ratings, etc displayed on the Google search page. These 3 results are extracted from GBP (Google Business Profile) pages made by businesses based on various factors. So firstly, have your security company GBP created. However, your GBP page also needs to be optimized (just like your website for SEO) if it wants to make it to the 3-pack. Read GBP/GMB optimization methods online, implement them and see your GBP page bringing in many new leads/customers every month. To escape the hassle of optimization by yourself, approach an SEO agency.

4) Get Indirect Media Support

Many businesses understand how useful media mentions are for their business but don’t know the right way to do it or either consider that it requires thousands of dollars. Well, with a press release distribution service that has established premium tie-ups, you can have your security company name carried on by big digital media sites for a very affordable price range. When you display the logos and references of all top media sites having your press release, on your website, visitors will be much more likely to take your services due to the special advantage of branding achieved through media appearances.

5) Have Right Social Media Strategy

Connecting with new people online from your city/town through social media is way easier than doing it offline. This is where the power of social media lies and this is why many businesses do have their professional page existing on social media. But having social media profiles alone will not give any advantage if your profiles do not have the required “followers”. So after creating social media page for your security company, work towards increasing the followers. This process of growing followers requires consistent activity on social media for a few months with processes like applying proper hashtags, creating good posts, entering new local groups on social media, etc. After growing your profiles, social media marketing of your security company will start yielding positive results for your business.

6) Go Faster with Online Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns online hasten the process of lead generation for businesses if first-rate ad networks are chosen for advertising. Google ads, Facebook ads, and Bing ads are three classic examples of first-rate ad networks with Google ads leading the game. But if you think that creating an ad campaign and funding your ad campaign is enough for success, you are mistaken. Regular testing of various ad parameters is a must to remain positive on your ad investment else your per-cost acquisition cost might significantly rise. This makes it essential for you to learn different aspects of ad campaigns on the network you intend to run the ads.

7) Take a Strong Plunge with LinkedIn

Introducing your security company to high-net-worth individuals and decision-makers of big companies has become fairly easy through the professional network of LinkedIn. Join LinkedIn, filter out companies by your region, and you will get profiles of many C-level executives working at top companies in your region. If you start building contacts with such profiles, you can easily land long-term contracts and much more profitable deals.

8) Use Gifts as Tokens of Appreciation

Gifts, no matter how inexpensive they are, create an emotional connection with people. For this reason, gifts are increasingly being used as a marketing tool and many online businesses offer custom printing on gifts and daily utility items. For your security company, you too can order bulk custom-printed gifts carrying your business name. These gifts can be given as tokens of appreciation to your clients and can take your relationship one step ahead of the formal professional bond.

9) Go Where the Traffic Is

If you examine the Google search results for a different set of keywords (search queries) related to the security company, sites like Yelp will be present somewhere in the search results. Big directories like Yelp tend to get traffic in millions as they appear in Google search results for thousands of keywords across different verticals. So do make the profile of your security company on such sites and get an additional advantage in terms of traffic as well as backlinks.

10) Reap Benefits of Post/Article Power

For your website, every post published on it brings in an opportunity to get more traffic (visitors). Therefore, one of the simplest marketing strategies that some businesses use is content marketing where they grow traffic and customers to their business by growing more posts on their site. Just getting traffic is not important, the traffic must be relevant to your business. So create posts closely related to your niche on topics like “which is the best security company in [city]”, “how much it costs to have security guards in [city]”, etc. With the consistent posting of a few articles every week, by 3-4 months you will be having many articles that will start pulling visitors passively.

11) Open Long Term Traffic Channel with Videos

Video marketing for your security company can help to get the following benefits:

a) Youtube videos also show on Google search for many keywords. So your security company videos will rank in Google search and will get more organic search views.
b) These videos will get you direct traffic from searches happening on the Youtube platform.

12) Develop Your Direct Marketing Asset

Businesses that ignore collecting emails from their site visitors do lose great long-term marketing potential. This is because, with emails, you can turn many otherwise lost visitors into customers of your security company. Email marketing also gives the advantage of building a direct communication channel with people which results in building customer loyalty. So punch a form on your website to start gathering the email addresses of site visitors.

13) Access the Trust Developed by Influencers

Select some popular social media influencers from your region and partner with them to broadcast the promotion of your security company regularly. The loyal follower base of such influencers can not only land you new customers but can also help to grow your own social media profiles too.

14) Get Professional and Consistent Branding

For the same kind of work, one security company may charge an amount that is twice or even more than the amount charged by any other security company. This is because once a security company creates a good brand image, it can command premium rates. So try to get a professional image of your company by getting a good logo, professional class uniform, along with quality services. The better you position your business, the more high-end clients you can attract.

15) Witness the Power of a Good Portfolio

Start creating a portfolio of photos and videos of your security services and get them systematically arranged on a specific page on your website. Such a portfolio will provide a professional image of your business along with improving the website conversion rate for your business. You can also get images from your portfolio used on your offline marketing materials like brochures, pamphlets, etc.

16) Start Making More with Add-on Services

You can also provide closely associated products and services so as to start earning more value from your customers. For this, you can consider doing partnerships with security camera installation services, security dog businesses, etc.

17) Use Pricing to Get Added Advantage

There will be many people who would like to get security services at the most reasonable price available to them locally. To fulfill the needs of such customers, you can survey your top competitors locally to find out what price they are charging followed by giving the best offer to your potential customers so that they can select your security service over others.

18) Become a Newspaper Personality and Rake in More

Many newspapers are open to contributions from experts and this is where you can use the trust and reach of local newspapers to pen down articles on safety issues with very subtle marketing of your own business. Every time your article gets published in newspapers, it will create a big brand image of your security services along with driving in more customers.

19) Use the Power of “Free” to Grow Your Business

For any event, trade show, or any other big occasion happening locally, reach out to the organizers and offer free security services in exchange for your banner or any other marketing material being flagged on the respective venue. This can give the much-required attention to your security company locally.

20) Use Partnerships for Growth

Partner with all such businesses and services that often require security services or that do get inquiries on security services. Some of the good prospects for partnership with your business are property managers, real estate dealers, lawyers, etc. To speed up the process, you can give them referral commissions for their task of sending new projects to you.

21) Make Customers Promote You

For every customer to whom you provide security services, ask them if they can post your business-related promotion on their social media pages. To get a larger percentage of people to agree to your proposal, you can offer a discount on your service. This method of discount can also be used to generate more reviews and testimonials for your security agency.

22) Get Faster Growth with Long Term Contracts

The more long-term contracts and agreements you sign with your customers, the more growth your business will achieve. So create good and reasonable long-term subscription plans along with good perks so as to take your business to the next level.

23) Try Getting Leads Directly

If you have ever advertised your security company using online advertising, you will be well familiar with the number of variables that need to be managed to ensure a good and positive scoring ad campaign. To avoid the hassle of online advertising and to work directly on new leads, you can avail services of any lead-generating agency that would handle all advertising variables on their own and will provide you with security agency leads directly. Depending on what quality leads you get from such agencies, you can continue or stop working with such agencies.

24) Let Others Drive You More Business

To make your security agency thrive on the promotion work done by other people, you can open your security agency to an affiliate network so as to get many affiliates to start marketing your security agency. All you have to give in return for confirmed leads sent by affiliates is a predecided commission that you have mentioned in your affiliate program.

25) Go Traditional, Go Offline

We have discussed many online marketing aspects like organic ranking on Google, directories, press releases, influencer marketing, etc. But the most widely used marketing method worldwide is still in the realm of offline marketing. Using common offline marketing methods can give complete meaning to your security company’s promotion strategy. So start with the common traditional promotion methods like banner advertising, billboard advertising, placing newspaper/magazine ads, etc.

26) Secure Your Digital Reputation for Growth

Most people type business/service names in Google to find the reviews of the respective business/service before dealing with them. This makes it important that your security company has good reviews else you will lose many potential customers that you might have got otherwise. So pay attention to building a clean and positive image of your security company online.

This list of security company marketing ideas can help grow your business if you seriously execute them. Get your comments, doubts, questions, and feedback written below for getting them addressed.

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