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Scientific Press Release Writing Template, Example and Tips

Want to announce scientific research, partnership or something relevant to the scientific community? A scientific press release (PR) is one of the significant ways to do it. To ease things out, we have provided (in this article) all the things that are required for creating and distributing such a press release. You will find a readymade template, example and relevant tips for writing a press release related to the scientific announcement. Let us get started with the details:

Aim: To write and publish a scientific press release and to get good exposure for the release online.

Tools: To successfully accomplish the aim given above, the tools provided in this article are template, sample, advantages and writing tips. Lastly, a key point on distribution is also given so that one can get the full benefits.

The Template:

The template for writing a scientific press release is given below


[Headline] /* Scientific company or individual scientist name + main focus of press release (new finding, research, branch, etc) + attractive news angle*/

[Sub-heading] /*A summary of 2-3 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Scientific company Name], a [reputed/emerging/new] company in [industry/niche/field name], is pleased to announce [nature of announcement]. [how it is relevant to people + media + medical/scientifc industry].

[how long the work has been going on + key people involved in it + how it will help in understanding/changing something] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a key person involved in the research/finding/event/announcement]

[notable past work of the company + future projects + facilities + awards and achievements]. (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a top-level person of the company]

[how they visualize current stage of information available + expected future]. For more information of the [finding/research/project/campaign/event], visit [name of site].

About [Scientific company name]

[Background of company (establishment) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Scientific Press Release Sample

Innovative Robotics Lab Announces Breakthrough in Humanoid Robot Design

A team of scientists at Innovative Robotics Lab have made a major breakthrough in the field of humanoid robotics, creating a new design that can perform complex movements with greater efficiency and accuracy than ever before.

Boston, MA, November 17th, 2021. Innovative Robotics Lab, a leader in robotics research and development, has announced the development of a revolutionary new humanoid robot design. This breakthrough design incorporates a range of advanced technologies, enabling the robot to perform complex movements with greater efficiency and accuracy than previous models. The new design is set to revolutionize the field of humanoid robotics and has the potential to transform industries from manufacturing to healthcare.

The design has been in development for several years, with a team of top engineers and scientists working tirelessly to create the most advanced humanoid robot to date. The result is a robot that can perform a wide range of movements, from basic walking and running to more complex tasks such as dancing or playing sports.

“Our new humanoid robot design is a major breakthrough in the field of robotics,” said Dr. Sarah Lee, lead researcher at Innovative Robotics Lab. “We are excited to introduce this new technology to the world and believe it has the potential to transform industries across the board.”

Innovative Robotics Lab has a long history of pushing the boundaries of robotics research, with several notable achievements in the field. The company is currently working on a number of future projects, including the development of a new range of autonomous vehicles.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the world through robotics,” said Tron Pew, CEO of Innovative Robotics Lab. “Our new humanoid robot design is just the beginning of what we hope to achieve in the coming years.”

For more information, visit innovativeroboticslab.com

About Innovative Robotics Lab

Innovative Robotics Lab is a Boston-based robotics research and development company, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of robotics technology. The company’s vision is to create innovative robots that improve the quality of life for people around the world.

Media Contact:
Bison Joe
Director of Communications
+1 (555) 123-4567
Boston, MA, USA

Benefits of Issuing a press release for a scientific announcement

The top benefits a company/organization can gain by such press releases are:

Get Immediate Attention

By virtue of distribution to many sites, press releases give the starting momentum to any announcement. One can easily find that many big brands and startups regularly issue press releases to get the announcement out in the public domain.

Branding Assistance

One of the powerful means of brand-building efforts is by using press releases. By getting the content out on reputable platforms, the entire exercise of publishing press releases becomes a key element for showcasing the marketing and branding efforts of an organization. A scientific organization that wants to enhance its brand value must utilize this marketing method regularly.

Opens Doors to New Investment and Expansion

A scientific organization needs funds to carry out research in various fields. An organization that remains in public memory and in news through regular announcements is likely to catch much more attention from investors and interested parties than a passive scientific organization. Also, when investors and companies want to invest in a company, they search through the history of the organization and news related to it on various sites. Press releases ensure that the scientific organization gets seen on multiple platforms which instills trust in the organization.

Boosts Morale of Employee

Employees/people working in an organization feel a sense of deeper attachment to the organization if they find that the organization is recognized by the general public. It also boosts the morale of people working for a well-known organization. This recognition can be achieved through press releases.

Opens Possibilities for Voluntary Coverage

Journalists and science bloggers are constantly in search of new and exciting news. They also subscribe to big PR portals to remain updated for the same. If they come across the scientific press release and find it interesting, then it is likely to get published voluntarily on news sites and big scientific blogs and sites.

Best writing tips

Keep these tips in mind while writing a PR for announcing scientific research/event/agreement

1. Explain in layman terms

All people who will come across your press release will not be degree holders in science. They will be from different backgrounds. This is true for journalists too. So try to explain your research in the easiest possible way so that it can gain attention. Don’t go into the technical mode of writing as it will be understood only by a limited group of people. In cases, where there is no alternative to terms, you may use technical language but the overall focus must be to keep things simple.

2. Not a Research Paper

A press release comes under short-form content. It must not become a research paper in itself. Limit the content to 600-700 words. If you want to showcase the entire research paper, procedure and all relevant data, upload that on your website and provide the link in the press release. The longer a press release gets, the lower is its interaction.

3. Don’t forget the basics

A press release must explain the basic questions (what, why, when, etc). One to two sentences is enough for answering each question. After writing the PR, read it to ensure that it does not sound like partial content. Again keep the word limit in mind.

4. Your Reputation Can Get Affected

The reputation of your scientific organization can get affected by a press release. A press release shows the official statement of your organization. If there is something wrong or contradictory, then the same release which gets distributed on multiple platforms will be very hard to manage later as editing later is not possible for all platforms. While some platforms may entertain editing requests for a fee, most won’t do. So ensure all the facts, figures and statements before sending a PR for publication.

5. Write in Professional Tone

Press releases require the content to be written in an indirect tone, technically in the third person. So you must not words like I, You, etc in a press release. Quotes can be used for such direct references though.

6. Limit the Promotional Stuff

By employing press release as one of the advertising mediums, one must not try to convert the press release itself into promotional material. If we look at big PR publishing platforms, they directly reject promotional content. However, if the promotional aspect is unnoticeable or minute, then there will not be an issue (in most cases).

7. Being Experimental with Content

The same idea can be said in different ways. A PR written like every other PR which people see daily is bound to go unnoticed in most cases. Try to brainstorm ways to say the same piece of information in an attractive manner through clever usage of words. Anything that is creatively written stands a far better chance of getting big coverage. However, one must not use clickbaity or false statements to do so else the PR itself won’t get approved.

8. Choose the Final Distribution Wisely

No matter how much time is devoted to the creation of content, if the distribution partner lands the PR on 100’s of junk and unknown sites, the entire process won’t be of much significance. Some of the established PR sites that get a good ranking in Google and get millions of visitors are Associated Press, BigNewsNetwork, Yahoo Finance, etc. See if your service provider can make it there.

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