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15 Restoration Marketing Ideas to Start Getting More Clients

Marketing has become more essential than ever because of continuously increasing competition. If you fail to adopt the right marketing ideas for your restoration company, then your business will start lagging behind others. A business has to constantly evolve and refine its marketing strategies to get the best return on investment. Many people across your location may be in dire need to get things restored but they can only get in touch with your company if you remain visible in all places where they can find you. So, the restoration company marketing ideas given here will not only help to grow your restoration company but will also help to generate leads consistently.

1) Website

Restoration marketing online does requires having a converting website as the most basic requirement. Many people search for restoration companies online and the most basic thing that is essential for your online presence is a website. A website must be made with a specific goal of converting website visitors into customers and this can be made possible if you integrate the following given factors in your website design:

A) Easy to navigate website with professional design
B) Clear and Visible calling number on the front page.
C) Quick appointment booking form on the first page itself.
D) Testimonials and reviews from customers.
E) Accreditation, awards and achievements displayed to build trust in your service.
F) Mobile-friendly design and fast-loading website.

2) Good Online Positioning

Most searches for business and services are conducted online on Google.com. But out of 1000’s of results shown by Google for each query, only those websites that appear on its first page get the visits and sales. So you must get your restoration company website on the first page to catch targeted and active leads. Now the question arises- how? The process of getting it done is technically called “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO, in short). You can get any good digital marketing agency to handle the SEO so as to get the organic promotion of your restoration business online.

3) Paid Ads

SEO mentioned above takes some time to show results (3-4 months). If you want to start getting restoration leads within 2-3 days, then paid ads on Google is the best option. By bidding fairly on targeted keywords, your business will show at the top of Google results which will drive sales for your business. The other good platform that you can consider is Facebook which has a slightly lower rate per click but the quality of leads is not as great as that you can get from actively searching people on Google.

Both these platforms can drive leads consistently for your restoration business but make sure that you learn the fundamentals of creating, optimizing and running ads because, with wrong targeting and optimization, your returns may go negative. Another strategy is that you can run your ads through any experienced digital marketing agency.

4) Catching Customers from Competitors

You can catch some percent of prospects who are interested in taking the service of your competing restoration businesses in two ways. First, you can run paid ads on Google by targeting the name of your competitors as your keywords so that every time someone types their name in Google, your restoration business would show up on top thereby getting some percentage of visits and sales of competitors. Another thing that you can do is to create posts on your website regarding details of your competitors and optimize it so that again your website shows in organic searches when the name of your competing business is shown.

5) Leads from Social Media

Social media marketing can get you quality restoration leads if you use it wisely. Social media is a slow but long-term strategy and once you get a good following and connections, it will generate lrestoartion eads passively. People don’t usually interact well with aggressive marketing campaigns on social media and you need to create a good mix of social sharing of informative content and promotion to get users interested. Among all the social media platforms, Facebook is the best source as it allows you to join local groups and get more exposure to your business by connecting with people locally. Apart from direct promotions, it also helps to indirectly increase the brand value of your business by generating big exposure of your business locally.

6) Press Releases

Press releases make sure that your business name appears on many news websites thereby increasing the reputation of your business. Whenever a potential customer would type your restoration company name in Google, the results achieved by press release distribution will show up which will create a signal of trust and authority of your business. It also helps to positively impact the rankings of your website in search engines along with generating public attention due to the distribution achieved by it.

7) Referrals

Referrals are one of the most converting marketing methods due to the involvement of recommendations from a real human being rather than some text or content online. You can ask your customers to refer your service to their close ones. You can also incentivize them with gift cards, discounts, etc to generate referrals.

8) Email Marketing

A person who comes to your website while searching for a restoration company might not select your service due to various reasons. It is therefore best to get their email address so that you can establish a connection with them for convincing them to take your restoration service. Since people are not voluntarily going to give their email addresses, you must come up with something interesting so that they can provide their email addresses. You can create a short pdf file of basic restoration strategies and tips and can give it in exchange for an email address.

9) Brochure Marketing

People don’t like to be sold directly but they like free information. You can mix both of them and create the best marketing brochure which will provide free information related to handling problems related to restoration or emergency along with subtle promotion of your restoration services. You can then distribute these brochures around your location and in areas that are more prone to such problems.

10) Videos

Videos have a way better conversion rate than text. Also, videos published on Youtube rank fairly well for low competition keywords. You can use this strategy to create videos around long keywords that are usually easier to rank in Google like “best restoration company in [name of your location and state]”, “top restoration service in [name of your location and state]”. By just creating 2-3 videos a week, you can have 10-15 videos in 2 months that will drive customers to your restoration business passively.

11) Partnerships

You can partner with businesses that can send you restoration leads and instead you can also refer them for mutual benefits. Some of these businesses and services include insurance agents, handymen, cleaners, plumbers, real estate agents, etc.

12) No Obligation Inspection

One thing that matters to a lot of people before seeking a restoration company is the cost that they might have to incur for such services. You can get benefit from this fear factor by providing an obligation-free inspection of their site. You can announce this “Free Inspection” service on all your social media platforms, website and other marketing materials that you will be using to promote your restoration company.

13) Directories

Directories are one of the good channels for restoration company marketing. Apart from individual websites owned by real businesses, many online directories and sites also tend to rank well in Google due to which they get traffic and leads. You can make an account on all of these platforms as it is a one-time activity but the benefits can last very long. Some of these sites include Yelp, NextDoor, Crunchbase, Manta, Craigslist, etc.

14) Editorial Benefits

By getting your content published in local newspapers, you not only establish your brand authority but will also generate more awareness and sales for your restoration business. You can pitch your content ideas to local journalists to get started. Once you get started with establishing your presence in local newspapers, you can then stand better chances to write columns for big newspapers and magazines which will magnify the brand of your restoration business to a completely different level.

15) Offline Marketing

Apart from the main shift towards online marketing of your restoration services, you can also utilize the traditional offline marketing methods like banners, billboards, newspaper ads, community events, etc.

The restoration marketing ideas presented in the article are powerful enough to grow your restoration business by getting more clients. To discuss anything relevant to this article, let us know your expression using the reply section below.

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