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[RESOLVED] Sorry, Your Bank Wasn’t Able to Verify Your VISA – PayPal Error

Out of the many errors that can happen while making a payment via PayPal, one of the errors that is shown is “Sorry, your bank wasn’t able to verify your VISA x-4534 at this time. Please choose another way to pay.” If you think to pay again after some time, the same error gets displayed again. This was the problem that I faced while paying for a service online. As per the message, it looks like the problem is related to the bank. However, after calling the bank’s customer care, they said that everything is fine and my card has no such limitations that prevent online transactions.

I did try to repeat the transactions several times with different time gaps in order to make the payment pass through. However, things didn’t work out that day. The very next day through trial and error, I found a way to bypass this error. So the main formula to prevent the error message “Sorry, your bank wasn’t able to verify your VISA/MASTERCARD….” is given below.

The technique that worked for me

I got the transaction passed through by simply changing the currency conversion option displayed on the PayPal payment page. Initially, when I was getting the error “Sorry, your bank wasn’t able to verify…”, there were two amounts shown on the page, one was in USD and the other was in INR (Indian Rupees). I clicked the currency conversion option and selected the USD instead of INR and proceeded to pay. The best part is that after selecting this option, it didn’t even ask me to enter the CVV code printed on the back of the card and went straightaway to the “Verified by Visa” page where I had to enter OTP sent on my mobile number. Once I entered the OTP, the transaction succeeded.

Closing Notes

I straight away got the idea to put a blog post on this matter as I didn’t find a good solution online and I had to wait an entire day for this. I made this post so that you would save the time that I had to spend on getting it sorted. If you find it helpful, do make sure to spend 2 minutes to share this website link on your social media account or website [for backlinks, of course, 😀 ] Let me know in the comments section if you find this useful.

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