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23 Rehab Marketing Ideas to Bring Bookings Consistently

Many reasons can be attributed to the growing number of people requiring rehab centers. However, this growth in demand for rehab centers will not necessarily translate into more business for your rehab center because the centers that are more competent in their marketing skills will be able to bag a larger share of these potential customers. So to compete and win against your competing rehab centers, all you need to do is to find and adopt a well-laid-out marketing strategy. Go through these rehab marketing ideas to find how your business too can get rehab bookings consistently.

1) Make Your Rehab Website “High-Converting”

Online marketing of your rehab business will inevitably require having a website as the most basic requirement. But having a website and having a high-converting website are two different things altogether as the latter will provide a significant increase in your rehab business revenues. So let us identify the factors that can get you much more out of your rehab website.

A) Options like free quotes, free patient pick and drop, free in-rehab visits, etc have been proven to boost leads as people are more inclined to try free offers. So get such offers announced on your website.
B) The share of traffic coming through desktops is losing ground to mobile devices. In such a case, having a non-mobile-friendly website means losing traffic and revenues. So check your website for mobile-friendliness.
C) The more time the visitors stay on your website, the more the chances of conversions. For increasing stay time, one of the best methods out there is to embed a professional video on your website home page so that it would convey your business features much better than text.
D) Site loading speed has a key role in determining the number of visitors that leave away a website quickly. So get your website to display quickly by using fast-loading principles like image compression, cache, reducing redirects, etc.
E) Get all key contact options readily available and easy to locate for any website visitor.
F) Compelling reasons to take your rehab services like awards, achievements, testimonials, etc must be inevitably present on the website.

2) Be Within the Top Spots on Google

Generally, any potential customer seeking rehab services will type related search terms on Google (like “rehab centers in [PLACE]”) and will select among the top results shown by Google. So ensuring that your business fares a good position online in Google is essential for promoting your rehab business online. For this, get the services of any agency that can take care of backlinks, content, relevancy building, and all such other factors that Google considers while ranking websites (SEO in short). Though you too can learn and implement these methods, it is not worth the time as there are many factors that need to be taken care of.

3) Get the Following Benefits with Press Releases

Most online marketing methods provide one or two core benefits but when it comes to press releases, they provide many direct and indirect benefits for your business. The first benefit is the ability to get a traffic surge for your press release content and website due to the huge distribution associated with press release syndication. The second benefit is adding many new and good quality backlinks to your rehab website from trusted websites which assists in better placement of your website in search engines. The third benefit is boosting the brand image of your rehab business as many established and popular sites carry your press release content along with your rehab business name. All these benefits can be achieved for a one-time cost of issuing the press release. However, to make better use of this marketing method, issue press releases periodically.

4) Add More Gains with Social Media Marketing

Since there are many social media sites, one needs to adopt a different approach for each one based on the demographic and user behavior of people on respective platforms. The open and casual nature of interaction on these platforms helps to foster a close relationship with people. Social media marketing of your rehab center can be done by harnessing hashtags, making use of quizzes/contests, joining related local groups, and by publishing good and educative content regularly. Your rehab website will also be the beneficiary of social media marketing because the links from such sites will add towards the betterment of your website ranking in Google which will in turn help in getting more visitors.

5) Earn a Bonus Spot on Google with Local Listings

There are a few different names to refer to the three local search results that are displayed in a separate section on the first page of Google search results. Most commonly known as “Google Local Listings”, they carry a tremendous traffic potential due to them being displayed on the front page of Google for local business/services keywords. For all businesses that become successful in getting their details showcased in this local pack, the visitors and sales are certain to increase. Out of many factors considered by Google to place businesses in its local listing, citations (online mentions) and reviews are the two prominent ones. To increase the chances of getting your rehab website showcased in Google Local Pack, you can make use of professional services from any SEO agency.

6) Do Google Ads Marketing

One may opt to try out only a few of the various online advertising ideas available for a rehab business. In such a case, prioritizing ideas is good for seeing some good results. This makes the case for paid advertising, which is one of the faster result-yielding methods, for promoting a rehab center online. Since the platform selected for paid advertising plays a very dominant role, so it is often advised to start with a reputed and high-quality lead-producing source like Google Ads. To see optimum results from Google Ads, do learn the fundamentals first or delegate the task to any specialized online marketing firm/company.

7) Taste the Success of Content Marketing

One of the free, simple, and traffic-building ways to grow your rehab business is through content marketing. All that you require to succeed in content marketing is to steadily write and post your niche-related content on your rehab website. This content can be simple articles, FAQs, case studies, infographics, statistics, etc. With more content you post, you will get more incoming links which in turn will push your website towards better rankings in Google and other search engines. This will, directly and indirectly, start boosting traffic and revenue for your website and business respectively. It is also a good mechanism to build customer loyalty because people are more inclined to trust your website due to the richness of content and information provided there.

8) Collect Emails, Promote Better

Getting an email list of active and interested people is the best method to broadcast your rehab services. Though building up an email list is not a quick process, the return on investment that you can get from email marketing of your rehab business will be huge as you will be able to connect with an interested user base anytime you want. With flexible pricing modules for email marketing by service providers like Aweber, GetResponse, etc, you can easily promote your rehab center within budget. To start collecting emails, you just have to place an opt-in form from your service provider on your rehab website combined with a powerful incentive for people to leave their email address (like ebook, discount).

9) Start Using Videos for Promotion

Creating videos is no longer a difficult task as the upcoming of many free and paid applications has made the process much simpler. The most powerful reason to use videos to promote your rehab center is the fact that many optimized videos do tend to rank well in Google search engine too which leads to getting an additional digital asset for your business. It is also important to note that by having videos on your website, the visitor stays for a longer period of time and the conversion percentage also increases. To get the best possible benefits from video marketing, do optimize the video with proper titles, descriptions, tags, etc.

10) Get Promotions Done by Health Influencers

With many influencers controlling and affecting thousands of people on social media, you must not forget to work with them for marketing your rehab center. Unless the chosen social media influencer is from a closely-related niche like health, you won’t get many benefits. Also, do note that the influencers you are working with must have a significant follower size from your town/city.

11) LinkedIn Can Give Many Referral Partners

We have discussed teaming up with different businesses and services (for getting referrals) in one of the points in this article. However, it is not feasible to schedule and connect with a big number of such businesses and services physically. This is where you can use LinkedIn to connect with many potential partners locally who can refer you patients to your rehab center regularly.

12) Extract a Few Benefits from Directories Too

Extra visibility, links, and traffic to your website, these three benefits can be achieved by the listing of your rehab center on directories like Yelp, Rehabs, etc. The process of listing is free and simple and you should therefore utilize authority directories for your business benefits.

13) Combine Information with Authority, Get More Patients

Much information on substance abuse and rehab is available for free online. However, when the same information is conveyed through an authoritative source like a newspaper or magazine, the information so conveyed carries more weight and gets much better results. So reach out to the office of local newspapers in your town/city, get in touch with the editor, give them the proposal of free articles on rehab and related issues and start contributing articles through these newspapers. These articles will give brand value to your rehab and will also help in getting more patients.

14) Partner with Other Doctors and Hospitals

Many hospitals, psychologists, and general physicians come across patients requiring constant vigilance and support. If you establish partnerships with more doctors and hospitals, you will get referrals regularly and this will help grow your rehab business.

15) Get Promoted Through Community Participation

Local crowd at events, shows, etc is the perfect place to get mass promotion of your rehab center. At all such big local gatherings, advertise your rehab center through techniques like voluntary participation, placing banners, becoming a sponsor, getting stalls booked, etc.

16) Advertise Your Rehab in General Hospitals

At general hospitals in your area, you can place ads for your rehab center in the parking space, on the main entrance hall (with prior permission), on the parking tickets, etc. As such hospitals get thousands of visits every month, you can successfully get many people looking for rehab centers through such advertising.

17) Use Real Life Success Stories for More Growth

Success stories of people who have benefited from your rehab center and whose lives have been changed through your rehab center can work as a great conversion factor when used on your website. So ask (or give incentive) your patients and their family members to share their stories on how your rehab center has helped them. Get these success stories shared on your website and on your social media to start bringing results.

18) Decrease the Cost Limitations

The cost of rehab is a big bottleneck for many people. If you can ease out this bottleneck by using convenient methods like accepting insurance, EMI, etc, then you will see a higher number of people opting for your rehab center. So work on methods to give feasible payment options to potential customers.

19) Use Free Educational Seminars to Get Patients

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding mental illness, drug abuse, and rehab-related issues. Announce seminars on such topics through local newspaper ads, banners, local influencers, etc and you will easily convert a significant number of attendees to take your rehab services for their loved ones.

20) Join a Pay Per Call Affiliate Program

There are a few pay-per-call affiliate programs running very successfully online. If you have no idea on pay per call affiliate programs, you can easily discover much information on them online. Choose any reputed pay-per-call affiliate network to start getting leads for your rehab center.

21) Get Interviewed, Get Promoted

Contact a few big Youtube channel owners in your region and get them to interview you or doctors from your rehab center (paid). When these interview videos will get uploaded, they will easily generate many views to your rehab center owing to the big subscriber base of these Youtube channel owners.

22) Online Marketing is Not the Only Thing

Not all people in the world access the internet for finding information on products and services. Further, seeing an advertisement offline gives a more genuine feeling about the brand/product/service. This explains why companies and businesses all over the world actively focus on offline marketing along with online advertising. If you want to grow your rehab business, then you can utilize offline promotion methods like newspaper ads, banners, billboard advertising, sponsoring events, etc to facilitate both the digital and physical promotion of your rehab business.

23) Don’t Lose Bookings in the Last Phase

Checking online reviews is one of the last phases in making decisions for many people. If your rehab business lacks good reviews, the chances are that a significant number of your potential clients will drop the idea of selecting your rehab center. This makes it necessary that you always keep an eye on what is being written about your rehab center online along with actively asking for good reviews from people who have taken your service.

These rehab marketing ideas will give you an extra edge over your competitors and will help in faster bookings. Share this article on your favorite social media platforms. If you want to ask something, send us an email or comment below.

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