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Rebranding Press Release: Writing Tips with Template and Sample

Rebranding a company is deemed final only when people know that the company has rebranded and the best medium to do so is through a press release. A rebranding press release aims to inform people on all aspects of a rebrand like the reason for rebrand, any changes in approach, implication to its functioning, etc. In this article, we have covered all dimensions of a press release announcing a rebrand. You will find a press release template, sample and writing tips in this comprehensive write-up.

Aim: To let people know about the rebrand through a press release.

Tools: The tools given here to achieve the above-given aim are template, sample, writing and distribution tips. The final goal is to make the PR visible on esteemed platforms so that many people can know about the change.

Sample Template: The template for rebrand press release is given below


[Headline] /*use previous name + new name + attractive news angle*/

[Sub-heading] /*A summary of 2-3 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Name of Business], [industry in which the business exists], has announced that it has rebranded to [new name, logo, tagline, website and all that apply]. [Few sentences about the reason for rebranding and how it will be better suited].

[How long the company has been known by previous brand name + what all things will undergo changes after rebranding (name, logo, website, etc) + any new changes if applicable]

[Quote from a top-level employee]

[Explain what future plan this new brand aims to achieve + any operational changes ].

To experience the rebranded site, one can visit the site [Site URL].

About [Business Name]

[Business establishment + vision + mission + main acheivements].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

What benefits you will likely get with a rebrand press release?

Listed below are the benefits that you can get from it:

Avoiding Confusion

Your clients must know that the company has rebranded else rebranding without proper communication can result in confusion and loss of customers. Other groups of people like journalists and industry experts must also become aware of the changes as it would facilitate transparency and correlating right facts and figures in news portals and articles.

Disseminating the fear of new

Many people opt for old and established business/services as they are hesitant to try an absolutely new business/company. If there is not enough information online that the company/business has existed for quite some time (before rebrand), then it is very much likely that potential customers might not select the rebranded company/business.

Organic Ranking Through Link Building

When a press release gets distributed, it goes to 100’s of sites which in turn provide backlinks to the linked site (no-follow mostly). Backlinks are one of the crucial signals which Google takes into consideration for ranking a website. Due to massive backlinks from various portals, the linked site can get better search engine rankings which translate to more visitors and conversions.

Opens Other Avenues

Most big PR platforms have their feeds subscribed by journalists, bloggers and experts. Press releases reach out to these subscribed groups and if the PR is framed with a good and attractive presentation, then it is possible that the content gets covered voluntarily on big news portals and blogs. This effect can magnify the scope of distribution and can give a big push to the brand image of the company/business.

Writing tips for a rebrand announcement press release

1. Simple is Better

Most tech-savvy writers tend to make the content filled with technical and industry-specific terms. Though they might think such content as more professional-looking but in reality, an average user doesn’t understand much about technical terms. So, try to keep the language easy to comprehend. Explain things as one would explain to an industry outsider.

2. Write in Third Person

Press releases must be written in the third person, it means that words like I, You, We must not be used in the PR content. First and second-person words can be used in quotes.

3. Format it Right, Grammatically and Factually

Before sending the press release, make sure to proofread it so that it does not contain mistakes. Be it grammar errors or factual errors, once the press release gets published, it is extremely hard to make edits to it as there are hundreds of sites that will be hosting the press release. Also, such errors can create a bad impression about the company.

4. Stress on Quality

While there are many providers who claim a varying number of sites covering the press release, it is important to ensure that it gets seen on quality sites. Ultimately, Google will pick only a handful of sites to show in its search engine because the content will be the same on all sites. So if the portals are weak in authority, then they will not rank high which means that they will not be seen online.

5. Pay attention to basic questions

Basic questions like who, what, when, where, etc must not be left unanswered. Any person who would like to cover the PR content on their site would not publish content that doesn’t answer basic questions. After framing the PR, see if it is in a good flow and explains things properly.

6. Don’t take Headline Casually

People including journalists come across the same type of press releases daily. They become resistant to even notice such press releases. You have just a fraction of seconds to catch their attention through the headline of the press release. If the headline is written similar to generic rebranding press releases, then it is more likely to go unnoticed. So take more time to make the headline attention-grabbing. Think of multiple angles through which the headline can be framed and select the most interesting one.

7. No Late Regrets

Note that press releases get distributed to hundreds of sites in one go. These sites are owned and operated by different entities. This means that the chances of editing the content later is close to nil. So any information that is found to be wrong can go against the image of the company. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that all information (numerically and factually) is right and up to date.

8. Who Will Handle Queries?

The media contact section of press release contains the contact details of a person responsible for handling queries. This section must be filled carefully as journalists, potential customers, investors who come across the press release will use the information in this section to contact regarding the press release. Using details of a generic maintenance or reception staff may have greater chances of the communication getting disrupted or missed.

9. How to Proceed with Distribution?

After doing all work on creating the press release, if the distribution isn’t from a quality portal, then the press release will be of no use. There are many providers who claim syndication to 100’s of sites but unless they can publish on brand sites like Yahoo, Associated Press, etc, the distribution will not be fruitful. Google only trusts high-quality sites when it comes to ranking, so getting published on 100’s of low-authority sites won’t do any good for visibility.

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