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Real Estate Press Release Template, Example and Tips

With fierce competition in the real estate sector, getting a competitive edge is very crucial. If you have opened a new real estate company or a new project/branch, then one of the crucial things to do is to let the people and media know. A good way to achieve this is by issuing a real estate press release. Keeping this in mind, we have made this article comprehensive to cover all aspects that will be required by you for issuing the PR. You will find a real estate press release template, example, writing tips and benefits in this article. So let us go through all the modules one by one.

Aim: To successfully get coverage for the launch of a new real estate company or project through a press release.

Tools: The tools provided here for accomplishing the aim are template, example, writing tips and benefits. Finally, the significance of distribution mechanism is also explained along with the tip to select the right distribution partner.

PR Template: The template for real estate press release is given below


[Headline] /*Real estate company name + main focus of press release (new company, new project, expansion) + attractive news angle*/

[Sub-heading] /*A summary of 2-3 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Real Estate Company Name], a [reputed/emerging] is set to launch its new project/establishment [project name] at [location]. [Bookings open from date]. [How this project/event/company will help its customers + uniqueness of project/event/company]. [Any special offer for new/first few customers]

[Other past projects of the company + background/experience of its founders/brokers + future projects/goals + facilities + achievements]. (4-5 sentences)

[Quote from a top-level person/owner of the real estate company]

[Mention the accreditation of real estate company (recognition) + how it visualizes the real estate market + why its projects are competitive/suitable]

[Quote or testimonial from a customer or quote from top engineer/architect of the company]

For more information of the [project/company], visit [Mention online assets website/social media] or call at [phone number].

About [Real estate company name]

[Company background (establishment) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Significant Benefits

A press release for a real estate company or project has the following benefits:

Gets the Ball Rolling

Press releases are one of the first mediums employed by big brands and startups to make announcements. Their advantage is that they give a wide coverage at a comparatively low price. Even within PR sites, there are some high-quality sites that rank well in search engines due to which they bring traffic and provide good visibility of PR.

Builds Brand

Companies that appear on trustworthy sites are deemed credible by people. High authority press release platforms distribute the release to some of the big known sites due to which it helps in brand building and any person who comes across the name of company/business in a reputed site considers the company/business as trustworthy and genuine.

Influences Choices

With people becoming more internet savvy, the tendency to search for businesses and reviews online is constantly on rise. If a person looking for a real estate company finds the name of the company published on many reputed sites, then he is more likely to choose that real estate company. This is why many big real estate firms issue press releases regularly to remain in news and to keep their brand-building efforts consistent.

The Featured Factor

Companies/businesses that get published on big sites usually showcase their appearance on their own site using the popular “As seen on..” logo. This helps in boosting conversions as people who land on a site and see the company/business covered by big sites and journals consider the company/business reputable. Sometimes, companies also add the press room section on their website to feature popular portals carrying their press release for the same reason.

Influences Search Engine Ranking

Press releases get published on many sites due to which it affects the backlink profile of a website. Backlinking is a significant factor for ranking sites in Google and due to many new backlinks, the search engine position of the site is positively affected as a result of which more visitors reach the site and more sales and conversion chances are created.

Important Tips for writing and distributing real estate PR.

Take into consideration these factors while creating a release for real estate

1. Take advantage of visuals

Images and videos play an important role in influencing people than text. Since only a few PR sites allow multimedia attachment, you can put your image and video files on any other website (preferably an official website) and can then provide the URL link in the press release. You can also utilize this method to link to your portfolio (current properties).

2. Make it easy going

When a press release becomes live on multiple platforms, people from different levels of literacy and knowledge come across it. So make sure to create the content so that any common person can easily understand. Using technical and industry-specific terms is a disadvantage when it comes to press releases.

3. Answer the relevant questions

A good press release is one that offers answers to all the basic questions relevant to an announcement. Ask the questions (what, when, where, why, etc) and see if the press release contains information for the same. If a press release feels incomplete, then most probably it won’t get good results and no editor or blogger would like to write about it. However, provide the information in a concise manner without going above the word limit.

4. Proofread before sending

A press release represents your official company statement. If it contains errors or contradictory statements, then it will affect your brand. Also, since you can’t edit it later (more on this in the next tip), you will have no other option left.

5. Understand the Risks

A distribution system sends your release to many platforms (in 100’s). Though it is an advantage for getting good visibility, it also poses risks. If you want to make changes later to your press release content, then it will not be practical to contact each of these sites and ask for making changes. Some may agree, some may charge hefty fees while some may not respond at all. So you will not have much scope later. Also, there are legal risks in case a competing business highlights the false statements.

6. Extent of promotion

While it is known that press releases are issued as a means of promotion, the press release itself must not become a promotional document. Big PR platforms will reject the PR if it sounds like directly promoting your real estate company/business. Make the promotional aspect minimal so that it can get approved easily.

7. Experiment with ideas

Writing a typical press release for real estate does not take much effort as you simply have to talk about the main features and associated things. However, if you pay attention to the fact that journalists come across such generic framed press releases daily, then you will understand why most of them do not get any attention. They all speak the same type of stuff and are too common to catch attention. To make your PR coverage better, come up with an interesting news angle to showcase your information differently than others.

8. Don’t Miss Leads

There are chances that your press release might rank in search engines (if you have used authority platforms + SEO) and can get passive traffic. You must leave an active calling number and/or email in the media contact of the press release to ensure that these leads are well attended.

9. Distribution is the kingmaker

Though quality content is important to get attention, if the content itself does not get posted on good ranking and authority platforms, it will yield mediocre results. Today, there are hundreds of junk PR hosting sites that neither get traffic nor any ranking in search engines. If you choose a distribution network that just posts on 100’s of unknown sites, the result will not be fruitful. Choose a service that can include distribution to top names like Yahoo Finance, Associated Press, etc.

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