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Radio Station Press Release Template, Example, and Writing Tips

If you have an announcement pertaining to your radio station, sending out a press release through a well-syndicated press release distribution provider is the most preferred way. As press releases follow a different writing format, the radio station press release template given in this post will help you immensely to write an effective press release. In this article, you will also find the best press release writing tips, its advantages, and a tip on how to distribute the press release effectively.

Aim: To write and distribute a press release for a radio station.

Tools: To make it easier for you to achieve the aim given above, various modules/tools you will find here are a template, advantages, writing instructions for a press release, sample, and a good tip on selecting a quality PR distribution service.

Template: Find the ready-to-modify radio station press release template below:


[Headline] /* [Radio station name] + Announces + [main focus of press release (new launch, program, interview, event, etc)] + attractive news angle */

[Sub-heading] /* Write 1-2 sentences summarizing the press release content */

[Location City], [Date]. [Radio station name], a [new/reputed/emerging] radio station, is delighted to announce [the announcement]. [what is special about the announcement + what segment of audience it will benefit + how it will be beneficial for the audience]. (3 to 4 sentences)

[background of the announcement + key things associated with the announcement + main people involved in it]. (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a top executive of the radio station]

[Talk about the new and associated trends in radio station business + the future scope + how this announcement matches with goals of your radio station] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from another executive associated with the announcement or sponsor or listener]

For detailed information on the [announcement], visit [website/social media].

About [Radio station name]

[Background (when established, by whom, etc) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address]
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Leading Advantages

The leading advantages that your business and website can get from press releases are

1) Good Visibility for Your Announcement

When it comes to good visibility online, there will be NO business that will NOT like to achieve it. However, many businesses are either unaware of the means to do so or consider it to be a costly affair. A press release is one of the relatively very cheap marketing methods that any business can take advantage of to boost the visibility of its new products, services, and announcements. Two major determining factors for a better-performing press release are the optimization of content around a focus keyword and the selection and utilization of a competent press release service provider that can get your desired announcement on some of the leading and big traffic sites in the world.

2) Provides Trust Value and Brand Strength

Whenever any person types the name of your company in Google, Bing, or any other search engine and finds the name of your business appearing on reputed sites like Yahoo Finance, AP News, etc, it instantly signals an impression of the trust value and brand strength of the company. A very simple and effective method to ascertain such high-end placements is by using a quality press release distribution provider that has a good portfolio of sites in its syndication network. It also opens the door for getting more content related to your business/company to be easily approved and published on other good-quality sites.

3) Helps the Related Website Through New Links

Apart from direct benefits, a great indirect benefit of distributing press releases is that it leads to the formation of many new and diverse sets of backlinks from all those sites that have published the press release. These backlinks created as a result of press release distribution aid in the enhanced ranking performance of your website in search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc, and better-ranking performance means more traffic and more leads for your business.

4) Creates a Positive Perception of Transparency

In the era of growing transparency across the world, your business (radio station) can make a good move in showcasing its transparent nature of operation by regularly issuing press releases to broadcast various elements related to the business. This is why you will find that many companies/businesses regularly make PR announcements for announcing things like new C-level employees, revenues earned by the company, new investors and investments, etc.

5) Helps During Reviews Searched by People

Many people nowadays usually conduct a preliminary check-up of ratings and reviews of a business/service before making any decision. Keeping this in mind, having your business/service name appear on top news sites would do tremendous support in this direction. By crafting a good press release and by sending it to any high-quality wire distribution service, your PR content will find its way to some of the most trafficked and eminent sites in the world. Any person who sees your business/service name on such high-end sites is destined to hold a good and positive perception of your business.

Prime Tips

The prime tips that you must pay attention to for writing your press release are:

1) Don’t Make it too Formal

It is true that press releases are professionally written content but it is also true that just making plain professional content using press releases would yield similar results as thousands of press releases issued every day. So write with a unique angle and get better results in terms of readership and more publication of your press release.

2) Keep Language Simple and Professional

Your competence in using flowery words and jargon should not be depicted anywhere in your press release as readers/editors would not find your content worth reading if it takes much of their time to understand your core idea conveyed through the press release. Keep the press release language simple and professional. Any average internet user must be able to grasp the key idea carried by your press release.

3) Strong and Creative Headline is Necessary

Many journalists receive press releases as feeds and summaries, so they take a cursory look at those headlines to decide which one to read further. This explains the necessity of having a strong headline for your press release so as to compel a person to spark interest and attract attention. If one looks at the headlines of the most successful press releases, one will find a strong and creative headline as the common denominator in almost all of them.

4) Third-Person Writing Only

For a press release, the only place where you will find words like “I”, “We”, “You”, etc is in the quotes section, which represents direct words said by a person. Other than that, using a third-person style of writing is the only option as using first-person and second-person words gives a casual feeling and it doesn’t look professional to have such words in an official statement of the company.

5) Answer the Main and Essential Questions

Since your press release will also be read by journalists and editors, your press release must not feel fragmented in providing the answers to the most applicable questions. For this, it is suitable that you create a list of the basic questions before writing your press release so that you don’t forget to provide a response to such questions. You do not need to go into the details for each of these questions, just 1 to 2 lines of brief explanation is more than sufficient.

6) Late Modification is Next to Impossible

A press release once written, must be treated like a done deal forever as you will find it too hard to rectify the mistakes due to your press release already being published by hundreds of sites. Some of these sites might allow you to make changes for some exorbitant editing fees but repeating the same process for each site out there is next to impossible. So whatever you write in a press release must be counter-checked a few times to make sure that it won’t require making any changes in the future.

7) Use Legitimate Contact Information

Your press release will be read by many people some of whom can be journalists, potential partners/investors, industry experts, etc. It is quite normal that they might have some or other queries/doubts regarding the things said in the press release. To address this, always make sure to use the right contact information of a person from your company who can be reached out to address such issues. It can also lead to new opportunities and hence the media contact section given at the end of the press release must be rightfully utilized.

8) Use the Most Authentic Information Only

Accusations either direct or indirect should be prevented in a press release. This is because once the press release containing such content gets published, it will be almost impossible to make changes if your business faces any legal trouble later. Also using superlatives for your product/service (ex: best, top, No.1) must be avoided unless there is substantial data to back up your claims.

9) Select the PR Service Provider Intelligently

The final results that you get from your press release will largely be determined by the final distribution because getting seen on hundreds of junk and unknown sites won’t let you feel the power of a press release. So once your press release writing is done, look for services that can distribute your press release on sites like and equivalent in popularity to Yahoo, Associated Press, etc.

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