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Promoting a Webinar: Top 21 Power-packed & Working Ways

Looking to do a webinar and want to know how to promote a webinar? This article will cover in-depth webinar promotion methods and all the relevant details that are required for a successful webinar. A webinar is one of the most converting marketing mediums even for high ticket items because the element of personality of a real human being convinces people far better than marketing through ordinary text and images. However, a webinar is good only if gets a good audience size. So let us see some of the aspects of a webinar followed by core marketing tips for a webinar.

Elementary Things

Before you start promoting your webinar you must have a professional landing page ready with the following elements:

A) Main topic of the webinar

B) Name of the speaker with his/her credentials

C) Date and time of the webinar.

D) eMail opt-in form to capture leads and to remain in contact with them.

E) A running timer to create urgency (Optional).

The ideal time required for the promotion of a webinar is 2-3 weeks before the scheduled webinar so that you can have plenty of time to generate interest and leads.

Benefits of a Webinar

The core benefits one can gain by marketing their product/service through a webinar are:

1) Big Conversions

High ticket items and services are much easily sold through a webinar because people find it more reliable to spend money on a product/service recommended by a real person than just content posted on some website.

2) More Conversions

For an average ad on Google, the conversion rates are in single digits while by using a webinar conversion rates easily bypasses the average results that one gets by advertising on Google, Facebook, etc. Webinars are proven to have much more conversion rates than most other forms of marketing.

3) More Sales

Once you establish a connection with people through a webinar, it is much easier to sell other products and services later because people trust you much more after seeing you face to face.

4) Worldwide Customer Base

By using a webinar, you can connect with people from all locations in the world thereby giving you a big market to promote and sell. Your audience base is no more limited by geographical boundaries with a webinar.

5) Leadership Factor

By hosting webinars, you showcase your expertise in products/services that you are promoting. This helps to build your personal image by positioning you as a brand leader.

Webinar Promotion Methods

You can utilize the following marketing methods for the promotion of your webinar.

1) Press Releases

A press release can instantly generate much-needed public attention because it gets your content visible on many sites including news sites. On average, a press release gets your content published on 300+ sites due to which the initial attention generated by it is huge. It also helps to build your brand image as people who are interested in knowing more about you might type your name and company/business details in Google and they will get many sites that will be carrying your name and details which will give instant credibility to your brand value.

For framing a webinar press release, check out this ready made webinar press release template

2) Paid Ads

One of the fastest means to get targeted traffic to your webinar is by advertising on Facebook. Facebook advertising allows you to target people using multiple parameters like age, location, interests, etc. This opens up a big opportunity to reach out to your target audience using Facebook ads.

3) Full-Length Bar at Top

If you own some websites, you can put a full-length bar at the top of the page so that each of your website visitors will notice it and more people can subscribe to the webinar. There are WordPress plugins that can enable you to show such bars on your website. You can also reach out to other websites that are in your target niche and can ask them to add such bars for a pre-decided price.

4) Exit Popus

To make full use of your website, you can add exit popups on your website that will show advertisements related to your upcoming webinar. This process can be done for all of your websites and websites of other people (in a similar niche as your webinar topic) who agree to it for a predecided advertising price. You can get it installed easily using WordPress plugins.

5) Videos

Videos can convey things much better than other mediums like text and images. However, since you won’t have that much time to start creating videos and making your channel popular, you can utilize channels of other video owners. You can search for niche relevant videos and ask their owners to either upload your custom-made video so that their subscribers will get notified and watch it or can ask them to post a video promoting your seminar on their page.

6) Solo Ads

Solo ads refers to people who have big email lists and they are willing to promote your product/service through their email list for a fee. You can type “solo ad providers” in Google and you will get many results of services that provide solo ads. You can then select the solo ad providers based on the reviews and results shared by other users for their email open and subscription rates.

7) Subscribers

If you have your own subscriber list, you can send the email promoting the webinar to them or can reach out to the admin of other websites in your niche for getting your offer promoted to their subscribers for a fee.

8) Social Media Influencers

You can utilize influencers (people with big following) on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get quick attention and coverage. While selecting influencers, select only those who have a closely related niche to get good results.

9) Banner Ads

You can run banner ads on websites that have content and audience in your niche. To select the websites relevant to your niche for choosing banner ads, use a site like BuySellAds.com that has an inventory of many big sites.

10) Google Display Ads

By using Google display ads, you can run your text and banner ads across many sites that already have an audience in your niche. Further, ads costs for Google display ads are way lower than Google search ads. So they are very good for webinar promotion across 100’s of relevant sites.

11) Facebook Groups

To promote your webinar on Facebook, Facebook groups are a quick way to get people to see your webinar offer. Facebook groups exist for almost all kinds of niches. You can join relevant Facebook groups and can then ask the moderator of the group to make your webinar announcement pinned at the top of the group page so that it not only gets more attention but also goes as a notification to group members. You can discuss different plans for running this paid promotion on Facebook groups.

12) Viral Marketing

To get more and more people to share your offer voluntarily on their social media platforms for chances of getting rewards, you can use a viral marketing app like UpViral which has plenty of options to run contests.

13) Mobile App

There any many mobile apps that are closely linked with your niche. You can choose to advertise through many mobile ad networks like AdMob, InMobi, etc. There are plenty of targeting options and low-cost PPC rates for running ads on mobile apps.

14) Partnerships

Are any other people in your niche that do webinars? If yes, then you can ask them to give a shout-out to their subscribers and followers in exchange for a fixed commission or price.

15) LinkedIn

You can also promote your webinar on LinkedIn either through using their paid ads platform or by joining relevant LinkedIn groups and promoting your webinar in such groups. Through promoting webinars through LinkedIn posts is also possible, it is only useful if you have a good following on that platform. A manual and time-consuming way is to contact individual people directly and send your messages but that has low conversion rates and carries risks to the account if it goes beyond a certain limit.

16) Guest Posts

Posting guest posts on high-traffic sites related to your niche is also a great way to catch the attention of targeted section of people to become familiar with your webinar. Apart from writing guest posts, you can also ask the site owners to insert links for your webinar promotion in already existing posts for a commission.

17) Podcasts

You can run podcast ads on podcast advertising networks like Midroll, Podgrid, etc. Another way is to contact big podcast owners in your niche and ask them directly to promote your webinar in their podcasts.

18) Quora

Advertising rates on Quora are very cheap and you can promote your webinar ads on this platform. Though a free way to advertise on Quora is to provide answers to niche relevant questions, since you will have less time to promote the webinar, you can go for the paid advertising route.

19) Forums

There are forums for almost all kinds of niches. You can join relevant forums and announce your webinar. Though most forums don’t allow new members to promote links and services for a certain period, you can bypass that by asking any other old forum member to announce it in exchange for a fee.

20) Reddit

Reddit has many subreddits in various categories. You can join these subreddits (depending on your niche) and can promote your webinar in a subtle way as most subreddits are strictly against direct advertising.

21) Webinar Sites

One good way to get additional traffic to your webinar is by adding your webinar details on webinar oriented sites like WebinarBase.com and EventBrite.com

We hope that the methods given here for the promotion of your webinar will help you get many attendees. For any questions or doubts, do leave comments below.

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