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Promoting a Club: 33 Ideas to Grow and Market Your Club Remarkably

A club is good only if it is fully occupied during its operating hours. An empty club is bad for the growth and revenue of people who have invested their money and time in it. If you have the intention of promoting your club and making it crowded and lively, then the club promotion ideas given here will definitely open up many possibilities that are sure to take your club business to the next level. So let us dive right into the meat of club promoting strategies:

Club Promotion Ideas

1) Press Releases

Press releases are great to get attention for your club as the press release distribution ensures that your announcement will get placed on hundreds of sites within a few days. They also help in branding your club because they get the content placed on many reputable news sites too. For a one-time cost, your club name spreads across many sites through press releases.

2) Facebook Ads

By using Facebook ads, you can very easily target club-going audience in your location. Facebook ads for promoting clubs are one of the fastest means to get attention to your club. Any marketing agency can handle the Facebook ads marketing or if you have knowledge of FB ads, you can also do it yourself.

3) Local Sites Advertising

Find some of the prominent sites that cater to the local population of your city/town. You can put your banner or text ads there to get views and clicks to your website or social media to let them know about your club.

4) Google Organic Ranking

One of the best nightclub promotion ideas is to optimize your website so that whenever people type queries like “clubs near me” or “clubs in [city/town name]”, then your website should show up on the first page of Google thereby generating you leads consistently. To get such good results, get any SEO agency to handle your search engine optimization process. You must also aim for ranking in Google local listings (3 local results) to get more visits to your website.

5) Google Ads

For promoting a club or nightclub, ads on Google can send you targeted and active leads very quickly if you target the right keywords with the right settings. Google ads is one of the most powerful advertising mediums due to which there are millions of businesses using it. If you are a novice in Google ads, get any marketing agency to promote your club through Google ads.

6) Videos

Youtube Videos have strong ranking power for local and low competition search queries. You can make videos promoting your club, be it a nightclub or general local club and can upload on Youtube for long-tail keywords (i.e. length = 4-5 words and more) like “best party clubs in [name of your location]” etc. to start capturing traffic and visits to your website and finally to your club.

7) Paid Emails

Find local blogs related to lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, etc. Suppose you live in Atlanta, you can type “nightlife in Atlanta”, “best clubs in Atlanta”, and several other combinations of keywords to come across bloggers who write about things in your city. Some of these may be general blogs that write on similar topics for many locations, ignore them and select only the ones that blog on things in your city. Once you have a list of these blogs, see which of them collect emails of their site visitors through email forms. Contact such blog owners for chances of paid email marketing for your club. Since they have an email base of local people, your message for club promotion can reach out to local people quickly through this email marketing technique.

8) Subscribers

You must actively collect emails of all people who visit your website so that you can market offers, discounts and events (in your club) to these people again and again. Once you have a good enough number of subscribers, you are sure to advertise to these people many times on many occasions.

9) Link in Blog Articles

The process mentioned in the paid emails section of this article can be used to find similar blogs that rank in Google for terms like “best nightclubs in [your city name]”, “nightlife in [your city name]”, etc. Once you have a list of such blogs, contact them and ask for putting a link to your club along with some description of the top features with images. By this method, your site will get visitors from many other blogs who have topics relevant to the club audience along with direct backlinks that will help towards better performance of your website in Google.

10) Social Media

Make a profile on all popular social media platforms and update them regularly with posts and content to create a social audience. But keep in mind that marketing club on social media will take some time and that too if you have the right balance of marketing and interesting content. During the starting phase of social media marketing of your club, keep most of your posts entertaining rather than promotional. Once you develop a considerable following, you can start doing more promotion of your club.

11) Banner Ads

Do you know that there are sites from where you can purchase and run banner ads on highly trafficked sites? One such site is BuySellAds.com which gives you options to select websites from many categories and with many options. After selecting your target websites, you can run banner ads on these sites and can start getting more attention and visits for your nightclub/club.

12) FB Groups

One of the quick marketing methods for clubs on social media is by utilizing the power of already established groups on Facebook. You can find groups for almost all kinds of things on Facebook. You can start joining groups oriented at your city/town and once you are approved as a member in such groups, you can directly shoot a message to the administrator of these groups for paid promotion opportunities. Then as per the cost and promotion terms, you can start gaining big attention by taking the advantage of various promotion methods allowed by the administrator of the group.

13) Competitions

Competitions are successful on social media provided they have good offers and terms. You can find many apps online that allow you to create and host competitions along with selecting winners. You can ask your current customers to share your post or promotional message on their social media profile to be eligible to win freebies like gift cards, discounts on club, etc. You can mention in your promotional message that all people from your targeted location are eligible for rewards if they promote your message on their profile. This can quickly lead to a chain reaction and many people will start sharing and knowing more about your nightclub/club while sharing your message for rewards.

14) Partnerships

By partnering with non-competing businesses and services that have a demographic suited for your club, you can easily grow your club soon. You can hand out coupons for distribution to all such businesses and services. Some of these businesses and services would be event management companies, tour and travel operators, local guides, restaurants (without clubs), party organizers, etc.

15) Free Events

Free events are very good to advertise clubs. You can bring some well-known personality (depending on your budget) to your club like some famous DJ, music artist, small-time actor, known influencer, mimicry artist, etc to your club and can announce this event through channels like press releases, social media, flyers, local newspaper ads, etc. to gather a crowd at your club. Once people have arrived at your club, do make sure to take their contact details (email, mobile number) in exchange for some coupon, etc to connect with them long term.

16) Club App

Make an app for your club and incentivize your club visitors to download the app for your club. Once they have downloaded the app, it is very easy to show them new offers and discounts through flash messages directly on their mobile devices. You club app can become a long-term asset for marketing your club.

17) Local Content

Your club website must not be restricted to showcasing the features and benefits of your club only. It can be creatively used to catch many more people by framing articles on local topics like “top clubs in [your city/town name]”, “what to do in [your city/town name]”, “top things to do in [your city/town name]”, “best places to visit in [your city/town name]”, etc. By getting content on such topics and inserting the name of your club as one of the targets, you will get local as well as global customers who are visiting your city/town for a tour.

18) Influencers

People who have many people following them (usually in 1000’s) on social media are influencers. Such influencers who are from your location and have a good local following can be approached to promote your club advertising message. Depending on various factors, their charges might be different. You can select the ones whose rates are more reasonable and within your budget.

19) Flyers

One of the traditional marketing methods that still work to this day for promoting new business and services is by distributing flyers. You can get more creative here and can provide coupons or rewards to all people who come to your club with the flyer or who call on a special number given in the flyer.

20) Ads on Youtube

Ads on Youtube are way cheaper than ads on Google or Facebook. This means you can reach a greater number of people within your target area with Youtube ads. You can direct the people clicking on your Youtube ads to a landing page to capture their email address or phone number (or both) to remain connected with them and sell over the new arrivals and offers again and again. This way your club can be advertized in a targeted and low-cost way.

21) Quora

Quora is a question and answers site that enjoys a good ranking in Google for many user-generated questions. You can target all those questions that are related to your city and can answer them along with leaving a link for your business (in a non-spammy way) so that people reading the answers get to know about your club. It will also add as an SEO factor for your website (due to links from Quora) which will benefit your club website.

22) Other Platforms

Other online platforms like relevant forums and relevant subreddits on Reddit are a good way to promote your club business. However, Reddit and forums have a different set of advertising rules and you must comply with them to maintain your account active on such platforms.

23) Themed Events

You can host themed events to get more attention to your club. Events that are more probable to be witnessed and participated in by many people are good opportunities for growing your club. Such events can be independence day, labor day, mother’s day, any popular soccer match, etc. To let people know about the upcoming themed event at your club, you can use marketing methods described earlier like newspaper ads, flyers, press releases, influencers, etc.

24) Text Marketing

SMS messages have very high open and read rates (around 90%). You can find a local SMS marketing agency to reach out to many people locally or alternatively, you can tie up with other businesses/services that have a good database of customers and can ask for a joint promotion in exchange for some preset amount.

25) Interior Design Investment

Investing in the interior design of your club is one of the subtle but influencing marketing methods that people usually forget to take care of. People who visit your club must be subconsciously motivated to visit your club and some factors that can be useful for this are using the right colors, arrangement, ambiance, etc.

26) New Recipes

Food is also a big positive role player in creating attention and experience. Your staff must be experienced and creative to come up with new and unique menus along with new serving methods to create a USP (Unique Selling Point) for your club. This way the influx of recurring customers of your club will keep on increasing.

27) Subscriptions

To get your visitor to come again and again to your club, give them a subscription package with many benefits. You can play with many options to make your subscription tempting for your club visitors. The subscription model of club promotion is great to build loyalty in customers.

28) Pinterest

You can incentivize your club visitors to share photos on Pinterest to get people to imagine the experience that they can have at your club. Since Pinterest has a dominant female population, it can lead to more female customers for your club which anyways will attract more male customers as a byproduct.

29) Radio

Local radio advertising is another means of advertising your club, though being untargeted and slightly costly. But if you want to capture clients from each and everywhere possible, advertising your club on local radio stations is one of the options.

30) Sponsoring Local Events

Local events are a good source for getting eyeballs to your club advertisements from people in your location. You can either sponsor or become a cosponsor or can book a space in such events to get more people to know about your club and its features.

31) Offline Advertising

Some common offline advertising methods like newspaper ads, ads on billboards and banners are also good for getting more people to know about your club. They are slightly more on the high-cost side and it is more difficult to track results from offline ads but still a good method for marketing good budget clubs.

32) Free Local Party

You can host a free local party and can invite all the people from your neighborhood to let people attend your club. Once they come to your club, you can utilize many marketing methods to collect their details and to get in touch with them.

33) Feedback

People are becoming more habitual of searching reviews about businesses and services before testing them on their own. So, it is absolutely significant to maintain positive reviews of your club. Ask (or even reward) customers who leave feedback on your business/service online so as to instill a factor of trust and genuinity.

We hope that you find these club promotion ideas useful and can make the best of it to grow your club revenue. If you have more points to add or have some doubts, do ask in the comments below.

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