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Pressure Washing Advertising: 21 Methods to Get More Clients Consistently

Pressure washing services are required for both residential and commercial properties and the data regarding the growth of this industry is also positive. Yet many pressure washing businesses strive to get clients. The most common reason is inappropriate marketing. To take your business to next level, we have provided a list of powerful pressure washing advertising methods to get more clients and to grow your business quickly.

1) Web Asset

Similar to your physical office location for pressure washing business, your website is the digital office location and is much more important as it will be visited by many more prospects owing to your customer demographic being more inclined towards digital. Now if you have a website just for the sake of it, you will be amazed to know that many minor aspects count up to increase its productivity (visits to sales ratio) and thereby generating more profits. Your website must have the following elements necessarily

A) Direct Booking Option: To catch active leads instantly.
B) Clear Contact Number on Homepage: To let customers call you easily without having to search for your contact details.
C) Mobile Friendly Site: Most visitors will come to your pressure washing business website through mobile devices.
D) Fast Loading: To ensure that visitors don’t go to your competing business due to your website being slow to load.
E) Certifications: To guarantee your visitors that you are registered and certified business i.e. trust factor.
F) Reviews: Powerful motivating and influential factor nowadays to boost sales and conversions.
G) Professional Design: To stand out from many other power washing businesses that still have outdated designs.

2) Google Local Pack

For people who type any keyword that indicates that the person is searching for a solution locally, Google displays 3 local listings in a box which is commonly known as a local pack. The first requirement to get included in it is that your pressure washing business must have a “Google My Business” (GMB) page. Creating this page will hardly take 10 minutes. The main issue is getting ranked in this pack since many competitors have already their GMB pages ready. There are many elements that Google considers for getting a listing included in this space prominent of which are relevancy, reviews, citations and authority of the business. You can take the assistance of any digital marketing agency for this or if you want to learn and apply yourself, you can go through digital marketing guides and forums online.

3) Google Organic Results

Getting organic ranking on the first page is the best thing that you can do for marketing your pressure washing business. If a user types “pressure washing service in [your location]” and your website shows up, then you will never face a shortage of pressure washing business leads. However, it is easier to say than to get it done as there is a whole lot of factors that must be considered to get it there which is called “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO). SEO is a dynamic game and you need to remain updated with the latest trends to stay ahead in the game. An SEO agency can handle this for you in case you want to focus just on your core business.

4) Google Ads

SEO takes some time to show results (2-3 months) and so if you are looking to get clients for pressure washing business quickly, then Google ads is the solution as you can generate plenty of pressure washing leads by using it. However, remember that it is one of the most competitive platforms and therefore the per-click cost is also high. If you don’t have good understanding of how to frame ads, how to select keywords, how to put a negative keyword list, then you may end up spending much more than you can profit from it. You must understand the basics of Google ads and then start with a low budget. You can also get any internet marketing agency to handle advertising of your pressure washing services through Google ads.

5) Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is the next big source of lead generation that you can use for your business. Instead of using keywords that people actively search for in Google, you can use interest-based targeting in Facebook. The cost per click rates is lower than the Google ads. The quality of leads is slightly lower than Google ads as people browsing Facebook are more in socializing mode, but still, it is a very good source of leads for almost all businesses. Here too, you can either learn and do it by yourself or can take the service of any marketing agency.

6) Social Media

Many small and big businesses are actively deploying their marketing strategy towards social media as it is one of the free and rewarding methods. The option to create a follower base on social media is a powerful marketing tactic. Social media marketing for a pressure-washing business can be rewarding if you take some time to create a good following on such platforms by remaining active and sharing useful content. Joining local groups on Facebook can expose your business to many new prospects and this can in turn boost sales and referrals.

7) Press Release

Press releases can help to build the brand image of your pressure washing business online along with numerous other benefits. It can get content about your business spread on many sites including news sites. It also gives instant attention to your announcement. Whenever any person would type the name of your pressure washing business on Google, then these press releases will also appear in search results thereby giving instant credibility for your business. It will also help your business website to perform better in Google because it will help to generate many backlinks from sites that carry your press release.

8) Craigslist

Craigslist gets traffic in two major ways. One is the type-in traffic where people directly land on Craigslist to search for services and the other is due to the ranking authority it enjoys in many search engines. You can leverage the traffic of Craigslist by posting ads regularly in relevant sections and locations of Craigslist.

9) Videos

People are more visual-centric and they tend to get influenced by visuals much better than plain text. This is why creating videos is a powerful and influential factor in marketing. Another great advantage is that many times videos posted on Youtube for low competition keywords tend to rank on the first page of Google due to which they generate both traffic and revenue for business and services. You can rank on Google using the combination of Youtube videos and low competition keywords. Getting low competition keywords in the pressure washing business is very easy as you can hire any freelancer from Fiverr to get the list for a nominal charge.

10) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a network for the professional community and if used right, you can get commercial customers for pressure washing which will increase your business much faster as the profit margins in case of commercial clients is much better. You can make an account there and can start connecting with key profiles of big businesses and companies in your area. Getting corporate clients helps to attract more corporate clients as you can not only get referred by such businesses but can also highlight such clients in your other marketing materials and portfolio.

11) Remarketing

To constantly chase every website visitor on other sites, remarketing is the best strategy and has shown to boost leads for a low budget. If a visitor lands on your official website but for some or other reason does not select your service, you can show ads to such users constantly on other sites and platforms so that they will get more exposure which will increase the chances of sale. Using retargeting is very easy and you can find many video tutorials on Youtube that will explain you how to set it up.

12) Exploiting Competitor Brand

Make a list of all top competitors in your business and use their brand name as keywords for bidding in Google Ads. By using this marketing strategy for your pressure washing business, your ads will show to every person who types the name of your competitor in Google which will help to chalk out a few customers from your competing business too. You can also do this for free with your website by creating a post/page dedicated to your competitors and by recommending your service as an alternative.

13) Partnerships

You can partner with relevant but non-competing businesses to gain more clients. Some of the potential partners that can send you customers are handymen, window washing services, painters, landscaping contractors, roofing contractors, etc.

14) Loyalty Program

You can start a customer loyalty program to ensure that your customers take your services for the long term. You can come up with good discounts and incentives to get bigger deals and loyal customers.

15) Email Marketing

Since only a few people landing on your website are actually going to get your services for pressure washing, you need to imbibe email marketing to make the most of your website traffic. By capturing the email address of your website visitors, you can get long-term benefits as you can establish relationships with such prospects. To make people provide their email addresses, you can incentivize with some free ebooks or discounts.

16) Live Chat

Install a live chat plugin on your website and hire personnel to attend to it. This way you can establish a connection when the customers are most active and interested in getting a pressure washing service. Being active and attentive on live chats is known to increase conversions and sales.

17) Event Marketing

Event marketing can be used creatively to grow a pressure washing business. Participate in all possible events that take place in your city/town. By getting actively involved in such events, you open the doors to more connections, more referrals and more leads. Instead of attending such events, you can also host events in partnership with other businesses so that you can better utilize such opportunities while keeping the costs down (due to partnerships).

18) Low-Cost Merchandise

You can bulk order low-cost merchandise (pen, diary, calendar, mugs, T-shirts) with your company name and number printed in it. You can give such things for free to your customers and other related businesses that can you leads.

19) Reviews

Working towards positive reviews online is much more essential now as new generation people tend to search for reviews of many businesses and services before hiring them. Having negative reviews is sure to cause the loss of many potential clients. You must therefore make full efforts to satisfy every customer who takes your service. You can also ask them to leave their review online to boost your business reputation.

20) Newspaper Ads

Ads in newspapers are still relevant to get your business noticed. Since most ads are broad-based, the returns are low but still, it is one of the common traditional advertising methods for most businesses.

21) Other Offline Methods

Distributing flyers, door hangers, direct mail postcards, banners, billboards, etc are still widely used by many businesses. They do give results but the cost per client acquisition is more than digital marketing.

These pressure washing advertising ideas can provide you with an upturn in the number of clients that you serve monthly. If you want to discuss anything more on this topic, kindly ask in the comments option below.

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