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26 Preschool Marketing Ideas to Get Fully Booked

A preschool with fewer children is not something that any preschool owner would want. However, with parents having so many choices of preschool for their children, the competition is tough. However, for all those preschool owners who have adopted good marketing techniques, getting admissions becomes an easy task. It is for this purpose of growing your preschool, these preschool marketing ideas have been laid out to guide you in the right direction. Without dealing with all other introductory stuff, let’s shift our attention to the core ideas:

1) Your Website is Your “Online Preschool”

As all people who will search for preschool online will commonly come across various websites, having a website ready to convince parents is a must-have digital asset. To ascertain that your website is systematically organized to make the most of the site visitors, check if these factors exist on your website:

a) A direct call-to-action number on the topmost side of your website to prompt visitors to call you.
b) A video introduction of your preschool on your homepage.
c) Full features and top facilities listed on your site.
d) Mention all accreditation, rewards, key achievements, and media coverage that your preschool has got.
e) Improve the site loading speed and get it optimized for proper display on different types of mobile devices.

2) Press Release Publication

With the help of professional press release distribution services, you can easily get the name of your preschool on prestigious media outlets like Market Watch, Associated Press, Fox Affiliated Sites, etc. When your preschool name gets displayed on major news websites through press releases, you can proudly show, in your marketing materials, that many major media outlets have covered your preschool. Your preschool website will also advantage from the backlinks acquired due to the PR distribution because these links play a vital role in the ranking performance of your website on various search engines. So, press releases are a simple and effective approach to advertising your preschool online.

3) Aim for the Top 10 Visibility

If your preschool website is not on the top page of Google’s search results, all your efforts put towards designing your website will not be of much use. This is because people usually don’t go to page 2 and beyond while searching for products and services on Google. To position your preschool website in the top positions in Google organic ranking, you will need to work on your search engine optimization, or SEO in short. SEO involves many small and big factors and it is easier to learn about and use SEO because of the wealth of publicly accessible material that can be found online on this topic. Hiring a search engine optimization (SEO) firm can relieve you from the task of handling the SEO factors yourself thereby allowing you to focus on your core business only.

4) Use the Asset “GMB”

“Google My Business” (GMB) is an outstanding lead-generation and marketing tool for many businesses all over the world. For local searches, Google displays a dedicated section (also called “Google Local Pack”) with three auto-picked results in addition to the other organic listings. Due to the large number of businesses that have GMB sites, Google will only choose to display the top three of those GMB pages based on a number of criteria. If you work on the criteria that Google considers to list businesses in these 3 results, you can enable your preschool details to be shown more often thereby giving you more admissions. Any experienced internet marketing agency will be able to assist you in promoting your preschool via GMB in order to help you dominate the local rankings.

5) Complement Marketing with Paid Ad Campaigns

Want to generate quick and quality leads (students) for your preschool? Nothing could be as effective for generating leads quickly as running paid advertisements on websites like Google, Facebook, Bing, etc. Google is the best advertising platform out of the several present in the market, followed by Facebook. Running paid ads can be quite tricky, rewarding, and even painful sometimes if not used properly. Usually, those who are new to PPC advertising are unfamiliar with designing ads, making bids, and adjusting other ad parameters. Due to this, they end up spending more money than they have actually made through paid advertising. Therefore, it is advisable that you either become familiar with these ad platforms and ad management processes or hire a specialized marketing firm to manage paid advertising for your preschool.

6) Let Social Media Assist Your Marketing Plans

With the existence of a few billion people on the top social media platforms combined, it can no longer be ignored for promoting businesses and services. The best part about marketing on social media platforms is that you can start promoting your preschool without spending any money on such platforms. However, the process of acquiring followers on social media platforms is slow but if you are consistent in devoting some time daily to social media platforms, you can easily gain a few thousand followers within a matter of 8 to 10 weeks. Once you have a decent presence on social media platforms, it then becomes easy to reap the long-term rewards from social media marketing of your preschool.

7) Get Set Email Marketing

By using email marketing for email leads collected through your website, you can convince those website visitors to come to your preschool who landed on your website but didn’t call/contact you. A further bigger advantage of email marketing is that this mode of communication is known to build a long-term connection with people. For these major reasons, most big businesses necessarily deploy email marketing as a part of their business promotion. So jumpstart email marketing for your preschool soon.

8) Start Filling up More Content on the Website

When you have more content on your site, it will serve information to more potential customers searching on search engines. This is the simple and powerful reason why content marketing helps businesses to promote their products and services in the long term. Keeping your site thriving with new content regularly will result in an increase in organic/natural, or unpaid visitors. Most businesses see good results with content marketing in 4-5 months only.

9) Use the Efforts of Socially Popular People

If you can promote your preschool through someone who is well-known and trusted by people on social media, then your preschool is guaranteed to get more recognition. Such people on social media are usually referred to by the term “influencers” and they have a good number of followers who receive their content and engage with it. For this marketing strategy, you must first find and reach out to influencers from your city/town and must finalize a good marketing deal that can be a win-win for both sides.

10) List Preschool on Good Directories

List your preschool on all such big directories online that do show up when preschool-related terms are searched online. For this process, just start typing search queries like “preschools in [your city name]”, “best preschool in [your city name]”, etc on Google and start listing down the names of directories that show up. After this, visit these sites and create a profile of your preschool on these sites. This simple process itself can give you a few more enrollments periodically.

11) Cause Word of Mouth Publicity with Referrals

It is an inherent tendency of human beings to have more trust in recommendations made by people whom they know as compared to the promotions they see online or offline. To exploit this human behavior, referral marketing is the best mechanism. As part of the referral marketing process, a business distributes referring coupons to their customers using which they can send more clients to their business and can instead get rewarded for this. If this strategy is carried out and implemented systematically, getting more customers and sales is inevitable.

12) Use Video Marketing Influence

Anything that gets good engagement from people also helps to build more trust. This is especially true for videos as they not only fetch engagement from people but also help to bring up the brand image and sales of a business. Since YouTube videos perform remarkably well and faster on Google as compared to website, creating a YouTube channel for your preschool is worth the effort. If you want to increase the traffic conversion rate from your preschool website, a very simple idea is to add a captivating and professional video on the main page of your website. This will lower the visitor bounce rate, engage more people, will better convey your business image, will build more trust, and will get you more admissions.

13) Start Parent Referral Program

Since people mostly associate with people in their age group, the same goes for parents too. As they (parents) remain connected with other parents, you can incentivize them to refer your preschool to others. In exchange for referrals from them, you can give their kids one or two months fee discount or any other reward as you deem fit.

14) Advertising on Paedriatic Doctors Clinic

Since the clinics of pediatric doctors are visited mostly by parents, such clinics can be good hotspots for advertising your preschool. With prior permission, you can stick your preschool marketing materials to such clinics.

15) Convert More People with the Right First-hand Experience

Most parents before sending their kids to preschool will usually pay a visit to the preschool. If during their visit, they do not like the environment or arrangements, it can cause a loss of clients for your preschool business. So make a detailed action plan on the best features and facilities that your preschool will display to parents and add more unique facilities in order to stand different from the rest of preschools.

16) Proper Handling of Incoming Queries

Most people will contact your preschool through emails or mobile numbers provided in your marketing materials and therefore, you must assign an experienced person who can create a better impression of your preschool by handling queries efficiently. You can also create a systematic follow-up plan on the incoming queries so that you can become successful in converting more leads into customers.

17) Regularly Host Open Houses

Open houses are a great way to promote your preschool and for this reason, you must periodically host open houses. To make the most of your open house events, start collecting the contact details of all people arriving at your preschool succeeded by following them up through emails.

18) Grow Your Business by Volunteering

Get custom t-shirts designed for your preschool with the name of your preschool printed on them. Using these customized T-shirts, you and your staff should volunteers at popular events and gatherings so that your preschool can also get promoted side by side.

19) Advertise in Parks

Many people take their kids to parks and therefore, having your advertisement ready in parks can land you more business. You can also get some coupons distributed to people arriving with their kids at such parks so as to speed up the rate at which your business is getting clients.

20) Be an Active Participant in Events

Your preschool can get more attention from people if it actively takes participation in big events happening in and around your locality. Sponsoring such events is also a good way to promote your preschool to all the event attendees.

21) Start Upscaling Your Safety Features

Many people pay big attention to the safety of their children when selecting a preschool. Start exploring the various safety features provided by your competing preschools and stand one step ahead of them by adopting the best safety features for your preschool. This can serve as a good advantage in listing out the best features of your preschool.

22) Select the Right Promotion Partners

Reach out to all such businesses that can send more students to your preschool. Some of these businesses can be parlors (for moms), babysitters, toy stores, etc.

23) Host Child Care Seminars

Catch up with a doctor and hold childcare seminars to get more parents to attend them. Once people attend such seminars, you can also get your preschool promoted to the seminar attendees.

24) Use the Authority of Newspapers to Increase your Business

Get in touch with the editors of local newspapers to enquire about writing opportunities. Once you get a nod from them, you can start writing on the importance of preschool education and many such related topics. This way your preschool can also get promoted because of your profile and recognition earned through such articles.

25) Don’t Forget the Ways of Traditional Marketing

Getting the ads of your preschool to appear in local newspapers, putting up billboard advertisements in key places visited by parents and children like amusement parks, distributing flyers in the most prominent locations, etc are some of the strategies that you can adopt to market your preschool offline. Though most offline marketing strategies are a bit expensive compared to most online marketing methods, you can still use them if the marketing budget of your preschool business is good enough.

26) Maintain a Healthy Image (Reputation Marketing)

How can a potential customer make a calculated guess about your preschool before even sending their children to your preschool? The answer is, by reading reviews left by previous customers online. Reviews are becoming increasingly important with the growth of a young demographic that seeks solutions for all of its problems online. All it takes to start acquiring more reviews for your business online is to ask your customers to rate your business online. However, if you don’t maintain the quality of your preschool activities, then you will have a hard time maintaining a good image of your preschool online.

So we have reached the end of this post on preschool marketing ideas. If you feel unclear on any topic or have something else to say, don’t forget the comment box below 🙂

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