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Post Event Press Release Template, Example, Tips, and Advantages

Announcing the success of an event is not only a way to thank the attendees and speakers but also helps to make more people take note of the next upcoming event hosted by you. A post-event press release is a perfect way to do such an announcement. To make the after-event (post-event) press release successful, this post will present you with all the necessary modules like the sample press release template, example, advantages of such a press release, and tips for writing the press release. So let us start examining these modules one by one.

Aim: To announce the success of an event through a post-event press release and to get good coverage for the press release hence issued.

Tools: To achieve the aim given above, the modules or tools that are included in this article are after event press release template, advantages, writing tips, distribution mechanism, and a sample.

Template: A ready-made sample template is given below for an after-event press release.


[Headline] /* [Event Hosting Business Name] + Announces [Successful/Positive/Great] Completion of [Name of the Event] at [Place] + good news angle (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* Short Summary of 2-3 sentences */

[Location City], [Date]. [Event Hosting Business Name], a [well-known/emerging/established] name in [name of the industry], is glad to announce the [successful/positive/great] [completion/conclusion] of [event name] at [Date and location]. [Talk about what was the main crux of the event + stress on the number of attendees + outcome].

[Other highlights of the event + how it was useful to attendees and the business/company] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a top-level executive of the company/business holding the event]

[What made the event different from other similar events + how and when people can attend and be informed on upcoming events + how this event was useful for the related sector/industry] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from any attendee or speaker at the event]

To see photos and videos of the event and to get more details on the upcoming event, visit [site name or social media page]

About [Event hosting company/business]

[Background (when established, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /* official email */
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Advantages of Press Releases

The main benefits that a press release provides to a business are:

1) Gives Faster Visibility Online

While getting visibility of your content online takes time and effort, press releases are one of the quick ways that can get your after-event-related content visible to a few thousand people within a matter of a few days. This happens due to the extensive network of sites involved in the distribution of press releases. The right press release distribution network and good optimization of press release content are two main factors that can cause a big shift in the number of views that your PR content gets online.

2) A Low-Cost Brandbuilding Method

Press releases are one of the lesser-known methods through which businesses and organizations can easily and inexpensively get their names mentioned on some of the most reputed sites in the world. The branding benefits achieved as a result of press releases is yet another powerful reason why any business must definitely consider using them regularly. One thing to keep in mind here is that not all press release services are competent enough to make it happen and you must therefore select a service that has a syndication partnership with such big and reputed sites.

3) Helps in Making New Backlinks

Securing good quality backlinks is one of the best ways a business can ensure to grow of its current positioning (of the website) in search engines. Press releases are a great way to build such backlinks in bulk because, for each instance of sending out press releases, your website will gain at least 250+ new links. Though most of the links generated by press releases are no-follow, they do help in link diversification and rank improvement of your website online which further aids in growing traffic and sales.

4) Makes Your Operation More Transparent

Transparency is one of the most respected qualities of a business/event operation. Transparency requires making people aware of all the key announcements concerned with the business/event. Press releases are one of the most widely used methods across the world to get announcements out online. Due to the vast syndication that press releases usually have, the magnifying effect of broadcasting announcements online is easily achieved using these press releases. The more information people find about your event/business online, the more your event/business succeeds in its efforts to achieve transparency.

5) Increases the Trust Factor

“As seen on…” is a powerful marketing element used in some websites that are able to secure their content on some of the most acclaimed news sites in the world. While people unaware of the process (to get such coverage) may think that getting such coverage requires some very high-end marketing strategy, a press release sent using any quality wire service can easily fetch you such coverage which your event-organizing business can prominently display across marketing materials and on your website. Whenever any potential customer sees that your event has secured spots on such renowned sites, it prompts a feeling of trust and value.


Consider these writing tips for your press release before you start writing one:

1) Make it Feel and Read Creative

While by default a press release has to be professionally written, it is also true that people are not much attracted to facts, data, and similar stuff. For a press release to be able to seek more attention, spend more time than usual in creating the press release content by integrating some unique and creative twists to the content.

2) Simple PR Gets Better Attention

One of the detrimental factors for most press releases online is the complex level of writing involved with jargon and hard vocabulary. Though some people may relate a complex style of writing to professional writing, the result achieved from such a form of writing is usually bad because most people outside of that sector/industry will simply abandon reading the press release if it takes unnecessary time for them to understand the content. So keep the PR content very simple.

3) Headline is the First Impression Creator

The web gets flooded with thousands of news stories and press releases every day. People (journalists, editors, subject matter experts) searching through such types of content don’t read each of them as it is impractical to go through all of them every day. They take a quick look at the headlines to decide which press release or news is worth reading further. So, for your press release, the selection of headline must be done with utmost care as it can decide how many people will click and read the content further.

4) Always Answer the Basic Questions

Any press release that sounds incomplete wouldn’t get as good results as compared to one that answers the most basic questions related to the announcement made in the press release. A good way for ensuring a fairly complete press release is to start by asking basic questions like who, what, why, where, etc followed by providing brief answers to these questions. Since press releases are meant to be short, the answers to these questions must not be lengthy and explanatory in nature.

5) Third-Person Writing Only

While it is fairly easy to write a blog post using your own style of writing and expressing things, this is not so in the case of press releases as they seek professionality in the approach of conveying things. One variation from other types of articles for a press release is that first-person and second-person words (I, You, Me, etc) are not allowed in the body of the press release. The only special case is the quotes section of the press release where such words can be used to convey a direct speech.

6) Don’t Ask for Edits Later

The possibility of editing later (after publication) in a press release is close to non-existent because all sites carrying the press release will not comply with your editing requests if you come across some inaccurate data or mistakes later in the published release. The only thing that you must do for a press release to avoid any such problems later is to make certain that the information written by you is just perfect and best to your knowledge.

7) Ensure Valid and Accountable Contact Details

You never know what type of results your press release can bring to your organization/company. It may happen that any person or journalist or investor might be interested in your press release announcement and will try to connect with your organization/company. To be prepared for such things, always ascertain that the press release contains valid media contact details after the last paragraph of your press release. Also, the contact details must be of the person who can efficiently handle it within a stipulated time period.

8) Be Careful with Comparison and Claims

If your press release contains any comparison of your event to other events, then make sure to make this comparison very carefully and with solid data to back your comparison because press releases being regarded as official statements can be used to put legal claims on your business. Another problem is that you will not be able to make changes to all the copies of your press release spread across the web on several sites. So use comparison and claims attentively in a press release.

9) Check the Sample Distribution Report First

The amount of traffic, links, brand value, and coverage that you get from a press release will rest heavily on the last stage of a press release i.e. press release distribution. Any mistake made by you in selecting a good service provider for a press release will not allow you to feel the overall impact of a press release. Therefore ask for a sample distribution report and check the collection of sites where your selected PR distributor can land your content.

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