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32 Pizza Marketing Ideas to Start Getting More Bites

Though the food business is an evergreen industry, the growing competition is continuously taking a toll on profits. To make your pizza business flourish despite the growing competition, you need to adopt the right marketing strategies. These pizza marketing ideas are our best efforts in presenting you with the most influential ways that your business can adopt to increase its sales. These promotional methods are:

1) Get Your Pizza Website Ready for More Sales

The first and most significant step in expanding your pizza business is to develop your virtual showroom, i.e. your website. Don’t just create a website for the sake of creating it but rather make it attractive and well-optimized for better conversions. Since more people are beginning their search for goods and services online, representation of your pizza business in the form of a website is a must nowadays. Another good advantage of a website is that it has no geographical limitations, so you will get the opportunity to expand your location barriers and serve more clients. Some crucial suggestions for making the most of your pizza website include:

a) Get your pizza menu available on the website with an online ordering option to get more sales.
b) Focus on improving the UI and UX of the website as a whole.
c) Always add your contact information at a location where a site visitor can easily find it, for example: in the header of your website’s home page.
d) On your website, add genuine testimonials to build user trust.
e) Ensure that your site resolution gets adjusted with the type of device (mobile, tablet, laptop) used to access it i.e: the site must be made mobile-friendly.
f) Check your site loading speed on a site speed test service provider and carry out the recommended changes to increase the site loading time.
g) List the best features of your pizza business like new recipes, organic ingredients, customized options, etc.

2) Send Press Release and Get All Over the Web

A press release can greatly increase the visibility of your pizza shop/business online. Press releases about your pizza business will get posted on multiple websites (in a few hundred) after distribution which is the reason why press release distribution leads to more traffic and backlinks for the concerned businesses. Oftentimes, one can also find press releases making their way to the top 10 rankings on Google for various keywords which creates a new traffic channel for your business. As you can’t get the same kind of results from every press release distribution service, it is, therefore, recommended to utilize only such distribution network that has publishing rights on top-quality news sites.

3) Let Your Pizza Business Dominate Google Search Results

Optimizing your pizza website is a useful strategy to get your website to show up on the first page of Google’s search results. Technically, the term SEO, or search engine optimization, is used to refer to all the different factors that influence the ranking of a website on Google and other search engines like Bing. Because of the wealth of freely accessible resources online, learning about and implementing SEO best practices is not much difficult. Alternatively, if you would like to skip learning and implementing SEO yourself, hiring an SEO agency can help in boosting your site performance which will help you to generate more sales.

4) Start Writing and Publishing Content Frequently

Your website will inevitably show more often on search engines if you increase the content on your website. This will directly cause a surge in the number of visitors to your website which in turn will lead to an increase in profits for your business. Therefore, it is quite easy to understand how important content marketing is to the growth of your pizza business. You can start doing research on a variety of local topics relevant to your pizza business for the purpose of writing content on them. You should observe an increase in the amount of organic traffic (as well as sales) coming from search engines after routinely posting content on your website for a few months.

5) Get a Place in Google Local Listing

Google reserves 3 spots for local businesses in its “local pack” for all such queries that have local relevance. The first step toward being qualified for inclusion in this pack starts by having a GMB (Google My Business) page for your pizza business. There is a separate optimization strategy for GMB pages which ensures that your business details will be shown more often. To get more leads by getting your business details in this local pack, the best way out is to handle the GMB optimization task to any competent digital marketing agency.

6) Start Paid Advertising

While the most ideal thing you can get for growing your pizza business online is free search engine traffic, the reality is that ranking in search engines takes time and has its own technicalities to manage. Comparatively, paid advertising is a very quick process to start getting more sales for your pizza business. While it is obvious that you won’t get good quality results from advertising on any random network, it is advised to stick to the most popular ad networks Google and Facebook for paid advertising. Your level of success from paid advertising will depend on how efficiently your ads are managed. For good returns from paid advertising, make use of any expert ads freelancer or agency.

7) Make Local Contacts Using Social Media

Ignoring social media at a time when there are billions of active accounts will not be favorable to your business. To see good outcomes from social media marketing of your pizza business, it takes much more than simply having a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account. These social media profiles must be nurtured with the right strategy to get to a point when the following base of these profiles is in a few thousand at the minimum. Constantly interacting with others over different topics along with sharing as well as creating good content is the right way to start growing your social media profiles. If you’d want to save time and effort, you can hire any social media marketing firm to assist you with this process.

8) Get Foodie Influencers for Business Promotion

The term “Influencers” refers to those people on social media whose follower count is at least a few thousand. The followers of these people trust their opinion about products and services and this makes influencer marketing a great marketing opportunity. A significant proportion of these influencers are also open to business opportunities. Connecting with these influencers just takes sending out a business proposal to them on their respective social media platforms. By working with niche-relevant influencers who have a substantial following from the area/region of your business operation, you can definitely see good outcomes.

9) For Long Term Relations, Use Email Marketing

Not utilizing email marketing is equivalent to leaving money on the table because with email marketing you can sell multiple times. Also by having a targeted email list, you can anytime announce your new offers to all those people who have subscribed to receive emails from you. So to make maximum use of your website, put an email opt-in form on your pizza website along with good incentives (like discounts, and rewards) for capturing email addresses. This is the process how many big e-commerce and service sites make an additional source of their sales by creating and maintaining a targeted email list.

10) Start Listing on a Few Good Directories

Gone are the good old days of most directories when they used to rank very high in search engines. There are still a few powerful directories that enjoy good rankings and provide relevant leads to businesses. A few examples of such directories are HomeAdvisor, Yelp, Nextdoor, etc. It takes less than a few minutes to submit the details of your business on such directories. You can gain more visibility and sales by creating your pizza business listing on such directories.

11) Use Quality Videos

Content consumption pattern online is more favorable towards videos as they are great at conveying ideas. Thanks to the immense authority of YouTube, videos posted on Youtube rank considerably faster on search engines than a traditional website typically does. This makes a good case for adopting video marketing through the Youtube platform. In order to effectively rank more of your videos, you should create videos around long-term queries with low competition. With the growing number of videos posted by you, the views and sales for your business will also rise along with helping towards the brand identity of your pizza business.

12) Start Generating Referrals

In order to grow your pizza business, along with providing a positive user experience, working actively towards increasing word-of-mouth advertising is equally important. One of the most effective approaches to do so is to reward those people who introduce your business to new people. In order to track the referring source, you can hand over referring coupons to people. The rewards can be in form of discounts, gift certificates, cash cards, etc. This is a tested and proven marketing strategy that has the potential to increase your sales.

13) Merchandise Can be the Promotional Tools

Most businesses bring marketing materials, such as stands, flex, banners, brochures, and so forth, with them whenever they participate in trade shows, events, or exhibitions. But they neglect to carry a relatively straightforward item, namely company merchandise bearing their logo and name. Inexpensive items like balloons, pencils, pocket diaries, pen stands, good luck turtles, cloth bags, etc are a few examples of products where you can get your business name printed and distributed. Giving away these items can leave a long-term positive impression on your business. So get custom-printed products ready to promote your business.

14) Make the Best Use of Offline Promotional Methods

It is hard to measure the returns that you get from investing in various offline marketing methods but this doesn’t stop businesses to try and invest in offline marketing because ultimately it also generates results. A good approach for businesses is to have a well-balanced marketing strategy by using both online and offline marketing to get a bigger reach and to get consistent branding. Publishing ads in newspapers, getting spaces on billboards, distributing flyers, etc. are a few prominent offline marketing strategies.

15) Positive Reviews = More Customers

It is an established fact that reviews are an important factor in determining the place of a business listing within the Google local pack. This shows how important reviews have become online. Even if you pay attention to the shopping trends on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, you will find that products with more positive ratings sell much faster than new products with little or no ratings at all. Keeping this trend of changing user behavior in mind, it is absolutely vital to work for increasing the number of positive reviews for your pizza business online. Reviews have a powerful effect in changing the perception of people towards any business or service online.

16) Have Professional Visuals Bring More Customers

As food is something that has a strong visual appeal, quality photographs can bring many impulsive orders. Hire a professional photographer to take high-quality and stylish photos of your pizza recipes. Use these photos on all your digital marketing and offline marketing materials like your website, social media profiles, banners, billboards, newspaper ads, etc. You can also use such high-quality photos on the main front door and display of your pizza shop to catch more attention from the passing by population.

17) Introduce Digital Rewards Program for Loyalty Building

There are various apps using which you can provide rewards for each order to your customer. More people will get tempted to use their rewards in their next order and this will start a process of getting repeat orders.

18) Increase Your Sales with Mobile App Installs

Get an app designed for your business and give tempting rewards to get it downloaded on the mobile phones of customers. Once your app gets installed by many people, you can easily send push notifications on their phones regularly about new offers and discounts which will fast-forward your sales.

19) Start Coupon Marketing

Coupons are one of the most commonly used incentives in the food industry. To announce your time-limited coupons, you can put coupon offers on your website, newspapers, flyers, your shop and on all such materials and places that get attention from people.

20) Design Combo Packages for More Revenue

To get more dollar value from your customers, you can create good combo packages like pizza with cold drinks and salad, pizza with french fries and dessert, etc. You can play with various combinations and can finalize the ones that get the most orders.

21) Get Mini Slices Ready to Get More Orders

Not all people will like to eat a full-size pizza at your store. Start offering mini slices of different varieties of pizza and this will not only attract people who just need a small meal but will also allow customers to taste and try different varieties of pizza from your store.

22) Make Use of Community and Local Fundraisers

Involve actively in your community events to let more people know about you and your business. You can also announce giving away a certain percentage of every order to a popular charity or NGO. This contribution can not only get more appreciation but will also get the positive word about your business on various channels.

23) Make Contests a Good Tool for Your Business Growth

Hold contests and ask people to share your business offers on their social media profiles to be eligible for rewards. By doing this, your business will reach out to more and more people on social media platforms which will provide you with more sales and brand recognition.

24) Signup for Large Third Party Food Ordering and Delivery Programs

There are many big startups in the food niche like Ubereats, Foodler, etc. You can join such businesses and can start getting more orders as such businesses receive thousands of orders per day on their platform.

25) Increase Loyalty by Allowing Customization of Pizzas

Different people have different tastes and giving people the freedom to add or remove some ingredients from pizza can be a novel way to make your customers loyal to your business. You can allow users to decide the spiciness, toppings, flavors, vegan, oil type, etc for your pizza servings.

26) Come Up With Discounted Group Deals

Many students and youngsters usually hold group parties and by giving attractive group deals, you can make sure that your pizza business remains a good candidate to benefit on such occasions.

27) Make Vehicles Your Advertising Material

Wrap up your vehicles with attractive photos of your business and let this vehicle do the advertising of your pizza business wherever it goes. To scale this marketing method even further, pay other vehicle owners to do the same and by doing this, your pizza shop advertising will get displayed all over the roads.

28) Effectively Use Food Festivals and Events to Your Advantage

You can participate in food festivals and local events to get your pizza business promoted on such occasions. A good strategy for better use of such events is to hand over coupons on such events and festivals so that more people can taste pizzas and other recipes served by you.

29) Make a Distinct Name by Introducing the Health Benefits

While pizza is largely seen as junk food, you can get creative with your recipes and can add health benefits by making changes in your pizza ingredients like more green vegetables, less oil, quality products, etc. This will set your pizza business apart from your competing businesses which will also work as a great USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for your business.

30) Grow Faster by Offering Franchise

To make more revenue, you can advertise franchise opportunities for your business along with giving good set-up support. You can very easily come across several resources online that explain the process of growing a business by introducing franchises.

31) Make More Sales with Tie Ups and Cross Promotion

You can ask many other businesses to refer your service for big events or orders. Some such businesses can be catering businesses, event organizers, party organizers, etc. You can also start supplying your pizzas to different canteens or restaurants.

32) Set Up Pizza ATMs

Nowadays, you can buy pizza machines that can dispatch pizzas to customers. You can install such pizza machines at many places where there is a good crowd and can get more business.

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