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Writing a Photography Press Release: Template, Example and Tips

Want to launch your photography studio, showcase your photography exhibition or have any other announcement related to it? A press release is an ideal mechanism that can give a quick start to your announcement. Due to various benefits of a photography press release (mentioned later in this article), it gives you way bigger advantages than just getting public attention. To provide you with the best results, we have, in this article, included everything that will help you in creating and distributing the PR. Let us get started with the elements one by one:

Aim: To write and distribute news/announcement about your photography business/workshop through a press release and to generate more awareness for it.

Tools: The tools discussed in this article for achieving the above-given aim are template, example, writing tips and benefits.

Template: The Photography Press Release template is given below:


[Headline] /* [Photographer Name or name of studio] + main focus of press release (new launch/new workshop/new studio/agreement etc) + attractive news angle */

[Sub-heading] /*A summary of 2-3 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Photographer/Studio Name] is delighted to announce [type of announcement like new opening/exhibition/porfolio etc] at [location + date, if applicable]. [Discuss the theme of photography + what can people witness + any facilities/offers for visitors + timing (if applicable) + how can they attend/views exhibition/portfolio]

[Intro about the photographer + key achievements + work experience] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from the Photographer]

[Talk about recent trends/changes in photography + key events the photographer/studio has been associated with + how the recent announcement is relevant to people passionate about photography] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a staff/partner/sponsor/client]

For seeing a sample portfolio of the work, visit [website/social media].

About [Photographer/Photography Studio]

[Background (started since, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like Gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Photography Press Release Benefits

By making an announcement for photography through press releases, you can get the following benefits:

Faster Dissemination of Announcement and Big Reach

With press releases, your announcement reaches many websites (over 250) within 2-3 days. This creates quick and wide attention for your announcement. By getting quick viewership, the possibilities of generating the organic buzz factor of your announcement also increases.

Helps in Getting Recognition

A business/service doesn’t reach its full potential in absence of marketing. By getting information about your photography exhibition/business spread online, more people become familiar with you and your profession which helps to increase your brand value.

Prepares Ground for Future Growth

If you want to showcase your business or portfolio anytime in the future, your present brand power and recognition will determine how well your art is received and recognized. Press releases, therefore, are crucial for ensuring that your perceived image continues to grow.

Helps in Verification

Many social networks have started providing verification badges for trusted individuals and businesses. If you choose a good PR distribution partner that lands your photography business/identity on quality reputed sites, then it also adds to the verification process used by big social networks.

Opens Possibilities for More Coverage

Journalists and industry experts are always in search of relevant stories. Some of them subscribe to press release feeds to remain updated on new announcements. If you have written the photography press release creatively and have used a good distribution partner, then you stand a good chance to get placement on bigger authority platforms that can boost your brand value considerably.

Tips for a Perfect Photography Announcement Press Release

1 Keep Aside Word Power

If your vocabulary is strong, it is good but it is not good for a press release. A press release needs to be written in the simplest form so that any common person can easily understand it. If the PR has too many technical terms and complex words, the readability is sure to be adversely affected. So make sure to frame the PR understandable by an average person.

2 Avoid Mistakes

Unlike a blog post, a PR carries much more authority and therefore mistakes in a PR affect your brand much more. Mistakes in spelling, formatting, factual data, etc must be avoided and the PR must be proofread 2-3 times before putting it up for publishing. Though some people may argue that the PR platforms have editors who check PR’s before publishing, you must not put the onus of correcting mistakes on them as it is ultimately your company/brand that is at stake.

3 Unleash Creativity on the Headline

With journalists being bombarded with hundreds of article notifications every day, they tend to develop a habit of ignoring most of the commonly written PR. For your PR to get attention from them, your creative skills must be unleashed in framing the best catchy headline. Though it must be noted that you must not use clickbait titles for doing so as it will not get you good results.

4 How it is Relevant to Participants?

Every industry/sector/business has something of importance to some section of people i.e. their ideal customers. If your PR fails to communicate the relevancy of your PR to the target section, then the results won’t be of any significance because people seek self-benefits before the benefits of others. So keep the PR significant and relevant to readers.

5 Longer PR Becomes Boring

While writing the PR, you may get tempted to include as much information as possible but it will cause your PR readability to decrease because longer PR is not well received by readers. If you have more things to share, better say it on your website and provide a link to access the URL. An average PR is less than 500 words and you must try to remain in a similar range.

6 Third Person is the Right Person

All PR’s require the content to be written in the third person only as it represents a professional statement unlike a blog post or typical article that can be written casually. I have used words like I, You in the article but you can’t use such words in the PR (except in the quote section).

7 Images and Videos Perform Better

It is a proven fact that images and videos are received better by human senses than text. You can use images and videos related to your business/service in your PR to improve the PR response rate. Since PR platforms limit the number of such files you can use, you can instead upload them on your own website and link them from your press release.

8 Distribution Will Have the Final Say on Success

A good PR announcement is a good start, but to ensure that the end will be successful, a good distribution must be ensured. By good distribution, we mean quality high traffic and high authority sites like Yahoo, AP, etc. that have millions of monthly visitors and have great ranking in Google.

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