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26 Pet Grooming Marketing Ideas to Remain Occupied with Orders

The pet grooming industry is huge but that doesn’t mean that clients will automatically fall into your lap. The competition within the pet grooming niche is also stiff, so unless you have a solid marketing plan for your pet grooming service, your business growth will either be stagnant or will witness a very slow movement. This is why in this post, we have listed out all the best pet grooming marketing ideas that you can apply to bring more pet owners to your doors. Let’s trim the introductory talk and start examining these pet grooming advertising strategies one by one

1) Don’t Feel Relaxed with Your Website

While a website is the most necessary asset for starting online marketing of your pet grooming business, there are certain factors that can be paid attention to, in order to get even better results from your pet grooming website. See if the following factors are present on your website and if not, integrate them for getting enhanced returns from your website

a) Let pet owners book your pet grooming services directly from your website interface as people prefer convenience.
b) Improve the loading time of your website else you will lose 8-10% of total site visitors. There is enough data online to back the effect of site loading time on visitors.
c) If your site resolution doesn’t adjust with the screen size of your visitors, you will lose many potential customers. So make your site mobile-friendly.
d) Provide all the trust-building elements on your site homepage like testimonials, achievements, safety concerns, and media mentions.
e) Put a good-quality video on your homepage for explaining the features of your pet grooming service. As videos command more engagement, they are better at convincing people.

2) Does Your Website Really Exist Online?

If your pet grooming website is on page number 2 or higher in Google search results, then it is equivalent to the non-existence of your website because rarely do people go beyond page 1 of Google for searching products/services/information. So use the best website optimization tactics to position your pet grooming website on page 1 of Google. Technically, you will have to adopt the best SEO (search engine optimization) practices for good ranking in search engines. If you don’t like to mess up with SEO daily, it will be better that your site’s SEO gets managed by a professional marketing agency.

3) Have You Made it to the Local Pack Yet?

When queries for local businesses/services are searched on Google, Google renders a special section of 3 curated results shown under a special section called “Google Local Listings” or “Google Local Pack”. When you type any local keyword like “dog grooming services in [NAME of YOUR CITY]”, do you find your business details in the Google Local Pack? If not, then create a Google My Business (GMB) page and start optimizing it by generating reviews and citations. With the right optimization of your GMB page, your site will appear in the local pack and this will start generating more orders and revenues for your business. Optionally, use any digital marketing agency for handling this.

4) Keep Growing Orders with Content

A very simple method to start getting more people to visit your pet grooming website is by growing the number of posts published on your website. With more posts, your website will be shown on search engines for a larger number of queries/keywords and this will automatically lead to more visitors and accordingly orders. However, one has to remain consistent in writing and publishing posts along with selecting relevant topics to write upon. The topics selected by you must hold local relevance like “where can I buy dog collar in [City Name]”, “pet-friendly restaurants in [your City]”, “pet trainers in [city]”, etc. There is no use in selecting topics that will attract global traffic because your service is limited to your region only.

5) Get “As Seen On” Advantage

Would you like to impress your potential clients by showcasing the media mentions of your pet grooming business? If yes, then send out a press release through any reputed service provider and you will find your press release displayed across sites like Yahoo Finance, Digital Journal, etc. This press release strategy will also help you in securing links from the respective sites where your content will be published.

6) Start Socializing Online Every Day

Social media marketing for your pet grooming business can yield favorable outcomes if you remain consistent with promotion on social media. Some of the most common ways in which you can start growing your profile on social media sites include sharing good content regularly, joining local groups, replying to comments and engagements from other people, making use of pet-related hashtags, etc. If you find this process time-consuming, you can take the aid of any social media management business.

7) Get Promoted Through Pet Influencers

Find local pet influencers on Instagram (from your city/town) and get your pet grooming business promoted through them. Since local influencers charge less rates, you can easily promote your pet grooming business through influencers on a decent budget. You can also ask them to share your social media handles so that your social media profiles will get new followers from your local region.

8) Try Paid Advertising Online to Drive Clients Faster

In order to speed up the rate at which you are getting pet grooming orders, paid advertising can be a wonderful option. To ensure that your ad spent drives quality traffic, it is better to use only top-quality ad networks like Google ads and Facebook ads. If you prepare yourself to run ads on these platforms by understanding the various parameters and setup of ads, you can efficiently handle ad operation on your own. However, there is always a risk of getting negative returns from paid advertising if you do not have enough skills and experience in managing ads. Anyways, you can always avail the services of a professional agency to run your ads in case you find it cumbersome to manage ads on your own.

9) Power Up Your Site’s Efficiency with Email Marketing

No site in the world converts 100% of its incoming traffic into customers. All visitors who come to your website will not be looking to select a pet grooming service instantly. In this case, the best way out to maximize the returns from your website is by showing an email opt-in message to your site visitors along with providing some valuable thing in return for their email address. The exchange item (in return for email address) can be a free e-book related to pet training, coupon, etc. This email subscriber list compiled by you can be handy for your business to reach out to pet owners and provide them with new offers and discounts from time to time. Email marketing will empower your business to broadcast your marketing message to your email subscribers at any time chosen by you.

10) Big Directories Can Also Contribute to Business Growth

Massive traffic directories like Yelp, Homeadvisor, next door are a few good sites where you can list your pet grooming business and can regularly get a few more orders periodically. Another side benefit of such listings is the acquisition of backlinks to your main website from these directories which will help improve the search engine ranking of your pet grooming website.

11) Use Videos for Multidimensional Advantage

It is a scientific fact that videos have far more impact on the human mind than text. This is why you can easily persuade prospects into customers through videos as compared to text. Along with this upper hand, there are a few more ways to take advantage of videos. First, videos have a much better sharing rate on social media than text and so videos posted by you on social media will get better engagement. Second, if you create your Youtube channel, your videos will start sending you more clients. Third, by putting a relevant professionally made video on your pet grooming website, you will see a significant rise in the conversion rate.

12) Actively Ask for Referrals

For every client whose pet is served by you, ask them to refer your pet grooming services to their circle of friends and family. If just 2-3 out of every 10 clients start referring your pet grooming services, you will find many more extra clients this way.

13) Use Traditional Marketing Methods

Traditional offline methods of promotion work even to this day for businesses all across the world. Putting banners of your pet grooming services near parks and other crowded places, billboard advertising, publishing ads in locally circulated newspapers, handing out flyers/brochures, etc are few evergreen ways to get your pet grooming business to be noticed offline.

14) Have Your Own Range of Custom Merchandise

Big brands and businesses do invest in creating their unique identity through custom-printed merchandise like T-shirts, calendars, mugs, etc. By having merchandise for your business with the name of your pet grooming business printed on them, you can impress clients with a professional look and feel. You can also use this merchandise as giveaways to your customers as it will help your customers to feel more connected with your business.

15) Vehicles Can Also be Your Advertising Material

Cover your vehicle with the promotional banners of your pet grooming business so that it can take the attention of people. You can pay more vehicle owners to repeat the same process of advertising through ads placed on vehicles.

16) Use Add on Services to Make More Income

Apart from pet grooming services, you can also offer related products and services to fetch even more dollar value from your customers. These products and services can include pet food products, daycare services for pets, pet training, etc. You can either provide these services yourself or can partner with the respective providers to offer these add-ons.

17) Run Social Media Contests

Social media contests open up the doors to collective efforts because people start sharing your message with their friends in hope of getting the rewards. You can set conditions that people must tag X number of friends in order to be eligible for getting rewards so that your promotional message would spread faster. If you are thinking about how to set up these contests, then you can utilize any of the various contest apps by searching for them on Google.

18) Animal Welfare Support

Supporting animal welfare-related NGOs and charities is an indirect way to make a potential customer appreciate your business values and ethics. Though it is an indirect marketing method, it can give an extra point in showcasing the best features of your pet grooming service.

19) Community Events are a Big Yes

Participating in community events is a good way to introduce your business to many new faces from your region. These events can be fairs, marathons, gatherings, etc. You can wear custom-printed clothes in such events so as to get attention to your pet grooming business.

20) Start Partnering with the Most Relevant People and Businesses

All such people and businesses that are closely related to pets can be your good partners for referring clients. Some of the good partners for referring and growing your pet grooming business can be pet store owners, veterinary doctors, pet trainers, pet sitters, etc.

21) Get More Attention with Pet Days

There are many pet-related days that your business can celebrate to get more publicity. You can host various types of events or can offer discounts for these days in order to capitalize on such days. You can announce these special promos through the website, social media, influencers, etc.

22) Organize Free/Discounted Checkups of Pets

To get pet owners to take note of your business, you can tie up with a veterinary doctor and can announce free pet health checkups. To lower the cost of organizing such health checkups, you can take in additional sponsors like pet store owners.

23) Capitalize on Before/After Photos

A picture captures more attention than text. This is why you must take before and after photos of pets so that you can show them as your portfolio on your website. You can also periodically share these photos on your social media profiles to get more attention. Additionally, you can hand over before and after pics to the respective pet owners and can ask them to share these pics on their social media along with tagging your business so that your business gets more coverage.

24) Use Interviews Creatively to Grow Your Pet Grooming Business

You can interview pet trainers, veterinary doctors, pet store owners and can publish these interviews on your website and social media. This will not only help in building a healthy relationship with this group of people but will also help to spread your business image when these people will cite the interview on their respective digital media assets like website and social handles.

25) Reach New Levels with Franchise

Offer franchise opportunities for your business so that you can collect revenues from the efforts put in by your franchise partners. There are various guides online that can explain the full model of a franchise business. Though the initial journey of getting franchise partners will be hard, the results will be extraordinary if you become successful in implementing your franchise offer.

26) Actively Carry Out Review Management

If you don’t pay attention to the kind of reviews that are left for your pet grooming business online, your business might suffer. In recent times, a good number of people look for reviews before availing of any product/service which makes it necessary that your business should have positive reviews online. If your business doesn’t have a sufficient number of positive reviews, ask your customers to start leaving feedback online or you can also take this process (of getting positive reviews) one step ahead by incentivizing your customers to leave reviews.

These carefully selected pet grooming marketing ideas can be the game changer for your business. If you have some doubts or want to have a discussion, do let us know in the discussion section below.

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