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24 Perfume Marketing Ideas to Multiply Your Business Revenues

Though the perfume industry is centuries old, there are many popular perfume brands that have dominated this sector. Earlier the most common way of selling perfumes was through a departmental store or a retail outlet but now there are plenty of brands that are able to sell huge stocks directly through online mode. To take your fragrance to the masses, you will require a well-thought-out plan and strategy. Once you start getting the perfume sales rolling, it will become much easier to start scaling your business. This article will detail the best perfume marketing ideas that can be applied to witness magnificent results. Let’s start discussing these ideas:

1) Your Perfume Website Must be More than Design

While a lot of business owners become happy by getting a good-looking website, there are many more things that need to be taken care of. If you don’t pay attention to the minor details that govern your site’s performance, you will not be able to exploit the true potential of your perfume website. Take care of these factors if you are really concerned about maximizing the benefits of your website.

a) Allow a seamless booking and order of perfumes directly from your website along with providing multiple payment options.
b) Visitors coming to your website will browse your site using desktop/laptop as well as mobile phones. So your site resolution must be able to adjust accordingly as per the type of device used by your site visitors.
c) If your site is sluggish to load, expect a 5 to 10 percent loss of visitors. For this, check the loading time of your perfume website and if it’s not a quick loading site, make the necessary corrections and optimization to make it quick loading.
d) All awards, media mentions, achievements, accreditation, and specialties of your business must definitely be highlighted because people won’t buy if they don’t trust your business.
e) Have robust customer support and if possible, use a live chat option on your website because more people will ask away their doubts instantly and this will boost your sales.
f) Provide a specialized and mesmerizing video on the homepage of your website because people are much more moved by videos as compared to text content.

2) Strive for the First Page of Google

Even though millions of websites exist online, most of them don’t even get any significant traffic as the owners of these websites don’t handle their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) well. SEO is the most important factor that influences how well you rank in search engines like Google. Backlinks, content, time on site, secured connection, topical authority, and many more factors are taken into consideration by Google to determine which website will be placed in what position. If you want to rank within the first page of Google, learn SEO and implement it on your perfume business website. If you don’t want to mess up with all these aspects of SEO, better take the assistance of an expert agency in the digital marketing niche.

3) Get Additional Exposure with Local Pack

“Google Local Pack” is the name given to the local business listing that appears on the first page of Google when town/city/locality-specific keywords are typed in Google. The first and foremost criterion for ranking within this pack is to have a Google Business Profile (Google My Business) page. The next criterion is to optimize your Google Business Profile which includes many elements like the number of reviews, citations, location, etc. By influencing the associated elements, you can make your way into this pack. Read on more related to optimizing local pack online to understand and attain a good position or get any third-party professional like a digital agency to manage this task for you.

4) Start Informing, Start Gaining

There is so much that can be written related to the perfume industry. You can select various topics related to perfumes and can start publishing posts on them on your website. Depending on whether you deliver locally or globally, you can focus on local topics related to perfumes or broader topics respectively. As the number of articles starts growing on your website, the number of people coming to your website will also rise which will have a direct impact on your sales. Technically, this method of growing visitors/sales is called content marketing.

5) Let Your Perfume Business be Seen as a Brand

A very important concept in branding is getting placement and coverage on big and reputed sites. Though hiring an expensive public relations firm is beyond the reach of many businesses, a good and cost-effective way to achieve branding of your perfume business along with promoting it is through press release distribution. If your choice of distribution service for press releases is good, you will be amazed to find your press release on sites like Yahoo Finance, Associated Press, etc. You will also be able to proudly display this coverage of your perfume business through your website, social media channels, and other marketing materials.

6) Add an Extra Marketing Channel of Paid Traffic

Advertising your perfume business through Bing ads, Google ads, and Facebook ads is also a good promotion option. Since these ad networks have quality traffic, your perfume business can definitely benefit by placing ads through these platforms. However, getting good results from paid advertising require consistently testing out various keywords, ad groups, and many similar parameters. Inefficiency in ad management may lead to more expense than revenue. So learn ad operation before becoming too excited to run paid ads. In case of an alternate option for efficiently handling of ads, reach out to any digital advertising business.

7) Get Linked with LinkedIn

Unlike sites like Facebook, Twitter that have more of entertainment value, LinkedIn is for serious business. You can reach out to perfume dealers and businesses using LinkedIn and can explore the opportunity to make them your distributor/retailer so that your business will get more ground-level exposure through retail and wholesale shops. You can also find bulk suppliers of raw materials for your perfume business using LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be used in many creative ways to expand your business.

8) Keep Growing Your Social Base

While social media marketing for your perfume business is definitely a good strategy, it will require consistent work from your side initially. Many businesses fail at social media promotion just because they lack the necessary patience to work on it. You must start creating quality posts, sharing other good content, making use of hashtags, interacting with comments/replies, etc to start adding new followers to your profile. You must do these tasks consistently at least for 3-4 months so that your profile would gain at least a few thousand followers. Once a decent following is generated on social media, the speed at which more people will start following your social media profiles will start growing. This growth of your social media presence can be easily converted into sales. To escape all this hassle of daily tasks, you can also appoint a social media manager or agency.

9) Get the Maximum Value from Your Site Visitors

All those visitors who come to your website but do not buy anything must not become a lost opportunity. To effectively utilize your site visitors, have an email collecting opt-in form ready on your website. To compel more visitors to fill out this opt-in form, give good enough reasons like discounts, coupons, ebooks, etc. After having the email addresses of interested prospects, selling to these people becomes an easy task. Further, this email list so compiled will be useful to you for many years as you can start making repeat sales by sending out new offers and schemes every time to your email subscribers.

10) Start Influencing People

Influencers are great marketing resources who can take your perfume brand to their followers. However, for influencer marketing to work in favor of your perfume brand, you must select only those influencers whose followers share a close interest and demographic. For promoting your perfume business through influencers, you can select influencers in the categories of fashion, luxury, etc. Depending upon the nature of your business, you must select local, regional or international influencers accordingly.

11) List Out Your Business in Directories

Big and popular directories like Yelp, HomeAdvisor, NextDoor, etc can provide good backlinks as well as leads/sales. So get your perfume business details listed on all such directories that do perform well in search engines.

12) Video Marketing Can Provide an Extra Edge

Given the fact that videos are far more influential in attracting attention gives them an upper hand in marketing. You can use videos in many ways. First, you can get a professional video made for your perfume business and can put it up on the main landing page of your website so that it works towards increasing the visitor conversion rate for your website. Second, you can create and share videos on your social media pages to get more engagement and visibility. Third, video ads are inexpensive and so you can advertise your video through the YouTube platform. Fourth, videos posted on YouTube can bring more visitors to your business and if you start creating videos on less competition keywords, these videos will have much better chances to rank on Google too which will attract even more traffic/visitors.

13) Give Away Something to Refer/Comeback

To use your current customers for growing your perfume business, you can give them referring coupons or discount codes which they can hand over to others or they can use for their next purchase. This method will grow your dollar value earned per customer.

14) Use Offline Marketing to Complement Your Online Marketing

Depending upon the geographical scale your perfume business has to cover, you can use traditional offline promotion methods too to complement your online methods. Putting ads for your perfume business in newspapers, renting billboards for advertising, distributing leaflets, etc are some of the offline methods of marketing that your perfume business can try.

15) Monitor and Promote Reviews

Nowadays, nothing harms a business as severely as negative reviews. As people are becoming more inclined to seek reviews before buying products/services, reviews are becoming significant like never before. So ensure high quality in your perfume business along with asking people to leave their feedback in order to maintain a positive image of your business online. Negative reviews, if left for your business, must be actively addressed by communicating with the client who has done so.

16) Make Use of Shoppable Posts

Instagram and Pinterest are two big social networks that allow people to shop directly with a pin or post on these platforms. So start bulking up photos on these platforms so that whenever perfume-related topics are searched on these platforms, your business will have a good probability of making sales.

17) Use Contests to Spread Your Business

There are apps using which you can hold contests on social media along with taking care of the conditions that need to be fulfilled for deciding a qualified action. For example: you can set preconditions (in app) like referring 3 other profiles on social media to be eligible for rewards. This way you can enable a chain of referring posts that will grow organically on social media along with promoting your perfume brand.

18) Use Inexpensive Video Ads

Video ads on YouTube are far less expensive as compared to rates on Google search ads and Facebook ads. So you can promote your perfume brand inexpensively using ads on YouTube.

19) Use Big Online Platforms

List your perfume inventory on sites like Amazon, Etsy, and more such sites that receive millions of visits every month. By making use of these big platforms, your sales volume will increase considerably.

20) Play with Your Packaging

Until and unless someone buys your perfume, he/she will not know how your perfume smells. So before getting into the hands of a customer, your perfume brand will rely mostly on visual appeal. This is why you must test a few different variations of your perfume packaging and design in order to finalize the one that makes the most impact in catching the attention of more people.

21) Hand Out Free Samples

Everyone likes free samples, but that doesn’t mean you have to provide free samples of your perfume to random people. Give away free sample sets of your perfume to fashion bloggers, Youtubers with large subscribers, Instagram fashion models, etc. This way you can receive reviews from them along with getting publicity for your perfume brand to the followers of these people.

22) Utilize Google Shopping Ads

When you integrate your perfume inventory with Google shopping ads, your perfumes will be liable to show up on the topmost section of Google searches for perfume-related keywords. This will result in growing the sales of your perfumes.

23) Connect With Distributors

Reach out to retail perfume stores, and departmental stores and enquire them about the distributors of perfumes. This way you can locate the distributors of perfumes in various regions after which you can tie up with these distributors to get your perfumes spread across hundreds of retail outlets. This process if gets successful will allow bulk sales of your perfumes.

24) Get an Affiliate Program Ready

You won’t have to handle all the promotions yourself all the time. By creating an affiliate program, you can utilize the efforts of many individuals who will promote your perfume brand to get a share out of every bottle of perfume sold through their affiliate link.

This concludes our handpicked marketing ideas for a perfume business. We welcome queries, comments, and discussion and you can ask anything relevant in the comment box below.

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