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Perfect Exhibition Press Release Tips with Template and Sample

An exhibition wouldn’t become a success if people don’t know about it. If you want to get more people to know and attend your art/photo exhibition, then the first thing to do is to get the word out in the public. An exhibition press release is one of the best ways to get the announcement seen by a large number of people. Writing and distributing a PR (press release) wouldn’t yield good results if you remain unaware of basic writing and distribution tips. To ensure good guidance, we have provided all the essential materials that are required for a press release. You can go through the exhibition-related template, sample, tips to get a clear understanding. Let us understand all these aspects one by one:

Aim: Announcing an exhibition using press releases with the goal of reaching a maximum number of people.

Tools: The tools provided for achieving the results are sample template, example, important writing tips and key benefits. We have also provided content on the distribution network to make certain that you get good results out of it.

Exhibition Template: The template for announcing an exhibition through a press release is given below


[Headline] /* Name of exhibition company/entity + main focus of press release (new art/photography/group/gallery exhibition) + attractive news angle */

[Sub-heading] /*A summary of 2-3 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Exhibition company name], a [renowned/emerging] name in [art/photography industry], is enthusiastic for the launch of its upcoming at [location] on [date]. [Who are target people + how they can benefit and participate + what type of art]. [Special offers for visitors/participants].

[Past work of company + achievements + key people in the company and their work experience] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from President/Head of the company]

[Briefly talk on new trends and happenings in the industry + expected growth/changes in the industry + how this exhibition serves/adds value to the industry] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a artist/client/sponsor]

[talk about what is exciting about this exhibition]. To get more details on this [announcement/exhibition/art], visit [website/social media] or reach at [email/phone number].

About [Exhibition Company]

[Company background (when established, by whom, initial days) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Important Benefits of an Exhibition Press Release

Swift Coverage

Your exhibition press release will get distributed across hundreds of sites within 24 hours. This swift and extensive coverage will have a wave action on your announcement i.e. your announcement will be seen by traffic spread on these sites. It can also get highlighted on Google for certain keywords if you use SEO effects and good distribution.

Positive Perception of Your Exhibition

With millions of sites existing online, only a few percent of them are deemed credible. Good PR platforms have the sources to get your release on some of these reputed platforms due to which all entities associated with the exhibition will get the benefit. Be it artists, sponsors, organizers, all of them will get an advantage if news covering them lands on reputed portals.

Wise Usage

Since an exhibition lasts a few days only, it would not be wise to utilize extra costly marketing methods. A press release gives the right return on investment for a one-time cost.

Long Term Benefits for Site

Though the exhibition may last for a few days, the link power attained through PR distribution will be long-lasting for the sites. This means that the sites mentioned in the press release will gain link power and a good portfolio of links which will be beneficial for their ranking in Google. The good ranking thus attained will attract more traffic and conversions.

Opens Bigger Potential

With big PR portals being subscribed by journalists and bloggers, the press releases also reach them. If the PR is catchy and unique, then there are greater possibilities of it being covered on other avenues like news portals too.

Expert Tips for Writing an Exhibition Press Release

1. Plan Well in Advance

Don’t send press release just 1-2 days before the starting date of the exhibition as it might not get you good results. The best time is 7-10 days ahead of the actual exhibition date so that the distribution and pick up is over and it would get time for being noticed on various portals.

2. Take Good Use of Images

Images convey much better than text and they are more suited when it comes to the exhibition. Since a PR portal would limit the usage of images, the best way to achieve this is to upload the images on the official site or social network and then provide the link to the URL. This way people can get a better feel and can feel more inclined towards the exhibition.

3. Highlight Specialities

Everyone first looks for their own gain. This is true for press releases too. Make sure to highlight what the participants/attendees will get out of the exhibition. To add more weight to your plans, mention any special offers/discounts or successes of past exhibitions.

4. Big Promotion is a Big No

Though you would like to promote your exhibition through PR, you must ensure that the promotional aspect of PR is very minimal so that it doesn’t get disapproved by the publishing platform.

5. Keep it Simple

With people having a short attention span, no one would like to spend time understanding technical or flowery words. So make sure that the PR is easy to understand and any average reader can easily get the content.

6. No Second Chance

If you write content on your own site, you have the advantage of correcting any errors later. But with PR, this is not the case as the sites included in a PR distribution chain are under different ownership. This will create a herculean task if you would like to approach each of them for corrections. So you must make content by keeping in mind that there are no chances for late corrections.

7. Way of Conveying

The same thing can be conveyed in different ways. If you use the typical way of sending press releases which are used by hundreds of others, then you will get the same results that they get i.e. insignificant results. To make your PR go big, you must invest some time to articulate different methods of saying the same thing. You must use your creativity to do so. The results of creatively written content are much better than average written content. One important thing to note here is that creative writing does not imply using clickbait headlines or controversial statements.

8. Who will appear in media contact?

There are many people involved in organizing an exhibition. You must first select the most responsible person who can attend to calls and emails and must provide his details in the media contact of the PR to ensure that you do not miss any opportunity.

9. Distribution Choice

The Choice of distribution can make or break your entire PR campaign. There are poor, average and good service providers in every field. If your service provider cannot get you coverage on reputed platforms, then you won’t get the good benefits of issuing an exhibition press release.

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