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Painting Marketing Ideas: 28 Effective Tips to Get More Customers

You have the necessary training, practical experience and willingness to provide a good customer experience, still, if you don’t make use of good marketing strategies for promoting your painting company or business, you will lag behind the big players in your region. With a powerful marketing strategy, it is easy to compete with big and established businesses. These painting marketing ideas are the crux of all the good methods that can be used to get more painting customers. These tips are:

1) Make the Best Use of Your Website

To make a website for your painting business, it hardly takes a few days. However, to use it effectively for getting the most out of it, it requires certain changes to be implemented so that your painting website can be successful in converting the maximum number of site visitors into customers. Some top changes that you must consider implementing are:

a) Give away a free inspection and quote offer on your website so that the potential client would quickly get n touch with you.
b) For getting calls quickly, display your contact number at the most promising location on your website and with a bigger font size.
c) Display a menu of your previous work to instill trust in your work.
d) Set up a video introduction of your painting business on your site’s homepage as videos are better at convincing people.
e) Display trust elements like testimonials, recognition, accreditation, etc on your website.
f) Check your website design for mobile-friendliness and loading time and improve it if the site is not mobile-friendly or slow.

2) Utilize all Prominent Ranking Directories

Yelp, HomeAdvisor, NextDoor, etc are a few good examples of those directories that continue to rank for thousands of local businesses and services on Google. If you get your painting business listed on such directories, it can easily give you a few extra painting leads every month.

3) Get Press Releases Published

A great painting business marketing strategy to attract more exposure is by distributing press releases. The real power of a press release results due to its big distribution because 100’s of sites republish the content created by you. This republishing of press releases causes a big traffic spike as well as the creation of new high-quality links to your website. These new links resulting from a press release will raise your site’s search engine ranking as a result of which your site benefits in the long run. To avail the maximum benefits from a press release, choose your press release distribution provider wisely.

4) Show Up for Local Painting Keywords on Search Engines

If you want your painting website to get organic traffic from search engines, a basic necessity is to have your website ranked high in search engines. Just as a physical business needs a good location to enjoy more footfalls to its business, similarly your painting website needs a good ranking. If people do not see your website on the front page of Google when they type search terms like “painting services in [City Name]”, “painting contractors in [city name]”, etc, then it is certain that you will miss such potential customers to some of your competing painting businesses. To appear on the first page of Google search results, you will need to take care of a process called search engine optimization (SEO) which involves handlings various aspects of your website. There are many agencies where you can outsource the SEO of your website or if you have sufficient time, you can educate yourself on SEO and can start handling it yourself.

5) Start Generating More Content

If your website has just a few pages/posts, the traffic that your site will get will also be less. If you consistently keep on publishing articles about your painting business, more of these pages will get indexed in search engines leading to an increase in site traffic as well. This is how content plays a role in growing your business. Regarding topics, you can address common concerns and queries related to your services or can also take inputs from any good keyword explorer tool like Ahrefs.

6) Have Your Google Local Business Page Ready and Optimized

For local businesses, “Google My Business” is a game-changer in terms of business promotion and customer acquisition. In addition to the organic listings, Google displays a special area with three curated results for local queries. These three results are taken from Google My Business pages of local businesses. Google considers a variety of factors for selecting and displaying results within these three local results pack. The frequency and prominence with which your painting business is featured in this area will depend on how much optimization have you done for your Google My Business (GMB) page. Since the optimization of GMB page requires a professional understanding of all key elements, the best option is to get the support of a professional internet marketing agency. In case you would like to get all the optimization processes yourself, you can take the help of any GMB optimization guide or tutorials.

7) Online Paid Advertising Through Big Networks

Do you know that paid advertising can generate additional leads to your painting business much faster than getting leads through organic SEO? Google Ads is known to provide quick and efficient results for businesses and services in no time. Running paid advertising on renowned ad networks of Google, Facebook, and Bing is one of the best ways to start generating more leads rapidly. Facebook is the second best to Google among the many advertising platforms available online. However, if you are starting with paid ads for advertising your painting business, you need to be careful while spending the budget because inefficient ad management can drain your budget quickly while giving minimal results. Hence in order to avoid such losses and to make the most out of your preferred ads platform, it is advisable to either become familiar with the ad management basics on these platforms or hire a skilled marketing firm.

8) Start Making Use of Custom Merchandise

Pens, mugs, diaries, fancy items, T-shirts, etc are some of the fancy items that can be custom printed with your painting company/business name on it. By giving out these small things of utility, your painting business can make a good and lasting impression of your business which can not only get you repeat orders but also more referrals.

9) Get More Local Customers with Social Media Strategy

More businesses are now considering social media marketing because it is a free yet useful platform for getting businesses and services noticed. Any business can create a big following of local people on such platforms and can thereafter start promoting their products/services. Though a business or service will have to spend some time building its follower base, the process of getting more followers after this stage becomes very easy. This is why you will find that many businesses who are serious about social media marketing hire specialized marketing firms to help grow their business on social media

10) Influencers are a New Promotional Strategy

One good way to market your painting service on social media platforms is by getting your advertising done by a real person who commands influence on such platforms. Commonly known by the term “influencers”, these people can post the promotional messages of your business on their profiles so that their followers will engage with such content. Usually, the number of followers for such people ranges from a few thousand. The only thing that you must see before finalizing a deal with an influencer is that majority of his/her followers should be local (from your region).

11) Referrals can Bring More Revenue

It is a very natural human behavior that they tend to have more faith in recommendations made by their close ones as compared to advertisements done by businesses. By understanding and taking advantage of this human behavior, you can grow your sales if you come up with a strategy that will make your customers promote your painting business to their social circles. By giving coupons to refer your business, you can get this process started and this will in turn fetch you more clients as a result of direct promotions done by your current clients.

12) Don’t Get Loose on Email Marketing

If your business starts collecting the email addresses of your site visitors, it will soon reach a position where it will have a few hundred to thousand people as email subscribers. After this stage, your business will be in a position to get more sales from time to time by broadcasting new offers to your email subscribers. It will also work in boosting the loyalty of these email subscribers to your business due to a constant line of interaction between your business and them. In view of all these factors, email marketing is a must-have promotional strategy for your painting business.

13) Witness Faster Growth with LinkedIn

In order to get big and long-term contracts for your painting services, one of the basic requirements is to build a good rapport with high-end businesses and companies from your region. The most suitable platform that can enable this process is Linkedin because it is the largest professional network in the world. So get a profile ready on LinkedIn and start sending contact requests and building relations with big local businesses and companies.

14) Videos Can Get You More Sales

When it comes to impacting human decisions, videos beat all other forms of content as they engage both our eyes and ears together. Create a list of low search volume keywords related to your painting business and start posting videos about them on YouTube. You will soon find that many of such videos are also ranking on Google search results. This process when repeated for some time will start compounding the traffic and sales to your website and business respectively. To get even better results, you can start sharing such videos on social media too especially on local Facebook groups.

15) Keep Gathering Good Reviews and Good Growth

Nowadays, it has become easy to make a judgment about a business based on the kind of reviews it has gained online. This factor of reviews has both push and pull effects based on the kind of reviews your business has online. They are the new vehicles for word-of-mouth publicity and in order to prevent your customers from choosing any other competing business online, your painting business must have more favorable ratings than that of your competitors. A good way out to gain more reviews for your business is to send the link of your “Google Business Profile” to your customers through email/text so that your customers can easily leave reviews.

16) Get More Painting Work with Good Portfolio

Convincing by visual means works way better than convincing by text and words. So in order to get more painting clients, keep an active portfolio of your past work and use this portfolio in both offline and online marketing materials to convince your clients about the quality of your work. You can provide the link to this portfolio on your website and even on your social media profiles.

17) Get More Customers Using Big Banners on Customers’ Premises

Get big banners and lawn boards made for your painting company/business and show them off on the premise of your customer till the time your painting work is on. This will catch the attention of the neighbors of your customers along with the traffic moving across that particular house/shop/office. This can lead to more calls and work for your painting business.

18) Book Customers by Direct Inspection

Go out to different localities and start paying attention to the exteriors of all the homes. Contact all these homeowners whose exteriors are looking dull or dirty. You can schedule a few minutes every day to go through various streets and localities in order to get the most potential prospects who might require paintwork.

19) Set up a Reminder System

For every customer served by you, note down their email address and phone number. Near the completion time of one year of your painting service on their house or office, send them a text or email reminder that your painting company or business has served them last year and they can avail of your service again for a discounted price.

20) Make Different Service Pages for Different Localities on Your Site

Make a list of all the prominent localities of your region where you can offer your painting work. After this, start creating dedicated pages for all these localities on your website so that these pages can have good chances to rank on google for various locality-related searches like “Painters in [ABC locality]”, etc.

21) Get Your Business Cards Ready for Promotion

Be ready to hand out your business cards to every person whom you come in contact with. This method can be effectively carried out at large in various local events. This is a simple step to introduce your painting business to a big chunk of the population.

22) Use Local Events to Introduce Your Business

Get your painting business represented at all the major local events and gatherings that are taking place in your city and start introducing your business to all the attendees of such events and gatherings. An extra step that you can take for making this method more effective is by becoming a sponsor or co-sponsor of such events.

23) Utilize Good Partnerships to Gain More Work

Brainstorm all the kinds of businesses and services that can send you customers regularly and start asking them to refer your painting business. Some good potential partners in this category can be moving services, hardware stores, realtors, paint-selling businesses, etc.

24) Use Vehicles for On-Road Promotions

Get your vehicle covered with your business ad so that your vehicle itself can be a tool for promoting your painting business while you are driving on the road. By spending a few more dollars, you can get such advertising done on other vehicles by offering commissions to the vehicle owners.

25) Keep an Eye on Recently Sold Houses in Your Area

By taking note of all the recently sold houses in your area, you can approach the new homeowners with the offer of your painting services. As new homeowners are more likely to get the painting work done, they can be hot prospects for your painting services.

26) Get More Business with Vanity Phone Numbers

People can remember special vanity phone numbers (like: 857-PAINTER) way more easily as compared to traditional numbers. By marketing your vanity phone numbers on various mediums, you can get more people to call such numbers and avail of your painting services.

27) Make Use of Affiliates to Promote Your Painting Business

Join any leading pay-per-call network as an advertiser and bring forth your offer of a certain amount for every qualified call. By doing this, you can get many affiliates who will use their own resources to advertise your painting business in order to make commissions for themselves.

28) Do Employ Traditional Strategies of Offline Marketing

Getting ads for your painting services in local newspapers, buying ads on prominent billboards, distributing flyers, face-to-face marketing, etc are some common traditional offline marketing methods that can bring more painting customers. As most offline marketing methods are non-targeted, so you must approach offline marketing of your painting company/business with more precaution so as to prevent overspending on it.

We hope that this write-up can help you to speed up the growth of your painting business. Let us know your input on these methods using the comment box below.

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