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21 Organic Food Marketing Ideas for Increased Growth and Revenue

With a rise in concern for health and fitness, the demand for natural and organic food is magnifying every day. However, with an increase in demand, the competition in the organic food market segment has also heightened. While it is a promising business to own, it takes some clever marketing strategies to make it one of the leading ones along with a big revenue-generating business. Therefore, here are some organic food marketing ideas that you can adopt to grow your organic food business.

1) Full Fledged Website

Nothing is as essential requirement for online marketing of your organic food business than a website. Your website serves as your digital store and thereby it must have certain factors in order to convert the incoming visitors into clients. Regularly update all the organic food products you offer with their prices and discounts (if you are offering any discounts), and make sure there are pictures on every page to make your visitors more inclined to order the products. Do not forget to include reviews from your customers to make your website appear more legitimate. Include your contact details on the top and most visible part of your website.

Do not forget to add a Q&A section and mention all the potential questions that users visiting your website might ask. Enable the users to enter their queries in the Q&A section and/or online chat and respond to them as soon as you can. Put up a video (on your website) showcasing the best things about your organic food store. Further, make your website fast loading and with adjustable resolution on different types of devices.

2) Improve Your Website’s Search Appearance

An efficient and well-designed website is of little use if people can’t locate the website when they search for keywords relevant to your business in search engines like Google and Bing. To make sure that your website pops up on Google (and other search engines) for search queries like “organic food store near me” and “organic food store in [LOCATION]”, it is necessary to have the right search engine optimization (SEO) done for your website. Once a good SEO is ensured, your organic food store will start receiving customers passively from search engines. There are many factors that count towards the right SEO strategy and you can easily outsource this task to any competent SEO agency.

3) Get Clients from GMB

“Google My Business” also called GMB listings, in short, are the ones which pop up in Google search results whenever local goods/services are searched for. Since currently only 3 most relevant results are shown, you must make sure to get your organic store listed in the top 3. For this, several things are considered like relevancy, reviews, references, etc and any knowledgeable freelancer or agency can set it out for your business.

4) Try Content Marketing for Long-Term Flow of Customers

Organic food is a broad category, you can extract many less competitive search queries which are relevant to organic foods. By making content on all such sub-topics within the organic food category, you can have a big set of pages that will constantly drive new visitors to your website and business. You can also write on new organic food recipes to add more content to your website. Do not forget to mention all the products used in the recipe and their links, for customers to purchase them if they like the recipe. If you don’t have the time to do so, you can hire any content writer or can outsource it to any agency.

5) Grow Using Press Releases

To easily and effortlessly spread your content or announcement (in news format) on hundreds of websites, press releases are the most budget-friendly approach. Distributing press releases also ensures quick traffic and building of the brand image of the concerned business. However, selecting the right distributing platform is the key role player here. So you must definitely send out press releases often to avail all the benefits associated with press release marketing.

6) Grow Faster with Paid Promotions

Paid advertisements, especially pay per click ads (PPC) on Google, are an assured way of reaching your target audience quickly. By paying for displaying your ads to a particular segment of people who type relevant keywords in Google, your business gets more exposure and consequently more sales. Another big site for running paid ads is Facebook, though the targeting parameters are different than that in Google. To ensure that positive return is ensured from paid advertising of your organic food business, constantly tracking the ad campaigns and optimizing the keywords and bids is necessary. Many resources are there online which show the methods to run successful ad campaigns on popular platforms like Bing, Google and Facebook.

7) Start A Youtube Channel

There are millions of people browsing Youtube for tempting recipes and that’s just the right audience for promoting your organic food products. Hire a recipe specialist and start a youtube channel. Upload tempting cooking and recipe videos for your followers every day, do not forget to mention all the products used for creating certain dishes and also mention your website and contact details in the video credits. Add the link to your products and your website in the video description to make it easy for your followers to access and buy your products. This method can help in growing your organic food business beyond the geographical limit as people from all over the world can see and buy your products.

8) Add Business Details on High Ranking Directories

For search keywords related to your business, note down all the big directories that show up high in search engines like Google. These will be sites like Yelp, Nextdoor, etc. Create your account on these directories and add your business details. This little and one-time step can open the door to extra organic food leads every month. Since these sites enjoy a favorable ranking and consequently traffic, your organic food business too will be able to get visibility and leads by marking your business presence on these sites.

9) Do Some Local Research to Find Medium Scale Clients

The right path to market your business doesn’t always start on a bigger scale, there are always some little routes that are extremely essential for substantial changes to occur. You can find local stores that buy organic food products either by visiting different local stores or by hiring any employee to do so. Once you get some stores that are ready to source from you, you can get a few recurring clients for your organic food products.

10) Target Offline Advertising Near Gyms, Fitness Centers, etc

Make a list of all locations where health-conscious people are most likely to gather. These places can be gyms, fitness centers, parks, etc. Buy advertising space on billboards near these locations and advertise your organic food products. This can make the local potential customers aware of your presence. Within the advertising space, you can also offer a heavily discounted offer for first-time customers in order to let the potential customers get a feel of your products.

11) Hand out Pamphlets and Brochures

Distribute well-designed pamphlets and brochures containing the health and lifestyle benefits of organic food, followed by the deals and discounts offered by your business. This will persuade the customers into taking action. You can also ask the gym and fitness center owners to get the pamphlets and brochures distributed to their customers for predecided fees.

12) Host a Free Seminar by an Expert Fitness Trainer or Doctor

Get a free seminar hosted in your area to disseminate the benefits of organic food. Call any reputed doctor or fitness expert to address the audience along with explaining the various benefits that organic food can do to their health. You can also get some good dishes made from organic food followed by handing out free samples for everyone to try out. You can collect the email addresses of all the attendees and can remain in touch with them to build a strong customer base along with the periodic promotion of your organic food products.

13) Introduce A Home Delivery Service

A lot of your customers who want to buy your products might not be able to visit personally, a home delivery service would be extremely handy in such cases. Start a home delivery service and emphasize more on morning deliveries as that is the time when people order fresh fruits and vegetables the most. Be quick with deliveries, and deliver products within a twenty-thirty-minute time limit. The faster you are with your deliveries, the more customers you will generate. A home delivery service will help you sell your organic food products not just in your area but in distant towns and cities as well. Do not forget to mention your delivery services and timings on your website for more reach.

14) Host a Cooking Competition

Hosting events is a great way to gather a crowd. Organize a cooking competition in order to market your organic food products. Ask the participants to make dishes using your organic food products and the winners would win exciting prizes. This will surely attract a massive audience to the event which in turn will be a publicity tool for your business too.

15) Say Yes To Influencer Marketing

Influencers have a massive loyal following on social media. You can pair up with these influencers to advertise your organic food products. You could try out some cooking or health niche influencers who can share your organic food advertising materials on their social media profiles. This process can also generate new followers to your business profile on such platforms.

16) Get An App Customized For Your Business

To stay ahead in the game, you can get your own business app developed. This app will make things immensely simple for you and your customers. An app will make it efficient and simple for your customers to place their orders and track their delivery. You can also add a “purchase reminder” feature to your app so that users can set an alarm for the purchases they need to make and your app can notify them when it’s the right time. Also, allow the users to set reminders for special events so that your app can notify them with product suggestions in advance for the event and they can make a purchase out of the listed suggestions.

17) Collaborate With Some Health Nutritionists

People often go to health nutritionists and doctors to get recommendations on their diet and overall health. Collaborate with some popular health nutritionists and ask them to recommend your products to their customers. This will certainly do wonders for marketing your organic food business. The nutritionist can personalize the diet and you can help provide the products to their customers.

18) Introduce Your Own Custom Merchandise

Introduce your business’s very own personalized merchandise. Like a recycled bag with your business’s logo and contact details on it. Deliver your organic food products in that bag. This will give your brand considerable exposure when your customers use that bag for any other purpose. You can also get customized calendars, pens, diaries, etc printed with your business details followed by handing it over to your present and potential customers.

19) Launch Your Very Own Recipe Book

Find a celebrity chef and launch your very own recipe book. Make this recipe book available through various means including free distribution, rewards, etc. Mention the organic foods used in the recipes along with your contact details to order the organic products. Another clever marketing tactic you can adopt is to share this book in PDF form in various PDF sharing directories online so that your products can get customers worldwide. You can also ask the owners of big Facebook groups in your city to distribute the ebook freely to the group members, thereby boosting your client base.

20) Utilize Mobile Advertising

Advertising on mobile phones is cheap as compared to traditional PPC advertising. You can join any mobile advertising network as an advertiser and can start showing your organic food ads in your target location. You can also run ads on grocery shopping apps in order to get more recognition for your organic food store.

21) Catch Big Sharks Using LinkedIn

To find big companies that source organic products, LinkedIn is the right platform. Make an account on LinkedIn and initiate contacts with top-level employees of companies that require organic products regularly. By getting into contact with such high-end clients, you can very easily take your organic food business to next level.

The steps mentioned here provide a sure-shot way to help you market your organic food products. For any questions, doubts or additional tips that you would like to share, do utilize the comment section below.

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