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New Store Opening Press Release with Example, Tips and Template

A new store is a new business opportunity and as with any business, unless you advertise it, you won’t get good results. So once you are set to open a new store, the next step is to announce it online so as to get attention for your opening. The press release issued to announce your new store will carry information like the location, date, type of product/services and all similar things that are relevant and closely associated with the store. With this article, we intend to address all the elements that are required for a successful store opening press release. You will find a premade template, example and distribution tips along with the benefits of such PR. Let us get started with the core subject.

Aim: To use a press release for announcing a new store and to learn all the tips that are essential for its successful publishing and distribution.

Tools: For any aim, a certain process and mechanism are employed to achieve it. Similarly, the tools given here for achieving the aim are a template, sample, distribution tips, benefits and tips for writing.

Template: The new store announcement template is given below


[Headline] /* [Company/Business Name] + Announces New [Store/Business] + in [Place] + attractive news angle (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* Short Summary of 2-3 sentences */

[Location City], [Date]. [Company Name or Business name], [area in which it functions], is excited to announce its [new store/business] in [location + date]. [Any special feature of the region + nearby landmarks + products and services offered + any offer for new customers or on opening day]

[Key people of the new store + their experience + how this store will benefit customers and company] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a C Level Executive on New Store]

[Current industry/sector trends + potential of industry + future plans] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from any other team member/staff]

To get more information on our new store, contact [email/phone] or visit [link of official website].

About [Business or Company Name]

[Background (when established, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /* official email */
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]


The top benefits that you can get with a store opening press release is as follows

1 Right Buzz with Right Speed

Since the number of sites involved in a PR distribution system is high (in 100’s), so the combined effect of this distribution is also great and fast. A normal PR easily gets 100’s to 1000’s of views within a week of the PR announcement. This is one of the key benefits related to PR distribution due to which many businesses routinely issue press releases for announcing changes related to their business/company.

2 Indirect Benefit to Official Website

If you have mentioned the live URL of your website in the press release, then you get an added advantage in the form of new links for your website. These new links created as a result of the press release helps towards the betterment of your sites’ visibility in search engines which in turn helps to get more traffic/visits and sales.

3 Immortality of Announcement

It will not be technically correct to say that your store PR will be immortal online but as compared to many other means of marketing, it will have a very long life. There are many press releases that are live for 12-15 years and can be easily found by people if they use the right combination of keywords that matches the subject of the press release.

4 Get Set Branding

One easy and do-it-yourself way of branding is by using press releases to get featured on famous news portals. This is why many businesses, agencies and individuals that are aware of this fact regularly issue press releases.

Writing Tips

Before you start writing the press release for announcing the store opening, note these factors

1 Keep it Uncomplicated

The words used in your store opening PR must not be industry-specific jargon or unfamiliar words. People usually scan through PR quickly and if they find it complicated to understand, then ultimately your announcement will get less interaction.

2 Errors Become Blunders in PR

Since a PR is deemed to be the official statement of a company or business, any errors in the PR get magnified by a PR distribution. This is because once it gets live on 100’s of sites, you won’t have many options to get it corrected because of the different editing procedures and responses of the involved sites.

3 Can you make it Innovative?

People go through the same format of professional-looking press releases everyday. Can you add some unique angle to set it apart from the rest? If you can do so, then be ready for getting big attention to your new store opening PR both in terms of voluntary coverage and readership. One common method is to link the PR content with some recent trends in the relevant industry.

4 Key Ideas Must not be Missed

Every PR has at least one central idea to convey and many other things tied to the central idea. These associated ideas supplement the core idea and provide a level of completion to the PR. If you miss out on these, then your PR will be incomplete and it would not give proper results.

5 Use PR Space Wisely

For most PR services, they have an upper limit for the number of words that you can use. If you have written a mega article of 1000-2000 words for PR, then it will not be picked up by a good number of syndication partners which will, in turn, cause negative results.

6 Increase Engagement with Different File Types

Do you know that people tend to remember images and videos much more than plain text? You can utilize this factor to generate more engagement for your PR. You can go to a freelance site and can order images and videos (if you are not good at it).

7 Avoid Making it Casual

If you utilize words like My, I, Our or any of the first or second person words, then your press release would get rejected as using such words render a PR unprofessional and very casual. So make sure to avoid such words except in the quotes section of PR.

8 The End Must be Grand

Writing a PR is the starting process, it gets concluded with a distribution. If the distribution is not proper, then all the efforts that you had put in writing the PR would go in vain. So to ensure that the end of your PR writing gets a grand conclusion, opt for high-quality distribution.

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