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New Salon Announcement Press Release with Template, Example and Tips

Every business likes to get the maximum possible publicity for its new start. If you are going to open a salon, you would definitely like to get as much coverage for this event (opening) as it can. One of the commonly applied methods for getting announcements out online is through press releases. A salon press release can land your announcement in front of thousands of people in a short period of time. This article will explain to you every titbit of getting a good visibility through a press release. You will find template, example, tips and benefits in this article. So let us get started with it.

Aim: To announce the opening of a salon through a press release and to get maximum distribution and visibility for it.

Tools: To complete the aim listed above, you will need template, example, writing tips and benefits of the salon PR (press release). Apart from this, we have also explained the process of choosing a good distribution partner for ensuring good results.

Sample Template: The template for a salon press release is given below


[Headline] /* New salon name + main focus of press release (opening/expansion etc) + attractive news angle */

[Sub-heading] /*A summary of 2-3 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Salon Name] is excited to announce [type of announcement like new opening] at [location + date]. [what facilities will be provided + how can customers benefit + any special offer for new customers + booking/appointment/attending procedure].

[Key people of salon + their work experience + achievements, if any]. (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from head/manager of the salon]

[Recent trends in this industry + future potential + how this announcement is relevant to targeted people] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a client/partner/staff]

For detailed information on this announcement, visit [website/social media].

About [Salon Business]

[Background (when established, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like Gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Salon press release benefits

By announcing your salon opening through press releases, you can get the following benefits:

Quick Attention Online

No one wants to grow their business slowly. A press release is one mechanism that can quickly broadcast your announcement across 250+ sites (average basic coverage for a PR) within a few days. This fast distribution can get the ball rolling by generating readership for the grand opening of your salon.

Helps in Local Business Listing in Google

Google has introduced local listings for local search terms. One of the key factors that determine the ranking of a business in local listings (maps and 3 column pack) is the number of sites linking to a business. By getting a press release out online, you generate 100’s of such links shortly which helps in pushing your ranking up for local search terms and thereby increasing sales.

Boosts Credibility

If you are a customer and you want to select a good salon, would you be inclined to select a salon that has no significant presence online or a salon that has 100’s of sites talking about it? Most people would go by the second choice. A press release brings a mega influence on your online presence by getting multiple sites to cover the story thereby boosting credibility.

Opens Door to Bigger Potential

Many sites and portals that cover news on recent startups and businesses lookout for new stories regularly. By issuing a press release, you stand a good chance to get noticed. If the press release is combined with creative writing, it can boost the potential to get picked up by news portals and industry-specific sites which can accelerate your brand identity and sales.

Attracts Partners/Investors/Sponsors

Any potential partner or investor would like to invest in a company/business that has a good reputation. Press releases help in building the reputation which can act as an added advantage for getting partners/investors.

The As Seen on Advantage

If you choose a good press release distribution partner, you can get your salon announcement on top sites like Yahoo Finance. Once you make it to reputed sites, you can use the “As seen on.. ” logo on your official website and on your physical store to boost your credentials [and also to boast of your reputation :)]

Writing Tips for a Perfect Salon Announcement Press Release

1 Simple is sweet

Though academicians might like strong vocabulary skills, this is just not the case with press releases. People won’t search for meanings of industry-specific words or complex words to understand your press release. You must, therefore, keep your press release simple to understand to make sure that it gets good readership and distribution

2 Avoid Basic Mistakes

Don’t make mistakes like spelling errors, factual errors, wrong formatting, etc because it will ultimately hurt your company/brand image if it gets published. Most big distribution sites have strict editorial checks and they can ask for correcting the mistakes before publishing but if they miss checking, it will be your business reputation that will be affected.

3 Headline is The First Impression Generator

There are 100’s of press release-related emails and feeds that reach the journalists every day. Given the sheer volume of emails, they just do not have the time to go through each one of them. You only have some seconds to catch their attention through the headline of your PR. So the best creativity must be applied to framing a strong and catchy headline. Also note that during this process, you must not make the headline too long as different PR platforms have a different character limits for headline/title.

4 They First

While writing the PR, try to list all points to convince the reader on “what is in for them?”. This is because people have an innate tendency to think of their benefit first. To do this, you must pay attention to understanding your target demographic first and then write accordingly.

5 Pay Attention to the Length of PR

Longer press releases do not get a good level of attention. Explain key points in a minimum number of words. If you want to provide detailed information, provide a link to the URL where people can find more information. The best range for the word limit of a PR is 600-700 words.

6 Third-Person Writing

This is applicable to all types of press releases. Except for the quote section, you must not use words like I, You, We, etc anywhere in the press release as these words are direct referencing words and prohibited by PR portals as they make a PR sound unprofessional.

7 Make Full Use of Multimedia

Words are not as strong in conveying ideas as images and videos. This is why people tend to forget text material much sooner than images. You must gather all relevant multimedia (photos, videos) and must upload it on a website and provide a link to access it in the press release. This will let people interact with your content and ideas much better.

8 Distribution can Flip the Game

There are several PR distribution sites today. People who are naive in selecting PR usually fall into the trap of quantity. They get attracted towards a vendor who can get their PR’s distributed on a maximum number of sites. This is a wrong strategy as Google has started to index and show only a few quality PRs due to redundant content posted on multiple sites. So choose a vendor that can get your announcement on major sites like Yahoo, AP, etc as they not only have good traffic but they do have a high ranking in Google.

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