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New Product Launch Press Release Template, Sample and Tips (Detailed)

If you have a new product to announce in the public and you want to get media attention, then there cannot be a better start than a press release announcement. Due to many benefits of a press release distribution (discussed later in this article), it is the top preferred means to attract fast attention to an announcement. A product launch press release not only covers various details about the product, but also gets distributed on many news portals due to which the initial traffic (visitors) generated is high. In this post, we have covered all the various dimensions required to get such a press release done successfully.

Aim: To announce a new product online successfully using a press release.

Tools: To get your product launch press release to get the desired results successfully, the tools given here are template, example, tips for distribution and writing along with the major benefits of such a press release.

Template: For a PR for a new product launch, the template is given below


[Headline] /* [Company Name] + Launches + [Product Name along with Strongest Feature] + attractive news angle (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* 2-3 sentences for summary */

[Location City], [Date]. [Company name], a [emerging/new/established] name in [type of sector/industry] has launched [product name] on [place and date if applicable]. Main feature of the product + usability to people + how they can buy it + any special launch offer]

[Discuss core features of product + uniqueness + what led to this product + what key problems it solves] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from CEO or any other top level executive]

[Focus on core area of what the company does + current trend in this industry + future potential] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a key person involved in its development or a beta user]

To read more on our new product, visit [website URL].

About [Company]

[Background (when established, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /* official email */
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]


The coree benefits of a new product launch press release are:

1 Acts as a Powerful Image Maker

Most people when they come across any new business or service go to Google for finding more information about it. If they type your company or business name and don’t see anything except your official website and social network, then it is 90% likely to cause a bad impression. On the other hand, if they see that announcements related to your company is found across many pages of Google and on many websites, then it creates a big positive image of your company/business. A press release due to virtue of its distribution ensures that news related to your company stays across 100’s of websites with many of them being news portals.

2 Produces Fast Effect on Views

If your company makes a product launch announcement and no one notices or views it, then the announcement would not bring any significant affect. On the other hand, using press release for getting your announcement out in the public produces a quick effect on the views as there are many sites, portals and blogs involved in spreading the product launch PR. Also, there are secondary self-aggregating sites too that carry on the PR which further boosts the effect.

3 Starts a New Marketing Module

If you just rely on getting all sales and conversions through the website directly, it means that you are missing out a great potential. With press releases, they supplement your marketing by acting as a new funnel to send traffic to your website which can be used to boost sales/conversions. Strategically, using low competition keywords related to your industry in the press release can be used to get good ranking in search engine thereby generating more visitors.

4 Builds Path for Bigger Outreach

If your company or business reaches out to big sites or infleuncers in your industry for guest post, sponsored post or a social media shoutout, then the chances of getting your request considered increases multiple times if the intended person sees that your company/business has been mentioned on many sites (through press release).

Tips for Writing the PR

Note these tips before you start writing the press release

1 Attentive Gets Attention

If your press release contains some innovative way of presenting things related to your new product, then it is definite to perform better than a plain professional and formal PR. To come up with such changes, try to relate it with some current trends or news without being clickbaity or spreading misinformation.

2 Are Achievements Included?

Achievements, awards, recognition add to the genuinity of an organisation/company or individual entity. So when you start writing your press release, try to dedicate 2-3 sentences on showcasing these factors too.

3 Has it Touched Elementary Questions?

Every announcement has some details that are crucial for making it a complete PR. If these elementary questions are left unanswered, then the PR would look imperfect and this can hinder the overall results that you would otherwise get from a PR.

4 Exploring Better Interaction Methods

If you are just dependent of plain text writing for a press release, you are missing an opportunity. If you provide images and/or videos of the new product, the interaction level will boost significantly as people remember pictures and videos way greater than text.

5 Know the Ideal Length

Typically, a press release must not cross 500-600 words as after that it will cause negative effect on its readership. If it is necessary and relevant to include more inmformation, then it will be better to provide a different link in the press release where interested users can know more about it.

6 Make the Content Error-Free

With most other types of content like blog post, guest post, etc, there are chances to correct any mistakes or to add or remove some sentences but with press releases this is not a possibility. The big distribution becomes the greatest hurdle as it is impractical to get edits done on so many sites later. So make the content of press release accurate and error-free.

7 Make it Effortless to Grasp

Hardly anyone is going to put their time and effort in trying to understand your press release if it sounds technical or complex. So a basic rule for writing PR is that any average reader must be able to grasp the content without any difficulties.

8 Can Your PR Make it to Big Sites?

If your product PR distribution gets limited to unkwown and low traffic sites, the overall result will be poor. To make it on the big and popular sites, choose your distribution provider wisely.

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