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New Office Announcement Press Release: Free Template, Sample and Tips

Opened/Opening a new office and want to let the announcement out in the public domain? A press release can do the needful and can also provide many other benefits apart from the announcement. This article will provide all-inclusive information on every detail that is required for a new office press release. We will be starting out with a template and example. It will be followed by a discussion of the advantages of an office announcement PR and will finally discuss the distribution and writing tips to get more out of it. So let us get going:

Aim: To make an announcement via press release for a new office and also to make sure that the announcement gets better coverage and readership.

Tools: To achieve any aim, there must be strategy/tools adopted to get the same. The tools that are given here are a new office PR template, sample and tips.

Sample Template: The press release template for announcing a new office is given below


[Headline] /* Company/business name + main focus of press release (opening a new office) + attractive news angle */

[Sub-heading] /*A summary of 2-3 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Company Name or Business name], a [new/growing/established] [company/business] in the [type of industry/business], is delighted to announce the opening of a new office at [location + date]. The new office is intended to [purpose of new office]. [what lead to the decision of a new office]

[what region it will serve + facilities that will be provided + how can customers benefit + any special offer for new customers + booking/appointment/attending procedure]. [4-5 sentences]

[Key people that will be heading the new office + their work experience + achievements, if any]. (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a key person (CEO/President) regarding new office]

[Discuss other projects + ongoing trends in this industry + future potential + how this new office will be adding value to the company and industry] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a client or head of new office]

For detailed information on this announcement, visit [website/social media].

About [Business or Company Name]

[Background (when established, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like Gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Benefits of a new office announcement through PR

By making an announcement for a new office by using a press release, the benefits that you can get are:

Get Noticed Quickly

The world is moving fast. No business would like to get its announcement to take weeks or months to get noticed. By using a medium like a press release, the announcement gets published on 100’s of portals thereby creating a spike in visibility online. The overall distribution mostly gets completed within 2-3 days and this adds quick leverage for the company/business.

Helps in Boosting Credibility

Many people look for ratings and reviews before making a purchase decision. A customer who types your company/business name in Google and finds little to no information will most likely get a bad impression about your business/company. By issuing press releases, your business gets seen on numerous sites which aid in boosting the credibility of your business that in turn affects sales.

Aids in Increasing Position for Local Business Listing

If the business serves local regions, then getting noticed on the local business listing of Google is an added source of traffic and sales. By using press releases, it aids in improving the listing position in local business listing.

The “As seen on…” Brand Factor

If the distribution service selected by you is proper, then your PR may get visible on some of the well-known sites. This can enable you to use the “As seen on…” logo on your website along with the name of the top published portals. It adds as an extra trust factor to improve website conversions and the overall brand image.

Provides Chances of Bigger Voluntary Coverage

Many industry-specific sites are constantly in the search of new news and events related to the industry. By sending out a PR, you stand better chances to get extra coverage by such sites and portals that are relevant to the industry.

Writing Tips for a Perfect Office Announcement Press Release

1 Keep it Straightforward

Don’t complicate things with a strong vocabulary as people who will find your press release won’t necessarily be degree holders in the English language. Keep things simple and convenient to read.

2 Mistakes Get Magnified

While a PR broadcasts your message, it can also magnify your mistakes due to the same broadcasting. Since the mistake will get spread across many sites, you won’t have a recourse to correct it later because the policies for each site are different. Some sites ask for charges to make edits while some may not entertain any such requests. So make sure to countercheck your PR before sending it for getting published.

3 Creativity Adds New Push

People get bored of seeing the typical styled PRs every day. If you can think of an interesting angle to make the changes to headline and content, it will in turn benefit you by getting more readership and publications.

4 Make sure the PR sounds Complete

For any PR to be complete, it must contain answers to all the basic relevant questions (whichever are applicable) like what, why, when, where, who, etc. Before making a PR, think of all the common things that are directly associated with it and try to address them.

5 Don’t Extend It

A PR is typically a short-form content. If you try to explain things in detail, the PR would become too lengthy and only a few people coming across it would actually read the entire content. If you feel that more information is necessary, provide a URL link where interested people can get more information.

6 Multimedia Fares Better

Text is weaker in catching attention and interaction than images and videos. Since only a few PR portals allow embedding and adding such files directly, you can insert these files on your own website first and can then give the hyperlink to access it.

7 I, We, etc Non-Applicable

Words like I, We, Our, You, etc can be seen only in the quote section of the press release and nowhere else. Simply stated, press releases must be in third person writing only.

8 PR Distribution Matters a Lot

If after writing a PR, it fails to get good exposure, then the entire process wouldn’t mean anything. Sites like Yahoo get millions of visitors monthly and have great ranking performance in search engines, so check if your PR service can land you on such reputed sites.

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