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New Menu Launch Press Release: Template, Example and Tips

For a restaurant, conveying the introduction of new food items or a new menu serves multiple functions. It not only helps to gather media attention and to generate sales but also helps to build the brand value of the restaurant. It is for this reason that we have provided a full-fledged article on the new menu launch press release so that you can fulfill this task smoothly and joyfully. A basic PR template, sample along with benefits and writing tips is provided so that you can get all the required details in one place. Let us examine the different segments one by one.

Aim: To announce a new menu for a restaurant and to get the best possible public attention with the right PR writing and distribution.

Tools: A successful PR requires many elements. The tools provided here are a basic template and sample for the new menu launch along with tips for making the PR and associated benefits.

Template: The template for the launch of new menu is given below


[Headline] /* [Restaurant Name] + Launches New Menu Featuring + [Main Recipe Name] OR [New Range of Dishes] + attractive news angle (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* 2-3 sentence for summary */

[Location City], [Date]. [Name of the restaurant] located in [location name] is excited to launch a new menu featuring delicious recipes like [name of some recipes]. [Timing and availability of menu + ordering options + any offer for new customers]

[Speciality of the restaurant + key people (chef/head) + their experience + how this new menu is different/unique] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from Restaurant Head/Owner]

[Focus on preparation process and key points (hygiene, quality, cost) + growth of restaurant + future plans] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from head Chef]

To see our new menu, visit [social media page or website URL].

About [Restaurant Name]

[Background (when established, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /* official email */
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Benefits of a New Menu PR

1 Accelerates the Buzz

A PR announcement is not just a formality. The level of attention it generates for announcements is one of the main reasons for it being a preferred and one of the first marketing mediums. If you go through some of the press rooms of popular PR portals, you will find a trend that most brand-conscious companies regularly utilize for notifying changes.

2 Boosting Official Website

Though you might have written the new menu PR just for announcing a change/event, it indirectly helps the website or any other active link mentioned in the PR. This happens because all the sites that place your PR count as the backlink of your website. These phenomena help your site to perform better in the search engine (in terms of its ranking) which means enhanced chances of sales or conversions.

3 Your Press Release Lives Forever

If you go for many common marketing methods like pay per click, pay per impression, banner ads, etc, then you enjoy visibility only till the time you keep paying. With press releases, a one-off cost will put your announcement on 100’s of sites which will ensure that your announcement will have a fairly long online visibility. You can find press releases as old as 15-16 years in Google.

4 Do it Yourself Brand Creation

One important element in brand building is to get placement and visibility on high reputed sites particularly news sites. You can achieve this very easily by using any quality service for PR distribution. The best thing is that you do not need to hire an agency for this task as you can get it done yourself.

Writing Tips

For a menu launch press release, the following tips will be very useful to you before making the PR content:

1 Let it be Plain and Direct

Press releases are all about announcements, so they are obviously less interesting than most blog-type content. If you further complicate it with the usage of hard-to-understand words or jargon, its readership will decline and so will be the natural placements on other websites. So let the PR be plain and direct to understand.

2 All statements must be right

Each and every sentence of your menu announcement PR must be right because, unlike a typical blog post where you have the freedom to correct it later, the chances of correction are very feeble in a press release because a number of sites under different ownership and with different editing rules will carry your PR. There are also associated legal risks from such press releases.

3 Stand Out from the Rest

Things that stand out get noticed more. Usual PR’s are just plain announcements and therefore have very a narrow base of readership. You can widen this base by attaching some interesting news angles or trends to it so that more news portals would like to cover it which would mean more people interacting with your PR.

4 Supplements Must be Present

Though most PR’s are centered around one main topic, there are supplementary things associated with it that provide completion to the PR. To catch on all these supplementary things and to ensure that your PR is complete, ask basic questions related to the main topic and address them in brief in the PR.

5 Be Wise in Utilizing Space

Most PR sites don’t allow long or very long content. If you think that some things must be explained in detail, then upload that content on your own official website and provide the link to the user in the PR. This way you can get approved as well and can convey the PR idea in detail.

6 Power Up The Engagement

Since you get to add links in a press release, you can forward your PR readers to your own official site to provide the photos and videos related to your sector. If you don’t know how to edit these things, you can easily get it done by freelancers on various freelance sites.

7 Stay Away from Unprofessional Words

Some words which are frequently used in a blog like I, Our, You or any of the first and second person words are prohibited in a press release as they render the content unprofessional. So make sure to follow only the third-person writing style.

8 Ensure a Great Finish

All the time that you have put up for writing the PR for announcing the new menu will get a grand finish only if you supplement the writing with great distribution. A great distribution implies getting placement on trusted and well-known sites that have traffic in millions.

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