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New Logo Launch Press Release: Perfect Template, Sample and Tips

If your company has adopted a new logo, then it is time to let the people know about this change. A press release is a perfect way to announce the launch of a new logo. We will see what are the advantages and writing tips for a logo press release along with a readymade template that can make it easier for you to get started with the PR writing. Make sure to read this all-inclusive article fully to understand A to Z of a new logo announcement press release. So let us get started with the topic one by one:

Aim: To announce the launch of a new logo through a press release and to ensure that it gets proper coverage across the web.

Tools: To accomplish the above-given aim, our tools are a readymade template, advantages, tips. We also focus on distribution to get the best possible benefits of the PR.

Template: A sample template for a new logo is given below.


[Headline] /* Company/business name + announces a new logo + attractive news angle */

[Sub-heading] /* A summary of 2-3 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Company Name or Business name], a [new/growing/established] [company/business] in the [type of industry/business], has launched a new logo that reasonates with its [insert the cause]. [Reason behind the new logo + how it will be useful to the company + trademarks, if any].

[who designed it + what the figure/symbol/design of logo represents + any top work/achievement of the logo designing company/individual in the past] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a key person (CEO/President) regarding the new logo]

[Discuss current industry/business trends in this industry + future potential + how this new logo is in line with the company’s current and future] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from the designing company/individual or creative head/manager of company]

To get more information on our [products/services], visit [website/social media].

About [Business or Company Name]

[Background (when established, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like Gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Top Benefits of a new logo announcement

By making an announcement for the launch of a new logo using a press release, you get the following benefits:

Quick Notification

Things are moving faster and press releases are one of the fast means to broadcast announcements quickly. With the content getting visible on hundreds of portals quickly (2-3 days), the amount of visibility it brings is quite good and is therefore used by all active and aware brands.

Shows the Adaptability

A logo announcement press release showcases how the company adapts and responds to the changing trends. It sends a good signal that the company is dynamic and takes a positive reaction for remaining in tune with the changes.

Maintains Transparency

If a new logo is launched and a press release is issued for the same, then it lets everyone interested in the company know all the relevant details regarding the change. This is one of the good traits of a company/business that stands for transparency in its business/service.

Improves the Link Profile and Traffic

Every press release issued by a business improves the link profile of a business. A link profile is an important aspect of how Google and other search engines rank websites. By getting a good link profile, the ranking of a site improves which, in turn, leads to more traffic and sales.

Helps in Enlarging the Brand Value

A company/business that remains active regarding its marketing and updates enhances its brand value which is why many companies regularly issue press releases. Also, the more a company issues press releases, the more search results get shown for it on search engines when people search for it which adds to its credibility.

Logo PR Writing Tips

Writing Tips for a Perfect Logo PR

1 Simplify Things

People would not like to spend their time just to understand a press release if it feels complicated. Keep the press release writing simple so that any average person would find it easy to understand. In short, don’t be an academician while writing the logo PR.

2 Mistakes are a Big NO

While you get the freedom to edit a blog or article that you put up on your own website, the case is entirely different when it comes to press releases. If the PR has mistakes and gets published, your mistakes would get magnified as many sites will be showing it and you won’t have any opportunity left because all these sites are under different ownership and it is impractical to reach out to everyone and ask for edits.

3 Can You Make it Creative?

One tactic to enhance the effect of your logo PR is by writing the headline and PR content creatively. If you can think of some different angle to come up with a catchy title followed by the content, it will make your PR stand out from the rest of the generic ones that get seen daily by people. This would, in turn, generate more readership and coverage.

4 Don’t Get it Partial

Once a person finishes reading your PR, he must not get the impression that the PR content misses key information. To ensure that the PR is complete on conveying the key information, ask the basic questions of who, what, when, where and why and see if all relevant answers are present.

5 Don’t Make it a Story

While it is good to explain all relevant things in PR, it is not good to go in-depth on each factor. An ideal PR must not go over 500-600 words else it won’t be read by most people. If you think that more details are necessary, add a link to a URL where interested people can read more about it.

6 Do You have Multimedia Ready?

People respond better to videos and images than plain text. So think if you have some relevant multimedia that you can add to the press release. Some PR portals won’t allow adding multimedia files, so better host it on your own website and provide the link to access it.

7 Write in Third Person

This is a very common rule for a press release that the content is required to be in third-person only. This means no words like I, Our, We, Your, etc must be used. Only within the quotes area of the press release, one can use such words.

8 Distribution Must be the Best

Writing a PR is just one part of the process, distribution is the second and important element. If the PR can’t make it to big known authority sites like Yahoo, AP, etc, then you will miss the opportunity to make a big impact with PR. So, find out if your PR distribution can get you there.

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