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New Executive Director Announcement Press Release With Template, Tips and Sample

If a new executive director has joined your company/business and you want to announce his/her joining, then a press release can be the best means to do so. A new executive director announcement press release contains relevant details like the name of the executive director, his/her work experience, skills, expected benefits to the company, etc. To ease out the process of press release, we have provided all the details that are relevant for such a press release like template, example, tips for writing and distribution, advantages, etc.

Aim: To write and distribute PR (press release) for the announcement of a new executive director and to make sure that the PR gets good coverage.

Tools: In order to be successful for the above-mentioned aim, the various tools provided here are template, example, advantages, tips for writing. Finally, a section on distribution is also given so that you can ensure the best coverage for the release.

Sample Template: The PR template for a new executive director is given below:


[Headline] /*use name of new executive director + his/her position + name of company + attractive news angle*/

[Sub-heading] /*A summary of 2-3 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Business/Company Name], an [emerging/new/established] name in [name of industry] [industry/sector], is delighted to announce the joining of [name of the new executive director] as the new executive director. [Name of New executive director] has been previously working as [position in the previous company/organization] in the [previous company name] and has [number of years] years of experience related to handling [tasks and responsibilities].

While working at [previous company/business], he/she has [list of achievements/awards etc]. The company [company name] is hopeful that he/she will [expected changes and growth for the new company].

[New executive director name], the new [executive director] of [company name], said “[quotes]”. He/She further added “[Quote]”.

[Name of the new executive director] holds [degree + university name + year]. [Mention other fields handled by him/her]. [1-2 sentences about Hobbies + Interests].

[A Key employee name of present company], [his/her role (CEO/President)] at [company name], said “[quotes]”. He/She further added, “[Quote]”.

[Present trends in the industry/company + future scope + how the recent addition of a new executive director is relevant to company goals] (3-4 sentences)

About [Company Name]

[Basic information about company + mission + vision].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like Gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Significance of a new executive director press release announcement

PR for announcing a new executive director in the company has the following advantages:

Showcases a Healthy Work Culture

For any person who joins the company at a higher level like executive director, he/she has good skills and knowledge in the respective field. When a press release is announced for his/her joining, it showcases a positive and welcoming response from the company. It also acts as a gesture of respect for the newly joined person.

Adds a Plus Point for Interested Section of People

People who look for opportunities like new news articles, investment options keep an eye on recent news and PR announcements. By issuing press releases, such group of people get more information and updates about a company which positively helps the company to stand chances for more news coverage and investment opportunities.

Develops the brand value

Companies that frequently remain in news (for positive reasons) are perceived to be genuine and of higher stature. Also when companies and individuals look to partner or invest in a company, they go through the information about the company. By sending press releases frequently, it develops the brand value of the company and helps in getting new partners, investors and media coverage.

Helps in Organic Ranking

If you choose a good distribution partner for a press release, your release will become visible on authority sites and the associated website will get plenty of backlinks as a result of this. This will lead to enrichment of your site’s link profile which is a key element in ranking websites in Google. This increased visibility can get you more traffic and sales.

The Cascading Factor

Most big PR platforms are constantly being monitored by journalists and industry experts for new and interesting topics. If your PR is creatively written, it stands a good chance to be noticed by these people which can lead to your company-related news being published on news sites and blogs. This can further intensity your website visitors and brand value

Things to remember while writing and publishing a press release for new hire

The following points must be kept in mind if you intend to successfully publish the new hire PR content.

1) Don’t Go in I, You Mode

Unlike a general blog-style post where there is no restriction on direct or indirect references, a press release requires the content to be made only in the third person like He, She, It, etc. The only special case is the quote section of PR where words like I, We, You, etc can be used.

2) Don’t Showcase The Luxury of Words

Using a rich selection of industry-specific words can be a good thing in an industry-specific conference but is not a good thing when it comes to a press release. People who read your PR must find it very simple to comprehend the message and ideas conveyed in your PR. Complex writing will hinder the readability and impact of your press release.

3) Ensure Basic Level of Completion

For any press release content, it must ensure answers to some of the basic questions like what, why, when, where and who. For a PR for a new board member, obvious things like work experience, past company, the reason for inclusion, etc must be present. Any person must not get the feeling of an incomplete PR after going through the press release.

4) Formatting Must be Right

Formatting errors must be avoided if you plan to use high-quality PR distribution systems. Low-tier platforms don’t have much issue with such errors but the quality networks that can get a good distribution of your PR don’t accept such errors. Though these platforms have editors who read it (and even correct minor errors) before publishing, any mistakes that go unnoticed will ultimately be detrimental to your company image.

5) Numbers are Not Always Good

While going for distribution of your PR, don’t pay too much stress on a number of sites that would publish the PR. There are many sites today that do publish press releases even if such platforms don’t get any significant traffic and visibility.

6) Can You Make Creative Tweaks to Headline?

Things that get too common tend to become boring. This is true for press releases too. With the same type of press releases for the joining of an executive director published every day, what twist can you bring that can make it more noticeable and catchy. If you can add some creativity, your results will definitely be better than the others that are generic. But remember that your headline must not become too long during the process as it will cause approval issues.

7) Don’t Publish Content Early on Your Site

Some quality PR sites don’t publish content that’s already published. So make sure to send the content to PR distribution first, let it get published and then put it on your official site.

8) Be Prompt with Media Contact

The media contact section present at the bottom of your PR can be used by interested parties to know more about your PR or for other relevant queries. So make sure to use the contact details of someone who can actively and responsibly attend to such queries.

9) Distribution Can Determine Real Visibility

After getting a PR done, the final factor for ensuring visibility is the distribution. You must aim to get PR on quality publications that get a good ranking on Google and have high traffic. There is no use in getting seen on sites that don’t even get a good ranking in Google. Sites like Yahoo, AP that have ultra-high authority and traffic are the ones that get great visibility and ranking.


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