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New CMO Press Release Template: Example, Tips, Benefits Included

When your company gets a new CMO, one of the first things to do is to send out a press release for announcing the same. However, what to write, how to write, how to get the PR distributed, etc remains a basic question. In this article, you will find a new CMO press release template, tips for writing the press release, advantages of the press release, distribution tip, and example. We hope that these things will make writing and distributing your press release convenient and easy. Let’s pay attention to the details now:

Aim: To announce the appointment of a new CMO through a press release and to ascertain a good distribution for the same.

Tools: To get the above aim fulfilled, you will find various modules (tools) given in this article like a template that can be readily edited to make your press release, tips to consider for writing an effective press release, the advantages you get from it, example, and a good tip on the distribution.

Template: Directly modify and use the new CMO press release template given below:


[Headline] /* [Name of the CMO] + appointed as the new CMO of [name of the company/business] + attractive news angle (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* Give a 2-3 sentence summary */

[Location City], [Date]. [Name of the company/business], [area/niche in which it functions], is delighted to announce [name of new CMO] as the new CMO, effective from [date]. He succeeds [previous CMO name] and [mention key work assigned to him]. [How can the company/business benefit from this appointment]. (3-4 sentences)

[Mention previous role/roles of the incoming CMO + work experience + educational qualifications] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from the past CMO or a current C-level executive]

[Recent industry trends + potential of the industry and how the new CMO appointment is relevant + specialization and achievements of new CMO] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from the new CMO]

For more information on the new CMO appointment, visit the [link at official website].

About [Business or Company Name]

[Background (when established, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address]
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Major Advantages

Press release distribution can render these advantages for the business/company involved in sending out the press release.

1) Renders Traffic and Vast Coverage

Getting your business-related announcement out to the public is a great way to grow your business as well as to develop your brand. A very simple strategy that can be deployed for achieving this purpose is by getting a press release written and distributed across many sites so that the cumulated effect of traffic and visibility is attained. The selection of a high-caliber press release distribution partner and the framing of optimized content are two great influencing factors for getting better visibility. By increasing the frequency of press release distribution, your business will start noticing a faster spread of your brand awareness and growth.

2) Provides High-end Placements Comfortably

While many branding agencies charge an arm and a leg from novice businesses to get their name published on big news portals and authority sites, a very simplistic and easy approach in this direction is by publishing press releases through a good PR service provider that has a portfolio of good high-end news sites. A big additional advantage of securing high-end placements is that it becomes relatively easier to get more of your content and guest posts to be accepted by other sites once they find that your business already has mentions on such high-authority sites online.

3) Gives Quality Links

Apart from the traffic and brand enhancement that your business achieves using press release distribution, a very significant by-product of press release distribution is the number of backlinks it generates in every release. Put simply, a backlink is like a vote that search engines count for determining the placement of your website in search engines. The more quality links you have, the better ranking your site gets online and better ranking translates to more visitors and more customers for your business.

4) Builds Trust

Press releases are also a great tool for businesses that want to showcase the transparency of their business. The simple process in this direction is by announcing every significant change (new hire, quarterly results, new investment, etc) taking place in your business through press releases. It will allow all the concerned people related to your business to get more insights into your business which will eventually boost the level of transparency of your business. These periodic updates about your business will also allow any investor or interested party to make a better-informed choice related to your business by going through various press releases available for your business online.

5) Aids in Creating a Positive Image

In the age of brand building, having a positive image of your business is too important. One of the ways to get a positive image is by getting business-related content to be seen across some of the most prestigious sites in the world. To fulfill this goal, press releases are a very handy tool as they can easily get the content across such sites. The only catch here is that your PR wire provider must have a good portfolio of high-end sites where it can directly publish content. Provided a good distributor is chosen, one can easily see their content on sites like Yahoo News, Marketwatch, etc.

The Top Tips for Creating Your PR

1) Uniqueness and Creative Angles Gets Rewarded

If your press release has to perform better than most of the generic press releases that are sent out every day, your press release content must have an element of a unique and creative news angle. To get a rough picture of how the press release content must be written in order to get more views, you can refer to some of the case studies of successful press releases to understand what works and what doesn’t.

2) Hard Words are Bad Words

Your press release content must not remind anyone of an English literature paper i.e. your press release must be written in simple English. As most sections of the population around the world are not proficient in English vocabulary, using rare or complex words would not do any good for your press release. Industry-specific jargon should also not be used to the extent possible while writing your press release.

3) Good Headlines Work Way Better

While journalists receive feed updates of a number of stories and press releases every single day, it is not feasible for them to go through all of such content. To sort the best among them, these journalists give a superficial look at the headlines to decide the best ones. This is the main reason why a press release must have an attractive headline that can ignite interest in the press release content.

4) Fundamental Things Must be Answered

Press release content that provides inadequate or partial knowledge related to the core issue brought up in the press release will not be much fruitful for your business. The most suitable questions closely linked with the press releases must be answered directly in the press release in brief 1-2 sentences each. If you feel that there are many more things that need to be answered, it is better to provide FAQ on any page of your website followed by giving the link to access that page in your press release.

5) Prohibit These Words Except in Quotes

I, we, me, you, us – These are the words that you will not find in any press release content, the reason being they are first-person and second-person words which are not allowed in writing a press release. If required, you can use such words inside the quotes said by any person. This is one of the writing factors that separate a typical blog post-style writing from professional press release writing.

6) Mistakes Will Live Forever

As a press release would be published on several sites (in a few hundred), you cannot fix any typing or factual mistakes if they somehow go unnoticed during publication. This is because it will simply be impractical to reach out to all sites and ask for corrections. To avoid any such hassles in the future, make sure that each and every word and sentence written by you in the press release is accurate.

7) Take the Media Contact Part Seriously

The end of the main press release body is followed by a media contact section which must be carefully utilized by you as it can open new opportunities because journalists, potential customers/investors interested in your business might want to contact your business after reading the press release. If you put up contact details casually, you might miss many opportunities that can arise from your press release.

8) Don’t Put Unconfirmed Data and Information

Press releases that accuse any other business/service are not approved on most high-end platforms. Also, if approved by other sites and networks, they always carry the risk of legal challenges and as press releases are hard to get modified after publication, you will have a very time in getting rid of the content published on hundreds of sites as a press release. So the safest option is to stay away from accusations and non-verified claims in your press release.

9) Inspect the Portfolio First

You might have several expectations from your press release but if it gets distributed through any random wire service, your expectations will fail miserably. It is because only a handful of wire services are capable of publishing your press release across some of the most popular sites in the world. So, make sure to confirm the portfolio of sites linked to the service provider before using it.

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