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New Chiropractor Press Release With Template, Example and Tips

Establishing a new identity in a competitive space is difficult but it can be achieved with the right strategy. In the case of Chiropractic services, there are many services in all major towns and cities. If you want to start your chiropractic service, then the first step is with the announcement through a press release. We will see later all the advantages that you can get from such a press release. Using this article, you will come across all the significant things that will ensure a successful PR like template, example and tips.

Aim: To get the word out for your chiropractic services through press release distribution.

Tools: For a successful announcement, the tools that you will find here include template, sample PR, benefits and tips.

Template: A ready to edit chiropractor PR template is given below:


[Headline] /* [Name of the chiropractor or company] + Announces New [Clinic/Hospital/Type of Service] + [Location] + attractive news angle (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* 2-3 sentence for summary */

[Location City], [Date]. [Name of the Chiropractor/Company], a [new/emerging] name in Chiropractic services, has announced [type of announcement with date and location]. [How can people book appointment + type of facilities]

[Key specialty + main people and their work experience + academic details] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from the main/head Chiropractor]

[new trends in this sector + how this service is in line with latest changes + what unique benefits patients can get] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from another team member/staff]

To know more about this announcement, visit [website URL].

About [Chiropractor Name or Company]

[Background + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /* official email */
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Benefits of a Chiropractor PR

The most essential benefits that you can get with a chiropractor press release are given below:

1 Get There Soon

For remaining relevant, an announcement must get timely attention. There is little to no use if the announcement gets attention after a week or month. Press releases ensure relevancy by getting traffic and attention from all the sites involved in the distribution. Even within the PR distribution, high tier PR portals get the announcement distributed on known and high traffic sites due to which the visibility attained from it is much greater than low tier distribution.

2 Creation of a New Web of Links

Creating buzz for your announcement is the most noticeable part of your PR but one often overlooked or less noticed part is the creation of new links. It helps to push the position of your website ion Google which favors your company/business in terms of more leads, inquiries, sales, etc.

3 Maintain a Long-lasting Online Presence

One typical feature of press release distribution is that your PR will remain active on many sites for a long period of time. If your press release gets distributed to 300 sites, then at least 40-50 sites will still have your Chiropractor PR after 5-6 years. The cost for issuing a PR is much lower than the longevity it provides for a one-time charge.

4 Imparts Authority

A person who is looking for product/services related to your business/company will consider your business/company as reputed and trustworthy only if he finds it mentioned across several reputed portals and sites. A press release is a very easy and convenient method to get started with this process.

Writing Tips

Key tips to remember before making a chiropractor press release are:

1 Make the PR straightforward

Your PR content is an announcement that you want to be read by a maximum number of people. To ensure this, you have to keep the average internet user in mind and then proceed with the PR content writing. In simple words, make the PR straightforward to read and understand i.e. no jargon or complicated vocabulary.

2 The “Once and for All” Content

While it is possible that any article can contain mistakes, but with press releases, mistakes must be a strict NO. This is because of the lack of chances to amend it later. Let’s say your PR gets published on 250 sites, would it be feasible to contact all of them to make the changes? No. Also, a lot of such sites may not even entertain such requests. So the errors will stay as long as the site hosts the content. Depending upon the level of mistakes, legal issues can also arise. So check it many times before sending it for publishing.

3 Evolve it to Boost the Results

Though press releases get hundreds to a few thousand views due to the big syndication itself, the results can be magnified many times if you take some time to evolve the PR content for announcing chiropractic practice. Evolving the PR content means using unique angles that can generate interest from editors and journalists of big news sites and portals. One good way of doing it is by using recent trends related to your industry and relating them to the news.

4 Go Ahead of Templates

Even though a ready-made template for a new chiropractor press release is a good method to get started, there might be some relevant questions that may go unanswered in a press release. To address this, along with using a template, ask the basic questions first and provide concise answers to them in the PR.

5 Answer Only the Direct Questions

A PR informs people about an announcement or change and there may be many direct and indirect questions related to it. If you start answering all possible types of questions, then your PR will become a story and won’t get favorable results. So address only the direct questions.

6 Use a Professional Photo/Video Editor

Content that has images and videos has a much better engagement rate than text-based content. To get a good photo or video relevant to your press release, you can hire a freelancer from freelance sites like Fiverr, Upwork to come up with a relevant multimedia file to boost your PR engagement.

7 PR Must Not be for Publicity

Though some element of publicity is usually ignored in a press release if the entire content looks like publicity material, then the PR used for announcing a new chiropractor will have a hard time getting approved and if it somehow gets approved, its distribution will not be optimum.

8 Let the PR Reach its Maximum Potential

A PR can reach its maximum potential only through a good distribution service that can get it to appear on big known and high authority sites that have millions of monthly visitors. Some examples of such big sites are Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance and Associated Press.

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