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New CFO Press Release: Perfect Hiring Announcement Template and Example

If your company has got a new CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and you want to issue a press release to announce this, then this is the perfect article to get all the related information. Here you will find a CFO press release template, example PR and tips for better writing and distribution. We hope that this information would make the entire process easy for you and you will get the maximum benefits from the PR announcement. So let’s go through the details.

Aim: To make an announcement for a new CFO using a Press Release.

Tools: Any aim requires a certain process and tools to accomplish it. Here, the tools you will find are a CFO PR template and a sample written PR. Furthermore, tips on writing and successful distribution are also given to supplement the process and to ensure good visibility of the PR.

Template: The New CFO announcement PR template is given below


[Headline] /* [CFO name] + appointed as the new CFO of [Company/business name] + attractive news angle (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* Short Summary (2-3 sentences) */

[Location City], [Date]. [Company Name or Business name], [area in which it functions], has announced the appointment of [new CFO name] as the new CFO, effective [today or date]. He succeeds [previous CFO name] and will be [all the work assigned to him].

[Previous role/roles of CFO + experience + educational qualification] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from the CEO/President of the company on the new CFO hire]

[Current trends + potential of industry and how the new CFO appointment is relevant + new CFO specialization and achievements] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from the new CFO]

For more information on the new CFO appointment, visit the [link at official website].

About [Business or Company Name]

[Background (when established, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /* official email */
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Example of a CFO Announcement PR

Now that we have seen the template, let’s get into a sample PR for the CFO announcement. We have used random names (Jerry Craig, Mark Bentley, etc) and details of the company, people for this example.

/* Headline */ Glister Automobiles Announce Mark Bentley as the New CFO

/* Summary */ Mark Bentley has joined Glister Automobiles as the new CFO. The company hopes that this change would further help in developing the company’s strategic plans and operation.

/* PR Body */ Houston, November 20th. Glister Automobiles, a reputed name in the automobile industry, has announced the appointment of Mark Bentley as the new CFO, effective November 20th, 2021. He succeeds Dibru Nath as the new CFO and will be looking after the accounting, financial planning, reporting and risk management of the company.

Prior to joining Glister, he has been serving as the CFO of Transrite automobiles for over 7 years. He has also held various roles in organizations like Keedmont, Trentozy and Troytoon. He has a rich experience of over 25 years. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Texyont and an MBA from the TrumpBiden University.

Jerry Graig, CEO of Glister, said “Mark has a great track record in the accounting and financial planning and his entry in Glister would definitely give a good momentum to our strategy”.

The automobile sector is facing tough competition from national and international players. The industry demands constant R&D to come up with new modules and features to remain relevant in the industry. With the potential of business expansion in many underserved nations, the sector holds many growth possibilities. The company has witnessed 13% growth this year and has a target of achieving 22% growth by the next year. With the addition of a new CFO having a stronghold in his respective field, the company hopes to get better results in fulfilling its target.

Mark Bentley, the new CFO of Glister, said “I am happy to be part of Glister and I am looking forward to associating with the team to fulfill the company’s vision”

For more information on the new CFO appointment, visit the link https://glisterauto.com/mark-bentley.

About Glister Automobiles

Glister Automobiles was established in the year 1975 by Jonathan Screw and his brother Terry Screw. After a humble beginning, it witnessed a steady rise of its brand name and has its presence in 29 countries across the world. It employs over 5000 people and has the vision of becoming the leading manufacturer of stylish automobiles in the world.

Media Contact

Sherry Tink
Media Relations
+1 6059082554
Houston, Texas

Benefits of a CFO press release

If you are doing PR, then it is also important to know related aspects like benefits and PR writing tips. Let us see what benefits your company can get by a press release (PR) announcement for a new CFO.

1 Helps in Generating Quick Attention

There are many avenues to make an announcement public, but a press release is one of the most sought and common due to its low cost and good results. Due to the nature of a press release getting published on many websites at once (2-3 days), the amount of attention it gets is very high and this makes the announcement successful.

2 Develops the Link Profile of Website

Not only does the press release content gets favorable results from distribution, the resources (like websites) linked through press release also get good results because a number of PR sites now work as the backlink of the official website thereby increasing its rank and traffic in search engines.

3 Long Life of Your Announcement

By using many other paid means like pay per click, pay per view, etc, the life span of your announcement is only limited to the time you actively spend money. By using a CFO press release, your announcement will remain active online for years as many sites with different PR hosting policies will have your announcement placed on their site.

4 Creates a Brand Value

Some companies and businesses believe that branding is a complicated task and requires the support of a public relations firm. However, they can get started with brand value creation just by using high-quality press releases.

CFO PR Writing Tips

Given below are the essential tips that you must follow for a CFO related press release

1 Do not complicate things

Press releases aren’t for the scholarly. Any PR that takes mind-twisting to understand won’t fetch good results both in terms of distribution and readership. So while going for PR writing, write in the simplest form by keeping in view a general/average internet user.

2 Errors Become Endless

If the PR has factual or grammar errors and it gets distributed, then it will not be possible to get it rectified later. This is because of the long list of sites and blogs that will be hosting your press release after distribution. It will not be feasible to get them edited on all the published sites. So cross-check before sending it for publishing.

3 Use Your Imagination

One tactic that can greatly enhance the voluntary coverage of your PR is by using your imagination power to tie your PR with some recent trends/news. Can you think of an interesting angle that is relevant to your announcement and that can fit your PR? If you can do so, then be ready for getting an extra advantage from your PR.

4 Don’t Make it too Limited

A press release must not become too limited to answer the most basic and relevant questions. If someone reads across the full PR and finds that the primary things associated with it are not mentioned, then it will have wrong impact on results.

5 Must Not Become Comprehensive

A PR is not intended to explain things minutely as it will increase the PR length and most PR sites have certain restrictions on content length. Though most relevant questions must be answered, they must be allotted 1-2 sentences for explanation to keep length in check.

6 Don’t Rely on Text Alone

The text form of content is too old and gets less attention than other forms of content like images and videos. To increase engagement make full use of multimedia options like images and videos. Though most syndicated partners of PR distribution won’t have options for such files, you can provide links for these files in your PR.

7 Content Must Not Reference People Directly

In the PR content, if you use the words like I, You, Our, etc anywhere except the quotes, then your press release won’t get approved because PR’s are required to be written only in the third person.

8 Distribution Governs The End Results

Writing a quality PR is just one aspect of a successful PR, if the distribution is weak, the results will be disheartening. A successful PR means that your PR can get seen on some of the most reputed global sites like Yahoo that can bestow both traffic and authority.

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