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New CEO Press Release Template, Example, Tips, and Benefits

When a new chief executive officer (CEO) joins your company/business, it is customary (as well as essential) to announce his/her joining. A press release announcement is an ideal way to get such appointments broadcasted. A CEO press release announcement will contain various details like the name, work experience, intended benefits to the company, etc. In order to simplify the process of making such a press release, this blog post has provided you with many elements like a new CEO press release template, example, tips on writing the press release, and the advantages given by a press release.

Aim: To publish an announcement for a new CEO appointment using a press release.

Tools: With the tools/modules given in this post, you can effectively cover the various aspects of press release creation and distribution. These tools include a press release template, tips to write a professional PR, advantages, and sample.

Template: Find the new CEO press release template below:


[Headline] /* [Name of the CEO] + appointed as the new CEO of [name of the company/business] + attractive news angle (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* 2-3 sentence summary */

[Location City], [Date]. [Business/Company Name], an [emerging/new/established] name in [name of the industry] [industry/sector], is delighted to announce the joining of [name of the new CEO] as the new CEO. [Name of New CEO] has been previously working as [position in the previous company/organization] in the [previous company name] and has [number of years] years of experience related to handling [tasks and responsibilities].

While working at [previous company/business], he/she has [list of achievements/awards, etc]. The company [your company/business name] is hopeful that he/she will [expected changes and growth for the new company].

[Name of the new CEO], the new [CEO] of [your company name], said “[quotes]”. He/She further added, “[Quote]”.

[Name of the new CEO] holds [degree + university name + year]. [Mention other fields handled by him/her]. [1-2 sentences about Hobbies + Interests].

[Name of a C-level executive], [his/her current role (CFO/President, etc)] at [your company name], said: “[quotes]”. He/She further added, “[Quote]”.

[Present trends in your industry/company + future scope + how the recent addition of a new CEO is relevant to the company goals]

To get more details on this appointment, read [URL link]

About [Company Name]

[Basic information about company + mission + vision].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address]
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Get These Advantages

With press release distribution, you will get the following advantages for your company and your website

1) Gets Your Name Appear Easily on Reputed Sites

If you have ever come across new businesses whose names have been covered on some of the most reputed news sites in the world, you might have thought about how they managed to get their names in such publications. Well, the simple answer is high-quality press release distribution. By using a distribution that has publishing tie-ups on big news portals, your business too can get its name to appear on similar big sites and all it will cost is a low three-figure amount. This is another big and low-cost advantage of using a press release service.

2) Brings Forth the Dimension of Openness

While the world is moving more towards openness and transparency, press releases are increasingly finding more takers. This is because the process of transparency requires circulating out key changes and events and press releases are the best channels to do so as they typically distribute the content to a few hundred sites. For those businesses that go after high-end services for press releases, they even manage to get their announcements on notable and big sites like Yahoo-affiliated sites, AP, Marketwatch, etc.

3) Generates the Required Traction in a Few Days

One of the top priorities for any company regarding its announcements (product launch, new service, new hire, etc) is that its announcement must quickly be able to generate traction online. For this, a simple and easy way is to get the announcement written in the form of a press release followed by sending it for distribution. The distribution of this PR will spread the announcement on many sites and will generate more awareness regarding the subject of the press release. Quality service providers of a press release wire service will fetch far better results than that achieved by any random service provider.

4) Helps in Backlinks and Search Engine Ranking (of Website)

A press release sent out for announcing information about your business will inevitably produce many direct and indirect benefits and one of the best indirect benefits is in form of the backlinks created as a result of the syndication of press releases across hundreds of sites. These backlinks are very crucial as search engines pay great significance to these links for assigning positions of websites in search results online. A better ranking position achieved in search engines as a result of these links will help your business website to fetch more traffic and consequently sales/leads.

5) Increases the Chances of Voluntary Coverage

While getting your press release content to be published on sites included in the syndication network of the press release distributor is a very normal thing, the best benefits are availed when your press release gets voluntary coverage as it magnifies the results manifolds. Since your press release is also distributed as feeds to many journalists/editors, it stands a good chance to be voluntarily published by other news sites outside of the syndication network. To achieve this, the content of the press release must be compelling and newsworthy. If such a thing happens, the results achieved from press releases will multiply many times over.

Tips Regarding Professional Writing for a Press Release

Use these writing tips for finalizing a professional and effective press release for announcing the new CEO.

1) Make PR Creative to Find More Readers

Formal things are not much attractive and this is why most press releases issued every day lose out on a big potential chunk of views that they could have gotten if they would have made the press release more creative and compelling. So before you start drafting your press release, make a list of all such linked factors that would impart a sense of creativity to the content along with broadening the scope of people who would get something of significance for them in your press release content.

2) Don’t Make PR Feel Information Deficient

A press release must not express the feeling of half-written content. If an announcement is made using the press release, the most significant questions that are closely connected to the announcement must be answered in 1-2 sentences each. As long press releases do get boring to read, make sure to provide brief answers to all the concerned questions. If too many details are required to impart a complete sense, provide the answers on the page of your official site and provide the link to that page in your press release.

3) Don’t Play with Word Complexity

If the choice of words used in your press release is complex, the readability of your press release will go down which is not a good indicator of the success of your press release. To make the most out of your press release, write it by keeping in mind an average internet user. Easy-to-understand words and keeping non-technical terms to a minimum is the right way to draft your press release.

4) To Read or Not Depends a Lot on the Headline

The efforts put towards coming up with a good title for the press release can significantly influence the end results that you achieve from the press release. This happens for the simple reason that most people make up their minds either to read or not to read a press release based on the impression that they get from the title of the press release itself. So pay a great deal of attention to crafting the best possible title for your PR content.

5) Don’t Provide a Feel of Explicit Advertising

Your press release should not give the impression of a sales page for your product/service as such press releases are hard to get published on big and reputed news sites. However, if the advertising element contained in it is indirect and subtle, your press release can get approved and published by many sites in the distribution network. Therefore, always write a press release in a professional tone with an indirect marketing aspect, if required.

6) Stay Away from First and Second Person Words

High-quality press release platforms have a strict barrier to casual writing style as seen across blog posts. As in this blog post, you can see the article containing free usage of direct words like you, I, etc, you won’t find such terms in a press release unless they form a quote from some person. So make sure to create your press release free from first and second-person words, i.e. a press release must be in the third person only.

7) Forget Modifying the Content After the Publication

One of the most precision-requiring content online is a press release because of the difficulty of making corrections later. Mistakes in a press release can also cause a dent in the image of your business/company because it is equivalent to the official stand of the company. This limitation of a press release, therefore, requires your content to be made with the best and most accurate information.

8) Omit Unconfirmed or Doubtful Information

While press releases are a great tool for building the brand image of your business, they can also harm your brand image if they contain any unsubstantial claims, allegations, or inaccurate data. Since you won’t get the privilege to modify the press release content later, there will always be a risk of legal difficulties if any mistakes or problems are found with your press release anytime.

9) Don’t Make the PR Fall Flat Due to Wrong Distribution Service

Many times, even great press releases get meager results. The writing is perfect, the newsworthy angle is present, the content is attractive and the writing style is creative and attractive, yet the results don’t do justice to the efforts put in. Mostly, such anomalies happen because the selected service for PR distribution was incompetent to distribute the content to big and authority sites. In order to prevent such a fate with your press release, ask the distributor for the list of sites that they can post to.

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