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New Board Member Press Release With Template, Tips and Sample

Want to do a public announcement about the joining of a new board member? If yes, then this in-depth article will serve everything that you need to know for the announcement. A press release is a perfect medium that can be utilized for the announcement of a new board member. Such a press release includes various details like the name of the board member, his/her work experience, expected benefits to the company, etc. To make things easier, we have provided a ready made template, example, tips for writing and benefits of a board member announcement press release (PR).

Aim: To publish PR for announcing the joining of a new board member and to get good coverage and distribution for it.

Tools: To successfully achieve the goal mentioned above, the tools you will get in this article are template, example, benefits, writing tips and knowledge of choosing the right distribution for it.

Sample Template: Sample template for a new board member PR is given below:


[Headline] /*use name of new board member, his/her position + company name + attractive news angle*/

[Sub-heading] /*A summary of 2-3 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Business/Company Name], a [emerging/new/established] name in [name of the industry] industry, welcomes [name of the new board member] as the new board member. [Name of the newly hired board member] has been working as [position in the previous company] in the [previous company name] and has [number of years] years of experience related to handling [tasks and responsibilities]. [More background of the new board member].

While working at [previous company/business], [list of achievements/awards/etc]. The company [company name] is hopeful that he will [expected changes and growth for the new company].

[New board member name], the new [board member] of [company name], said “[quotes]”. He further added, “[Quote]”.

[Name of new board member] holds [degree + university name + year]. [Mention other fields handled by him]. [1-2 sentences about Hobbies + Interests]

[Top employee name of present company], [his role (CEO/President)] at [company name], said “[quotes]”. He further added, “[Quote]”.

[Present trends in the industry/company + future scope + how the recent addition of a new board member is relevant to company goals] (3-4 sentences)

About [Company Name]

[Basic information about company + mission + vision].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Significance of a new board member press release announcement

A press release for announcing a new board member in the company has the following advantages:

Sends Out the Perfect Welcome Message

People who function at the top positions in the company like board members have greater responsibility. They also have rich experience and skills in their respective field. By sending out a PR announcement related to their joining, the company/business not only shows a healthy work culture of the company but also pays gratitude and respect to the person.

Steps Up the Brand Value

A person or company who is interested in your sector either for partnership, investing or any other relevant cause is most likely to get as much information about your company to make a better decision. By sending out press releases regularly, you step up the brand value of the company that in turn gets you a favorable advantage.

Can Boost Sales and Traffic

Backlinks are one of the core ranking factors in Google. By issuing press releases, your website link profile will become better due to which its ranking will improve in Google. This positive change in ranking can lead to more traffic and sales. However, to get the best results, you will have to choose a distribution service that can land your PR on quality sites.

Opens More Possibilities

For getting more chances of attention and interest from investors, a company must remain in focus and must constantly update on the new changes. By getting regular announcements out in the public domain, it works as an extra advantage for showcasing the activeness and transparency of a company.

Chances of Snowball Action Increase

Among many sources of new information, press releases are one of them. Since professionals like journalists, industry-specific bloggers monitor big PR portals, there is a good chance to get noticed by them if the PR is written in an attractive manner. This can further lead to a boost in organic coverage which means more traffic and sales for your business.

Things to remember while writing a press release for a new board member

The following points must be kept in mind for the PR writing

1) Third Person is the Best Person

For most of the content written across the web, it is common to see first person and second person words like I, We, Our, Your, etc. However, PR’s don’t entertain direct references and require the formatting of PR content to be done only in the third person. Only quotes section is the place in a press release where you can use such words.

2) Don’t Make Generic Mistakes

Due to the vast syndication of PR’s, it is impractical to go for corrections once the PR gets published. If you have made spelling errors, punctuation errors or factual errors, it will be spread across all sites that publish your PR thereby affecting the brand image of your company. So make sure to stay away from any errors or mistakes in your PR.

3) Don’t Portray Richness of Vocabulary

Having good command over language is a good thing but a press release is not the place where it must spill out. Your richness of vocabulary can be counter-productive if it gets expressed in a press release. A press release must be made in such a way that an average internet user can easily understand the idea and message of the PR content.

4) Duplicate Content Factor

If you publish the PR content on your own official website first and then send it for distribution, then it may cause rejection from some quality PR sites as they require unique and non-published content.

5) Don’t Rely Too Much on Numbers

While distributing a PR, don’t get too much influenced by the promise of being published on a vast number of sites because there are many sites that either doesn’t get indexed in Google or don’t have any significant traffic volume.

6) Obvious Must be Answered

For a press release for a new executive director, the basic details like the reason for inclusion, work experience, skills, past company, etc must be present in the content. As a general rule, ask the questions like who, what, when, where, why to ensure that the most basic questions get answered in the press release. The press release must not miss the most common and relevant questions.

7) Headline Needs More Time

Repetition is boring when it comes to press releases. With the same type of announcement headline for a board member, can you think of adding something extra to make it better? A creatively written PR is sure to get more interaction than a generic one. So take time to come up with new titles and choose the one that sounds the most attractive. However, do not elongate the headline too much as many sites have different restrictions on the length of a headline.

8) Who Will Get to Media Contact Section?

Interested people (journalists, investors, etc) may want to know more about your announcement and for this, they will use the contact details present in the media contact section of PR (at the bottom of PR). So make sure to use details of a responsible person who can ensure that all such queries get actively attended.

9) Distribution is the King

A press release gets the real momentum from a distribution network. If the distribution network has 100’s of low-tier sites, then the results won’t be of any good value. Mega sites like Yahoo, AP are the key names that not only have millions of monthly traffic, they also get favorable ranking in Google, so aim to select a network that can get you on such sites.

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