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Movers Marketing: 21 Ways to Market a Moving Company

If you own a moving company and want to remain booked with orders, then adopting the right marketing techniques becomes very essential. With more moving companies entering the market every year and the existence of established players in this industry, the competition is definitely going to affect the already existing ones. We have, therefore, provided an up to date content on the various marketing methods that you can apply to grow your moving company.

1) All-Inclusive Website

Even though most businesses realize that having a professional website is the “must-have” factor for online marketing, they forget that there are many essential elements that can drastically increase the results that they are getting from their website. Let us see some of the factors that must be there in your website to get optimal results

A) Website must load swiftly as people with a short attention span will leave it if it takes more than a few seconds to load.
B) Website must swiftly load on mobile devices too with right resolution as much of the traffic will come through people using their mobile devices.
C) The site must prominently display the contact number on the front page itself.
D) It must display all the core features/specialties of your service along with testimonials on the main page itself.
E) The front page must contain a video to engage the visitors better.

2) Press Release

To make sure that a number of websites show up when someone searches for the name of your moving company in Google, a press release is the solution. By virtue of a press release distribution, you can get your content published across many different websites and news portals within 2-3 days. It also helps to generate quick attention and traffic for your announcement. Further, it fetches many backlinks which are vital for getting better visibility of your site in search engines. Press releases are often used by many businesses regularly to get fast attention and traffic. Owing to this factors, you must definitely adopt press releases as a medium for advertising your movers company online.

3) Right Organic Visibility

If your website struggles to make it to the first page of Google for keywords related to moving services, then your business is sure to lose many potential customers day in and day out. Such people are in turn captured by your competing businesses who rank favorably on the first page. Similarly, apart from normal ranking, GMB (Google My Business) ranking is also crucial to get local leads. Both these ranking factors are controlled by a different set of parameters. To seize such visitors, do perform the right SEO techniques on your website either by learning it yourself or by taking the aid of an expert SEO agency.

4) Right Social Visibility

You can very easily connect with local people and businesses through social networks. Though it may take some time initially to get people to follow your profile on social networks, consistent sharing of good content and actively connecting with people will definitely show results in a few months in the form of a large following and leads. However, if you go aggressive with marketing your movers company on social media during the starting phase itself or if you lack the necessary patience required for social media marketing, you won’t see any good results.

5) Fast Working Ads

A quick and effective way to start seeing leads for your movers business is by running paid ads on big sources of traffic like Google and Facebook. Google Ads being the largest source of generating active leads for local businesses in the world is competitive, efficient but costly. The next name is Facebook ads which has its own set of parameters for running ads. Both these platforms have their own intricacies that one must learn to start getting a positive return on investment. If you are a new advertiser on these platforms, start small and take some time to learn else losing more money on ads is inevitable. A safe route for exploring this feature is to take the services of any specialized digital marketing firm.

6) Speciality Domination

To carve out a niche within your sector, you can choose to highlight some special features of your business like piano moving services, furniture moving, equipment moving, antiques moving, etc. This will showcase that your moving business is an expert in handling certain kinds of services which will increase the likelihood of your moving service being preferred over others.

7) Networking

A whole host of businesses in your sector can send you leads owing to multiple factors like being fully booked, no service in a specified area, absence of their staff, no service on particular days, etc. So make a good relationship even with your competing businesses for getting referrals. Some other businesses like real estate developers, local shops, etc can also send you leads, so make sure to build a good relationship with them.

8) Video Marketing

People can be convinced and converted much better by videos than text and this is why video marketing is proven to be effective. You can post professional videos on Youtube related to your movers’ service which will serve two functions. First, it will generate leads for your business. Second, it will infuse more trust in your services as people will perceive your business to be more professional as compared to others. Regarding the platforms for posting videos, you can also embed some of the best videos directly on your website and on your social profiles to convert more percentage of visitors.

9) Email Marketing

Whenever someone reaches your website, he might have many things crawling in his head due to which he may leave without taking any action. This is true for almost all websites out there. To counter this factor of passive visitors, you can utilize email marketing for your moving company to convert more of your website visitors. Once you capture the email addresses of your website visitors, you can connect with them and can increase the overall conversion output from your website. You must come up with something compelling to let your website visitors leave their email addresses.

10) SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a good aid for movers marketing. Do you know that people check their SMS much more than emails? This makes text messages more rewarding than email marketing. Even if you do not have phone numbers of people from your locality, there are specialized sites out there that can send SMS to hundreds of thousands of people from various regions and all you have to do is to buy message credits and to compose the message.

11) Trust Marketing

Most people need various inputs for them to believe that a company is genuine and is worth trying. Since people have multiple options to choose from when searching for a movers company online, you will only have a few seconds to convince them and this is where trust marketing comes into play. To instill trust in your website visitors, showcase things like license, awards, recognition, insurance, testimonials, news appearances and everything that shows your moving business in good light.

12) Quick Quotes and Support

One of the surest ways to increase conversions is by adding a live chat widget so that a person can readily interact with a live person while searching for a movers company. Another way to entice visitors to call your business directly is by offering a free quote and inspection offer. These little changes can easily increase 5 to 10 percent more conversions out of the total traffic that you are currently getting.

13) Referrals

Referrals have the most profound effect on buying behavior of customers because people trust their friends, colleagues and relatives way better than any third-party marketing. To let people refer your movers service to others, you can incentivize them with gift cards, vouchers, rewards, etc. Referrals can be a great game changer for growing and advertising your moving company.

14) Key Area Domination

As a moving company owner, you may be familiar with the key localities where the demand for moving service is more common. These areas can be student-occupied localities where students move in/out regularly, housing colonies, etc. Once you pinpoint the hot areas, you can use billboard ads, banner ads and ads on prominent buildings in that area to advertise your moving services.

15) Directories

Directories and sites that have already done the hard work of establishing their authority tend to secure a high ranking in Google for many local business-related search terms. You can easily get a share of the traffic they receive by creating a profile for your moving company on these sites. Some of the top sites and directories that you may be familiar with are Yelp, Nextdoor, Crunchbase, Homeadvisor, etc. You can do a search for some of the keywords related to your industry in Google and can find out a list of all such authority sites that tend to rank well in Google.

16) Custom Signs

To get free marketing for your moving company for a long time, you can send a few people to houses in different localities to offer a free sign board for their gates. These signboards can carry messages like “No Parking”, “House Number”, “Name of owners”, etc. The benefit that you get from giving away such signboards for free is that they will carry your business name and number so that people can notice them.

17) Content Marketing

Content marketing can become a long term asset for marketing your moving company. You can create content around long-tail queries related to your service like “which is the best moving service in [location]”, “moving service for students in [location]”, etc. After this, you can start posting such content on your site regularly. Slowly, your website will become a resource for all such low-traffic long tail questions which will add up to fetch many more visitors per month.

18) Local Participation

To make a name for your business common in your local area, be sure to attend/host/sponsor local events and gatherings. Getting face-to-face communication is more powerful in creating an impact than marketing through other means. You can even host events for a particular segment of people who are more likely to use moving services.

19) LinkedIn

All clients are not the same. Getting commercial high-end clients for a moving company is a dream come true for many businesses as the revenues and margins are way higher. To find potential commercial clients for moving companies around your locality, no social network stands close to Linkedin. You must create a dominant presence on Linkedin followed by making high-end connections with key decision-makers of big companies in your locality.

20) Offline Advertising

There is a segment of people who is not internet savvy. Such people trust and gain information mainly from offline mediums. So you must also adopt offline marketing methods for your moving company. Prominent offline marketing methods are ads on newspapers, billboards, flyers, brochures, signboards, etc.

21) Reviews

Many people are habituated to seek online reviews before trying or buying any product/service. So you must pay close attention to the reviews left for your business on various platforms. Any negative or average review must be addressed immediately. For this, you can set a Google alert with your business name as a keyword so that you will receive an email notification every time someone talks about your moving business online.

We hope that these marketing techniques will help in growing your moving service. If you feel that something is not clear or in case you have any questions to ask, do use the comment box below.

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