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27 Mortgage Marketing Ideas to Keep Getting Clients

You might have some of the best schemes and offers for providing mortgages to people but if you don’t know how to get people to know about it, then you will struggle to improve your business revenues. Businesses thrive with marketing and the absence of a good marketing plan is the greatest hurdle to achieving success. So pay attention to these mortgage marketing ideas and start implementing them to see the expected results.

1) Level Up Your Site Conversion Performance

Fundamentally, the most important interface of the online presence of your mortgage business will be your website. So it is beyond doubt that it must be effectively optimized for advertising mortgage services. While having a professional and catchy design is definitely a requirement, you must imbibe these changes too.

a) Remember that all users of your website will not be using a desktop for accessing it. A growing percentage of people are using mobile devices to search online and due to this, make the design of your website mobile-optimized if you don’t want to lose such visitors.
b) Many websites suffer high bounce rates, i.e. visitors leaving quickly after landing on a website. To decrease the bounce rate and increase visitor engagement, put out a professional video on the homepage to catch the user’s attention.
c) Key features and benefits of your mortgage services must be included on the main page along with factors like testimonials, achievements, etc.
d) Compress images and other files to make your site load faster, ideally in less than 1 second.
e) Do make the contact number and other key details easy to locate on the main page itself.
f) Get a catchy offer on the homepage like a free consultation, free quote, etc to make more site visitors contact you.

2) Reach the Hotspot of Customers

The hotspot for getting customers for a mortgage business (or any other business) is Google as most people resort to finding product/service information on Google. This means that you must know and implement all the factors that would enable your mortgage business to make it to the top 10 Google results or you must get an efficient digital marketing agency to do it. Though the process of ranking your mortgage website will likely take 2-3 months of time, it will be worth the effort and time because once ranked, you will start getting customers for your mortgage business through the Google search engine.

3) Grow by Learning from Competitors

Competitor spying can land you many golden nuggets to grow your mortgage business online. By using any powerful tool like Ahrefs, you can discover many new keywords and link opportunities that your competing businesses have. By working on these links and keywords, you can grow your traffic and online ranking. Further, you can also create posts around the “brand name” of your competitors so that your site too stands up on the first page when people search for your competitor’s name on Google.

4) Speed Up the Promotion with Google Ads

If you want to see some serious traffic rolling on your mortgage website quickly, then there can be no better online promotion method than using ads on Google. With millions of advertisers using Google ads every single month, it is a rich source of delivering hot prospects seeking various types of products/services. With its own set of complexities, one needs to devote some time to learning Google ads fundamentals else with improper framing and operation of mortgage ads, you may witness very low return on investment or even negative returns.

5) Acquire Many Benefits from Press Releases

A potent yet lesser-used marketing strategy for a mortgage business is by sending out press releases through a premium distribution channel so as to get placements on some of the top news networks in the world. There are many ideas through which you can get an announcement ready for your business to be sent out in the form of a press release. Links, traffic, placements, and brand-building are the key achievements that a press release can provide you in promoting your mortgage business.

6) Put Your Business GMB Page in Action

Let’s start with the basics of GMB. Google displays three businesses in a separate pack (called Google local pack) on the front page of search results when a user types something that Google believes is a local-level query like mortgage services in Texas. So if you’re starting fresh, the first step in becoming eligible to appear on this local pack is to create a “Google My Business” page with various details about your mortgage business. If you become successful in optimizing your GMB profile either on your own or through a third-party digital marketing agency, you will start getting more leads and sales. To get an edge over other businesses, seeking professional help through a digital marketing agency is a much better option.

7) Understand and Use the Content Traffic Equation

The more content you spread across the web, the more traffic you will get to your mortgage site. Therefore, start writing a few blog posts every week consistently to receive more customers. Apart from your blog, content can also be published on other sites in the form of guest posts to start getting more links, traffic, and visibility online. There are many direct and indirect benefits of content marketing for a mortgage business.

8) Witness the Magic of Email Opt-in Forms

Having an email opt-in form on your mortgage website can help you in making contact with those site visitors who have not availed of your services for some or other reason. Once you get their emails, you can then get many chances to convince these people to try out your mortgage service. Having a targeted email list will also help you to promote your mortgage services many times over and over again. Further, people also tend to establish a deeper bond with businesses that remain in touch with them and email marketing is one of the great ways of doing it.

9) Be Social on Social Media

Another great promotion strategy for the mortgage business is to get a good presence on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even though it will require some time to grow to a level where you have a few thousand followers, this strategy is worth implementing because of the free potential to advertise your mortgage business and to get people from your targeted location to know and connect with your mortgage business.

10) Use Social Media Personalities

Influencers are the new marketing assets on social media as they have at least a few thousand people following them who engage with the posts posted by these influencers. Send out a business offer to all such influencers who are from your region and who have a good number of followers from your region. You will finally come across many such influencers who are open to doing promotion of your mortgage business at a very reasonable price. Work with them to get more mortgage clients and recognition. You can additionally gain many new followers to even your social profiles while getting influencer marketing done for your business.

11) Use Mega Sites for Promotion

A good source that can provide you with significant leads targeted to your mortgage business is directories. Though most business directories that don’t rank well on Google are useless, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and similar ones are a few directories that appear on the first page of Google for many searches on local businesses and services. Take note of such directories by carefully observing how well they rank in Google followed by listing your own business on them in order to get more leads.

12) Impact Potential Prospects Deeply with Videos

Since there are countless studies showing that videos influence people’s decisions way better than text and simple audio, video marketing of your mortgage business is a great promotion opportunity. Rather than randomly creating videos, you can research all the less searched and weak-competition keywords (either by yourself or by outsourcing to a freelancer) and can start posting videos on YouTube for these keywords. After having a decent enough portfolio of such videos, you will start seeing traffic passively for your mortgage business.

13) Start Asking and Promoting Referrals

It takes a few minutes to ask your current customers to refer your mortgage business to their circle of people. Further, if the flavor of incentive (monetary or other forms like gift certificates) gets added to this process, you can see more people referring and consequently growing your mortgage business.

14) Use Press to Impress and Promote

For high-ticket deals, credibility plays a big role. To become credible locally, a good way is by writing for newspapers because content that appears in newspapers is perceived as more genuine. Make contacts with local newspaper editors and ask if they can provide writing opportunities for mortgage and similar topics. Once your content starts appearing in local newspapers, your personal brand value and your mortgage business will reap its advantage.

15) Do Moving Marketing with Vehicles

A very simple way to utilize your vehicle for promoting your mortgage business is by covering your vehicle with the advertisement of your business. By doing this, your mortgage business will get promoted even on the streets while you are driving your vehicle. This kind of dynamic advertising can be scaled even bigger if you get other vehicles to do the same by offering them some monetary incentives.

16) Get Excellent Partners Sending You New Leads

Every business or service provider that deals with a similar customer base as yours can be a good potential partner for referring new leads to you. So make a list of such businesses and services and get them in your network to get leads from them. Some suitable partners can be financial advisors, real estate dealers, CPA, builders, etc.

17) Take the Services of a Lead Provider

For companies and businesses that are more interested in buying leads directly without having to do much advertising from their side, they can opt for services from a lead generation company. These lead generation companies will run ads for providing you with mortgage leads at a preset price per lead. Depending upon the initial quality of mortgage leads that you get from such providers, you can decide to scale the budget accordingly.

18) Be Found in Crowd

Charities, events, fairs, or any other local community-level gathering, such crowd can be made aware of your mortgage services by becoming part of them through sponsorships or by simply hosting your small stall in such gatherings. You can also give some free merchandise or distribute your brochures at such places for promoting your mortgage services.

19) Get Business Converting Better with Case Studies

Before making a final call on whether to deal with you, you can turn their decisive phase into a yes if you can show real-life case studies of how your mortgage business has helped people solve their needs. Post your success case studies on your website and you will find growth in the conversion rate from your site.

20) Write a Book, Fight the Odds

Writing a book related to mortgage succeeded by showcasing it on your website can get your site visitors to make a call in your favor because being a book author itself boosts your perceived value. With digital publishing options, becoming a book author has become fairly easy.

21) Stay Updated to Grow Expertise and Customers

To convince and convert people, one crucial factor is to remain updated with the latest news and happenings in the mortgage and finance sector so that you can have meaningful discussions with your potential clients. So watch finance news and use it for adding expert points for dealing with your customers.

22) Host Parties, Catch More Clients

To get access to the network of friends and relatives of your previous customers, a good marketing idea is to host a party for your old customers along with having them bring their friends to your party. By doing this, you can get closer to new people and this can further increase your referral chain. This method of promotion will also help you develop a more intimate relationship with your past customers.

23) Host Seminars and Events for Big Expansion

Through newspaper ads and through your website and social media, you can announce upcoming seminars and events related to topics of finance, mortgage, etc. Such seminars and events can be a good way to get hot leads for your mortgage business. You can also ask the seminar/event attendees to share pics from such gatherings on their social media so that your business will receive more coverage.

24) Take Interviews to Be Found More Online

You can take interviews of popular people (locally) in related industries and can upload these interviews on Youtube and on your website so that these interviews will surface online when people search for the names of these people. This will work as an indirect promotion of your mortgage business.

25) Take the Help of Other Agents in Growing Your Business

If you can share commissions with people who will bring new clients to your business, then affiliate marketing is a great idea. All you need to do is to sign up as an advertiser to any big affiliate network and get your offer presented openly. The more affiliates that promote your mortgage business, the faster it will grow.

26) Don’t Miss the Conventional Marketing Ways

By just using online marketing methods, you will miss out on promoting your business to a bigger segment of the local population. This is why mostly you will find that businesses in your niche (as well as in most other niches too) adopt the hybrid promotional method which involves both online and offline advertising. Getting your business ads displayed on banners and billboards in crowded places, putting up ads on newspaper classifieds, directly handing out business cards in meetings and events, ads on vehicles, etc are some of the tried and tested offline marketing methods.

27) Let People Judge You Positively

Judging is normal human behavior and this is why people search for reviews of products and services online to judge how good they will be for them. If your mortgage business fails to amass positive reviews online and has no reviews or negative reviews, this will have many of your potential customers choose some of your competing businesses. So do not ignore this factor of maintaining a positive image online. Actively ask your customers to review your mortgage business online.

So we have finally reached the end of this comprehensive content on mortgage marketing ideas. If something feels unclear or if you want your contribution to be integrated into this article, write your ideas below.

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