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26 Medical Device Marketing Ideas for Sales and Brand Growth

As healthcare is a large sector, so is the associated medical device industry. With time, the demand for more effective medical devices is increasing. However, the range of medical device dealers is also big enough which makes it mandatory for any medical device business to utilize the best advertising ideas to remain consistently profitable. The medical device marketing ideas given here are really the “actual” game changers for your business, so read them, understand them and take action:

1) Is Your Website Actually Performing?

As a key requirement for online marketing of your medical device business, getting a website is the most basic thing to begin with. However, there are some vital elements that when added to your website can show a big difference in the conversion rates and the overall profits that you are currently getting. These vital elements that can bring the difference are:

A) Achievements, awards, key distinctions from other businesses, accreditations, testimonials, etc have a dominant role in influencing user decisions. So get all these factors out there on your website homepage itself.
B) Most web visitors all over the world are increasingly having short attention spans due to which any site that is slow to load is sure to witness a drop in visitors. So get your site checked for loading times and get it to load ideally within 1 second.
C) To confirm that visitors have a longer stay on your website, embed a top-notch quality video on your website detailing your medical device business.
D) To get more visitors to contact your medical device business, give a good and compelling reason or incentive like a free demonstration of the device, discount, etc.
E) Let the user find all the contact options for your business including your office address easily by the right placement of these details.
F) Mobile devices are outperforming desktops in terms of devices used for online browsing. So get your website optimized to load conveniently on mobile devices too, to make it a mobile-friendly website.

2) Improve Search Engine Visibility, Improve Sales

Good SEO (search engine optimization) is the key to good visibility in Google which in turn means more clients and revenue. For good SEO, there are many factors that need to be addressed, with the most important ones being backlinks and content relevancy. Since it is an ongoing process, it is better to take the assistance of any SEO agency. With proper management of your website SEO, your website will start appearing high for many relevant search terms which will mean a regular supply of customers for your medical device business.

3) Strike Many Targets with Press Release Marketing

Press releases are a suitable choice for marketing your medical device business if you want to avail a range of benefits. The topmost benefit is that any content that you had put out as a press release is sure to get at least a few thousand views within 2-3 days because the distribution involved is large in a press release broadcast. Since the press release content will find exposure on many news sites too, it will add up to the brand-building of your business. An indirect benefit is the ranking effects for your official medical device website as a result of getting many new links from various sites. With the right optimization of the press release, the press release itself can rank in search engines for low-competition keywords thereby generating traffic and leads.

4) Create Your Brand on Social Media

For the purpose of marketing your medical device company on social media networks, a long-term plan needs to be adopted. On almost all social media platforms, it will take some time to get the ball rolling because, without a good following, it will be hard to see any considerable results. To get people to follow your profile, some of the common methods are consistently posting educative and catchy content, making use of contests, quizzes, joining local groups, cross-promoting others, etc. For these tasks, you can also assign a social media marketing personnel or agency to grow your social presence. It is also beneficial for getting more links and traffic for your medical device website.

5) Add Extra Sales with Local Listings on Google

While distinct nomenclatures are given for the set of 3 local listings displayed on the first page of Google, the most common term is “Google Local Listing”. This “Google Local Listing” is only displayed whenever Google finds keywords with local intent being searched on its platform, for example, local business or service provider in a city/town. Due to the fact that these results are shown on the first page of Google, they do have a high traffic potential. If you want your medical device business to get displayed in this section, then you must work on increasing the number of citations and reviews that your business gets online. For getting professional assistance in this task, use any experienced SEO agency.

6) Promote with Google Ads

Different online advertising ideas for the medical device business will require different time periods to show results. Paid advertising is one of the quick methods for advertising any business. Since your chosen service for advertising your business will govern how good or bad are the final results, so it is better to get it going with Google Ads first as it is currently the number one high-quality paid advertising medium. To get familiar with the intricacies of ad operation on Google ads, there are many free tutorials as well as paid courses available online. Another common route for handling the operation of Google Ads is by delegating it to any specialized digital marketing business.

7) Take the Benefits of Content Marketing

New links, more traffic growth, more sales, and increased credibility, are some of the best benefits that content marketing for your medical device business can give you. Free and useful information is the right strategy to build customer relations and content marketing is the right approach to get started with this. You can adopt many forms of content for this approach like case studies, articles, FAQs, statistics, infographics, video tutorials, etc. Though publishing content and expecting traffic and sales growth from it is not a quick process, it is a long-term and inexpensive strategy to grow your medical device business.

8) Build Email List, Build Advertising Power

What can be the best marketing method than being able to send out your offer or message to active potential customers at any time you want? This “anytime broadcasting power” for your message/offer can be achieved with email marketing. Though the beginner stage of building a good list for email marketing for your medical device business will definitely take some time but since the results are long-term, you must definitely imbibe this method of marketing. Note that people would NOT leave their email address just because you have set up an opt-in form on your website, you must give some powerful reason to the website visitors in the form of incentives to grow your email list.

9) Start Creating and Posting Medical Device Videos

It has become too easy to create videos nowadays because there are many applications online that make the video creation process a child’s play. You might have come across videos appearing in Google search results when people type for certain products and services. Usually, such video results pop up in Google for low-competitive keywords. This means that if you can chunk out videos regularly for low-competition keywords related to your medical device niche, then these videos will start pulling additional traffic for your website. Since YouTube video ads are cheap, you can also promote your videos through YouTube advertising. Alternatively, you can collaborate with any big channel owner (related to your niche business) to publish or market your videos to get eyeballs and traffic to your business.

10) Make Your Brand Popular with Influencer Marketing

To grow your social media profile and to mass spread your medical device brand, you can use the already established network of social media influencers. The selection of the right influencers for your business must be done after considering the niche of the influencer. You cannot expect good results if you choose influencers in the luxury cars niche or let’s say pets niche. Your chosen influencers should be ideally in the health and medical technology niche.

11) Promote to Targeted Customers with LinkedIn

To easily connect with doctors, hospital administration staff, medical device distributors, etc, in different regions, LinkedIn can be your best asset. LinkedIn gives great power to find the profiles of many professionals and businesses. You can keep growing your network with LinkedIn along with attaining many new customers. Though the premium version of LinkedIn gives you many extra benefits, you can get a good idea of the potential of LinkedIn with the free plan too.

12) Use Gifts to Win Hearts and Money

Selling your medical device to your intended customers can be made into a long-term association if you give some complementary but inexpensive custom-marked gifts. Nowadays, you can very conveniently get your business name marked on many gift items, and such items when given away to your customers will add an informal and long-term memory for your business which will help build customer loyalty.

13) Enjoy Triple Benefits of Directories

Find good ranking directories like Yelp and register your medical device business on them. With this process of listing, you will gain three advantages namely backlinks, traffic, and brand building.

14) Promote Through Doctor Magazines and Publications

Publications and magazines that have good circulation among doctors are good means to promote your medical devices. Some well-known names in this category are Physician Weekly, Tropical Doctor, Pubmed, etc. You can advertise your medical devices in these magazines and publications by contributing posts on them or by booking ad space in them.

15) Apply Educational Marketing Methods

Educational marketing methods are basically strategies with the main focus on informing the intended demographic followed by getting the sales done in a subtle mode. This method makes use of instructional content in form of webinars, free downloadable materials, free instructional videos, in-person training, etc.

16) Go Big with Your Product Launch

When you announce your new medical device, make sure to get the initial momentum right with big promotion. To get the right start on the release/launch of your medical device, announce a product launch party and invite journalists, influencers, and prominent personalities to create the right ambiance for getting media coverage and online mentions along with doing an online press release for the same.

17) Explore Bigger Potential with Distributors

Collect the names of big distributors of medical devices in your region and connect with them to get your medical device promoted. As these distributors already have hundreds of other stores linked to them, your medical device can get bulk distribution across many regions through their network.

18) Actively Watch and Connect with New Doctors and Hospitals

Usually established doctors are rigid in adopting and working with new medical devices whereas new doctors are more open and dynamic in such cases. So actively get your salespeople and marketing strategy targeted at new doctors and new hospitals/clinics for better conversions.

19) Increase Sales with Case Studies

Get testimonials (video/text) from a few doctors who have used your medical device and use these testimonials across your other online marketing methods to improve your conversion percentage. You can use such testimonials on your social media, Youtube channel, website, etc to have more number of people trust your medical device which will lead to more doctors using your medical device.

20) Use Newsletters of Doctors’ Associations

At the regional and national levels, there are many different associations of doctors in almost all countries. Many of these associations publish their monthly/bi-weekly newsletters/journals. You can get your medical devices and your brand promoted by putting your ads on them or by getting articles on your medical device published on them. You can also enquire if they send out emails to their members and if they do so, you can utilize their email subscriber base to get your medical device announced.

21) Take Sales to a Bigger Level with Amazon

You can list your medical device and other products owned by you on Amazon so that your products can find a large traffic exposure. Make sure to attach video tutorials with your listings so that more people can know the right procedure to use your medical device. To achieve the first few sales and reviews, you must try paid advertising of your medical device on Amazon through the Amazon advertising platform. BY repeating this process through more eCommerce platforms, you can increase your medical device sales.

22) Have Good Addons for Faster Sales

Think of all the best addons that you can provide with your medical device and make use of them to generate more sales. Some good add-ons can be free maintenance for a certain amount of time, warranty for a certain time, any additional and related medical device for a lower cost, discounts, etc.

23) Tie Up with Non-Competitive Medical Device Suppliers

Already established medical device suppliers can help you to present and promote your medical device to many doctors using their network. For this, you need to share some percentage of your profit with the established medical device supplier. To get good results, the medical device supplier must not have a competitive device in the same segment as yours.

24) Run Your Own Affiliate Program

For your entire range of medical devices, you can host and run your own affiliate program. Due to this, you will find many independent affiliates that will market your medical device in different ways like their website, through PPC ads, through forums, etc. To fasten the process, you can also join any large and established affiliate network like Commission Junction.

25) Create Additional Perception and Reach with Offline Promotions

Though the access and reach of the internet is huge and growing every year, yet businesses spend considerable budgets on offline advertising. One of the reasons is perception, the perception of a business or brand is much better if people see its advertising physically rather than in digital mode only. Another good reason is that not all people tend to start searching online when they need any product/service. Considering this, you must also consider adopting offline advertising for your medical device business. The most usual offline advertising methods are ads in newspapers/magazines, billboard ads, sponsoring contests/events, face-to-face marketing, etc.

26) Don’t Fail in the Final Decisive Phase

When people will come across your business name, one common thing many of them will do is look up reviews of your medical device business on Google. If they don’t find any good reviews, then you will likely lose a large number of these potential customers. So start asking for reviews of your business on Google if you don’t want to lose customers in the final consideration phase of doing business with you.

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