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23 Mattress Marketing Ideas for Growing Your Business

Are you one of those mattress business owners who is striving to increase customers and revenues amidst cutthroat competition? If yes, then these power-packed mattress marketing ideas will prove to be one of the most useful contents for your business growth. While many other sites list a handful of ideas, we have made efforts to provide a comprehensive range of ideas that can be implemented to source customers through various channels. Let us go through mattress advertising strategies one by one.

1) Take Care of Virtual Showroom

To expand your reach, the first and most important thing is to create your virtual showroom i.e. your website. This is because a growing number of people start the search for goods and services online. The best part is that you can easily scale your geographical boundaries by having a website and by providing online delivery options. Some of the tips to make full use of your website are:

a) Make the website well designed with easy navigation across various categories along with providing the option of ordering mattresses online.
b) Do not forget to add your contact details to the home page header of your website.
c) Include testimonials and Q&A section on your website.
d) Make sure to check that the website is working efficiently on every device (phone, laptop, tablet) with the right resolution.
e) Improve your site loading speed so as to load it within 1-2 seconds.
f) Mention all the accomplishments and prominent elements of your business including media coverage and awards.

2) Work on Your Site SEO

Whenever searches like “mattress shops near me” are conducted on search engines like Google and Bing, 1000’s of results are displayed which span over a few 100 pages. If you can work on those factors that are taken into account for ranking websites by search engines, you can command long-term free traffic and sales from good search engine rankings. This process of ensuring high rankings comes under search engine optimization (SEO). If SEO sounds technical and tricky to you, you can just outsource this work to any digital marketing agency and can get more customers and sales.

3) Appear in The GMB Listings

For search queries on Google that have a local relevance for example, “mattress store in [LOCATION CITY]”, 3 local listings are shown. To be able to appear in these listings, the most fundamental requirement is that you must have a “Google My Business” (GMB) page. Once you create such a page, you will need reviews and citations to perform better in these local search pack. This process can be effectively managed by any experienced SEO freelancer or agency if you do not wish to look after managing it all by yourself.

4) Go Fast Forward with Paid Ads

While different marketing methods require different time periods to yield results, paid advertising on search engines, especially on Google is the fastest means to get leads interested in buying mattresses. You just have to launch an ad campaign with the right set of keywords and targeting and within 2-3 days, your ads will start appearing wherever any search for your selected keywords is done on Google. The best thing about such paid advertising of mattresses on Google is that you will have to pay only when someone actually clicks your ad. This way Google ads ensure that you get the most targeted leads for your mattress business. If running ads on Google sounds difficult to you, you can just let the task be handled by any PPC marketing agency.

5) Use Press Releases

Press releases, if used the right way, can not only bring traffic to your website but can also grow your mattress brand by featuring your business on prominent news sites. For successful press release campaigns, it is necessary that the choice of your press release distribution system must be right. Not all distribution services can land your press release content on premium sites like Yahoo, Associated Press, etc. Keep on sending 1-2 press releases every month to gain links, brand growth and traffic.

6) Don’t Ignore Social Media Benefits

Some businesses do not take social media marketing seriously because it takes a slightly longer time to build a presence and follower base on such networks. However, the other side is that once you get a considerable following on such platforms, the rest of things become easier. To start social media marketing of your mattress business, you can start providing your social media links on other marketing materials like pamphlets, website, brochures, etc. You can also do paid advertising of your social media profiles initially, in order to quickly boost your audience on social networks.

7) Use Instagram to Promote Your Brand

Instagram is one of the most crowded and popular social media apps which if wisely used can take your mattress business to the next level. Make an Instagram page for your mattress business and start making posts consistently to grow your follower base. Upload beautiful videos of your products and your store. Make reels on trending songs and upload gorgeous pictures of your products on your feed and use the required hashtags to make them reach the right audience. Stay active on Instagram and interact with your customers regularly for more leads and reach.

8) Get in Touch with Distributors

There are small and big distributors for almost all kinds of products out there. Depending upon your business size, you can get in touch with such distributors to get your mattresses spread across various other retail mattress stores. For a predecided commission, you can easily access the vast network of mattress stores through the right distributor.

9) Analyze Your Competitors Consistently by Setting Alerts

Keep an eye on the marketing activities of new and old mattress brands by setting alerts on Google. You can easily find out the process to set Google alerts online. Once you have set up Google alerts, you will keep on getting all the latest news related to your industry. This will in turn keep you updated with the most recent happenings in your industry using which you can grow your mattress business.

10) Keep in Touch With the Audience

Before stepping into any business it’s very important to figure out what you are going to sell and to whom you are going to sell it. You could have the best product in the world but if the audience does not desire it, it simply would not sell. Knowing and analyzing your audience is very crucial because at the end of the day your audience makes your efforts worthwhile and successful. Figure out what people are into and what’s trending and shape your mattress brand accordingly. What trends is what sells. Give the public what it desires and your mattress sales and publicity will flourish simultaneously.

11) Partner Up With Leading Brands

Partner up with some leading brands like bed sheet brands or bed brands and ask them to refer your mattresses to their customers. Get in touch with them through their website or social media platforms and launch mutually beneficial deals in collaboration with them. Ask them to promote your posters and pamphlets on their social media channels and around their stores. Collaborating with such brands will give your business a grand market exposure. Your brand will become more popular and known among the audience.

12) Use Influencers to Your Advantage

Collaborating with influencers is one of the easiest ways to market your mattress to a broader audience. Collaborate with some influencers in the associated industry (luxury, fashion, etc) and ask them to visit your showroom and shoot a video explaining all about your store and displaying your mattresses, ask the influencer to upload the video on their channel and tag you. This will make your business well-known among a widespread audience. You can also hold some exciting giveaways with the influencers in which their followers can participate, this will increase the reach and sales of your product faster.

13) Give Away Free Merchandise

Giving away free merchandise is another easy way of promoting your mattress business. Get some merchandise designed for your business like some cute little pillows, pretty bedsheets, calendars, etc with your business logo and name on them. Offer them for free with every sale you make. This will boost your sales and will help your customers to remember your business for a longer period of time. More customers will get attracted to your mattress brand once the word spreads around about your free merchandise.

14) Get An App For Your Business

Get an app designed for your mattress business to make it more organized and efficient for your customers to stay in touch with your products. You can introduce various interesting features on your app like letting the customers choose their mattress according to their bed size. The customer experience can be enhanced by providing an animated virtual room feature using which customers can select a bed akin to their bed and explore various mattresses. You can also notify your customers whenever there are new products in-store and let them book mattresses in advance. An app can make the buyer-seller experience more organized and classic and can play a good role in increasing sales.

15) Use Your Transportation for Promotion

While most businesses use transportation for delivery only, you can utilize it to advertise your mattress brand. Get your mattress banners wrapped or painted in your delivery vehicles so that when your transports are on the road, additional people can get to know about your business and contact you. You can also try this method with other private vehicles by paying them a fixed monthly commission.

16) Grow by Broadening Your Product Range

In order to get more sales and customers, you need to offer a vast range of products akin to the customer’s needs and requirements. Broaden your mattress range. Do not stay limited to a few colors, designs and features. Get a vast range of products for your store like cartoon mattresses for kids with their favorite characters designed on them, warm mattresses for adults to help with back pain, blood circulation, etc. The availability of a wide range of mattresses at your store will make sure that the customers do not have to look anywhere else. If you are able to fulfill their necessities and wants, they’ll surely buy from you and will come back for more.

17) Let The Customers Take Over The Designing

Why not make the designing experience a little more personalized for the customers? Let the customers take over the designing wheel. Ask them what kind of material, color, or patterns they want for their mattress and get it designed for them. This will make them feel more valued and since their product will be exactly of their choice, it will provide them more satisfaction. It will also lead to more voluntary referrals of your mattress business by your customers.

18) Offer Home Delivery And Set Up Services

In order to grow your mattress business further, you can offer home delivery services to your customers. This feature will make it effortless for your virtual customers (website visitors) to shop from you and it will save your physical customers the stress of carrying the mattress home. Additionally, you can offer free setup services to your customers and can install mattresses in their bedrooms.

19) Use Brochure Marketing

A brochure is a low-cost way to market your products. Get some brochures made for your mattress business. Include everything, starting from the importance of choosing the right mattress to the vast range of mattresses you offer. Get attractive pictures imprinted on them with prices, deals and discounts, and make sure to include all the services you offer. Spreading these brochures will create more awareness about your products and business.

20) Quora Marketing

Quora is one of the simplest marketing tools for selling products/services along with getting valuable backlinks to a website. You can look for people who have questions related to mattresses on quora followed by providing them with solutions along with promoting your mattress business simultaneously. Make sure to create a quora account using your brand’s name and mention all the contact details. Use that account to comment and answer various questions. Look for questions like “best mattress brand?” or “what type of mattress should I buy to improve my body posture?” and provide answers to them. By making an account on Quora, you will also start getting notifications of the new questions related to your interested category and you can be one of the first to provide answers thereby opening up the chances of sales.

21) Side Hustle to Boost Revenue

People often go looking for related products too. So it would be good if you start selling beds, bedsheets, pillows along with mattresses. You can also create a combo pack and can offer discounts on purchases. This will attract more customers and expand your business as well as sales.

22) Take Care of the Store’s Aesthetics

Considering that you are marketing a product that is very closely related to comfort and relief, your showroom should also make the customers feel relieved and stress-free. Design your showroom in a way that makes the customers feel welcomed as if they have returned, after a long day of work to their very own bedroom. Paint the walls with comforting and soothing colors and use suitable props like a side table, night lamp, and a bed with a relaxing mattress. This will make your showroom appear more appealing and pleasing to the customers.

23) Give Away Referral Coupons

For every customer that buys a mattress from you, hand over referral coupons that they can give to their friends and relatives. This will cause a chain reaction of sales and will positively help towards marketing your mattress business quickly.

If done the right way, marketing helps your business grow in no time. These mattress marketing ideas will assist you in growing your mattress business. Follow these tips and witness your mattress business evolve. For questions or comments, use the comment box below.

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