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Massage Advertising: 24 Promotion Ideas to Get More Massage Customers

Be it work pressure, family pressure, financial load, or any other reason, the fact is that stress and mental problems are increasing. This has opened the doors for massage businesses but many massage business owners too face the stress of increasing their customers amidst cut-throat competition. Since you are a massage business owner and not a typical marketer, we have listed the best possible massage advertising ideas to get more customers and to count more money 🙂

1) Website

Website is an essential and the most basic requirement if you are really serious about massage business marketing. Just having a massage website isn’t going to suffice, it must have the following qualities

A) Must be well designed, organized and professional looking.
B) Must load faster as people don’t tend to wait nowadays (decreasing attention span).
C) Must have contact information readily visible on the main page itself.
D) Must load seamlessly on mobile devices as the share of people browsing through mobile devices is growing.
E) Must have an appointment booking option available on the website so that you don’t have the risk of customers going in a different mood later.

One good idea is to put a 24/7 live chat widget on your website so that any customer can get their doubts or questions cleared right away. This will also lead to rise in the sales volume of your massage business.

2) Press Release

Most new and old businesses regularly issue press releases to announce every change and update related to their company. This is so because a press release is not limited to getting announcements out to the public. It also helps to boost the official website ranking in Google as links coming from 100’s of press release syndicating websites help in the search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. This translates to more visitors and sales.

Another feature of a press release is brand building. Once you advertise your massage therapy using press releases, you will have the name of your massage business covered on various news sites (using press releases). Your massage business press release will pop up every time on Google whenever any person types the name of your massage business in Google. This appearance of your business name on reputed sites will create a positive perception of your business/service.

3) Search Engine Optimization

If your website does not appear on the top 10 results of the first page of Google for relevant keywords, it means that your massage business website is not properly optimized and you are losing many customers to your competing businesses. To capture the top 10 ranking on the first page of Google for your massage business, you can hire a digital marketing agency. If you are too tight on budget, you can learn search engine optimization all by yourself in a few weeks/months by going through various videos on Youtube and other digital marketing-oriented sites.

4) Google Ads

Google ads is one of the fastest means to start getting clients looking for massage therapy. Since searches on Google are intent-based and active searches, these are hot leads and have a very good conversion rate. One thing that must be noted here is that in order to get a positive return on investment from Google ads, you must spend some time learning it else it is common to lose money if you don’t know the right keyword targeting. If you want to advertise your massage business using Google ads without the hassle of handling them yourself, you can give this task to any digital marketing company.

5) Facebook Ads

Facebook ads with a host of targeting options is another big platform that can send you good leads for your massage business. You can target by location, age, gender, interests, etc to get the message ad seen by the desired audience base. Here also you have two options, either by handling Facebook ads yourself or by using any third-party agency for running massage ads on Facebook.

6) Emails

Out of every 100 visitors to your website, only a few will contact you while the majority of them will leave your website and this is normal for almost all businesses. However, you can increase the sales volume by using email marketing for massage business advertising. You can ask every visitor who comes to your website to provide their email address in exchange for coupons, discounts, free short sessions, etc. Once you have emails, you can connect with customers anytime due to which a totally new opportunity of sales and orders will get started.

7) Videos

Videos especially videos on Youtube tend to rank better and faster than websites on Google if the keyword selection is good. Commonly, Google shows Youtube videos for very low competition keywords and if you can compile a list of low competition keywords, you can make one video per keyword and upload it on Youtube. It will finally create a web of digital video assets that will keep on sending customers to you. If you have a hard time making and editing videos, just head over to any freelance platform like Fiverr and get it done for cheap. Apart from this massage therapy promotion strategy, you can also try promoting your business through Youtube ads.

8) Social Marketing

Along with making a good website, being active in social media also helps to establish new connections and to drive more customers to your massage business. By making your massage business available on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you open up new avenues of marketing your massage business. Through Facebook, you can search for local groups and join them after which you can start promoting your massage business too (without breaking the terms of the group). You can also build up a targeted follower base on Instagram by posting local photos of your business and clients (with their permission).

9) Influencers

If you think that growing a follower base on social media is a long and boring thing to do, then you can use the audience of famous influencers of your area to get the massage ad out to the public. It is called influencer marketing. If the budget charged is high, you can try micro-influencers who have a low audience size but their charges for promotion of massage marketing in social media are low.

10) Reviews

Reviews have become one of the major decisions affecting parameters today. If your business has little to no reviews online, then a potential massage customer is more likely to choose the one with a greater number of reviews. To make sure that your customers leave reviews for your massage therapy, you can come up with some offers that would compel your clients to leave reviews. It can be a discount, free complimentary massage, gift cards, etc.

11) Attract Crowd With Open House Events

A free open house event with facilities for foods and drinks is a simple and creative way to incentivize people to attend your massage shop/facility. When people attend such open house events, do make sure to collect the phone numbers/email at the entry door itself so that you can establish a long-term link with them apart from sending your offers regularly. You can promote your open house event through newspaper ads, gyms, complexes, etc. You can also take one step ahead and can make it exclusive for a specific target like tech professionals, startups, etc so that people with good income can participate in such events.

12) Loyalty and Package Deals Marketing

While there are plenty of options for people to choose amongst various massage services, you must strive to build loyalty in your customers by good service combined with catchy package deals. By coming up with rewards, coupons, bulk packages, the income generated per customer will increase which will in turn help to generate an extra budget for other forms of marketing your massage therapy/business.

13) Yelp and Other Big Sites

One of the creative promotion ideas for a massage business is utilizing the influence of big sites. Sites that have millions of monthly traffic due to their brand positioning are sweet sources of marketing. You might have seen sites like Yelp, Nextdoor appearing for many local product and service-related keywords. By putting your massage business details on such sites, you will generate additional traffic to your business. Since these sites carry high authority, links pointing out of them i.e. backlinks also carry high authority which helps in improving your website rank in Google and other search engines.

14) Content Marketing

By writing content on your website, you start building a recurring source of traffic and leads for your massage business. Since your niche is massage, you can create content around topics like stress relief and massage, work pressure and massage, etc. This will let your website catch more visitors and will also help to build your brand image. You can also get such posts posted on other big sites as guest posts so that your site receives high-quality backlinks that will further propel your search engine rankings and also your sales and revenue.

15) Utilize Seminars to Grow Clients

You can use seminar marketing to get more customers for massage therapy. For this, you can host a seminar and inform people about managing stress and other psychological problems and the role that a massage can play in it. This will not only do subtle marketing of your massage business but will also establish more authority and professionalism in your business. Once you have people attending your seminar, you can use it in various ways to promote your massage related services. To lower the cost of a seminar, you can also joint venture with a non-competing business/service so that both parties benefit.

16) Vehicle Wrap and Merchandise

Wrap your vehicle and even other vehicles (paid) with your massage brand identity so that more people can notice it. You can also order custom merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, toiletries, etc with your massage brand name and details printed on it so that you can gift it to customers or potential prospects for building your brand loyalty. Such merchandise can also be used creatively as a reward to hold competitions on social networks for the purpose of generating awareness of your brand.

17) Massage Specific Directories and Sites

Google and other search engines pay immense value to links coming from niche-related sites. So as a massage business owner, your site will gain good and strong ranking power if other massage-related sites link out to your website. There are massage-specific directories like MassageFinder where you can leave your business details for traffic and links. You can also outreach to other massage sites to get your website link posted along with your content (guest post) for the same.

18) Marketing Through Hotels

You can reach out to posh hotels in your region and can make a deal with them to offer massage services to their customers. You can offer commissions to hotels for this and can also provide in hotel visits to your service. Additionally, you can also ask if they are open to providing a separate massage room facility on their premise so that you could employ some of your massage therapists there and they will earn a certain amount for every massage order. You can also attach posters of your massage services in each of their rooms for more publicity (with hotels permission).

19) Educate and Capture

Many people think of massage as a luxury or non-essential service. In order to add more people to your customer base, you must educate more people about the most powerful features of a massage. This can be done conveniently through distributing flyers, brochures, etc. You can also set up booth camps offline to let people know about the variety of benefits that a massage offers to people.

20) Catalyze Word of Mouth Marketing

While you may put your best possible efforts into giving good service to people, it may not generate that momentum if you do not take extra efforts to have these customers promote your massage business. Before giving massage services, let them know that they can get discounts, rewards or any other incentive if they share feedback of your service on their social media platforms. This way your business can build a chain reaction where more and more people would become aware of your services by virtue of your current customers.

21) Build Corporate Relations

Establishing relationships in the corporate world can give you much bigger returns because your massage business can be exposed to many potential clients at once. To make corporate connections, use the platform LinkedIn to connect with people holding leadership positions in big businesses in your local area. You can then offer a custom discount or privilege to each of their employees. You can also sign a contract with them to serve special bonuses or discounts to their employees as well as customers.

22) SMS Marketing

To constantly update people about new offers and services and to bring clients recurringly, SMS marketing is the best option. You must start collecting phone numbers directly via your office as well as your website so that you just have to press one button to broadcast your offer to thousands of people. Also, SMS marketing can help you immensely during the low season as you can offer massive discounts during the lean season to keep your revenue in check. Also if you don’t have a good portfolio of numbers or if your massage business is just starting out, there are many SMS marketing services that can target people by location and can send your offers (do check local laws for this).

23) Marketing Through Association

You can associate with many other services and business owners who do have a very related or identical customer base. This is because such businesses can send you customers due to identical customer profiles. Some of the good candidates here are beauty salons, hair salons, yoga instructors, chiropractors, etc. You can alternatively establish a commission model so that these businesses will give coupon cards to their customers for your massage service and you will in turn give commission per client to these businesses.

24) Offline Marketing

While online marketing of your massage service has many advantages like being less costly, more targeted and easy to implement, offline marketing must not be forgotten. You can catch those non-tech savvy people who are still reliant on offline sources for most of their information. You can therefore utilize channels like ads in newspapers, flyers, brochures, billboards, etc to target people offline.

This heap of massage marketing ideas are sure to take your massage business revenue to a new level. We hope that you learn several insights from this informative article. Do share your comments below.

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